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  1. To borrow some lyrics from Shakira: "I'm crazy but I like it, loca, loca, loca." I see the show's faults, and I've read the viewers' dissatisfied comments, both here and on Twitter. I can see why viewers would hate the endless suffering (eps 10-14 with no end in sight!). Still, I think that suffering is an important part of the story, and I will address that suffering towards the end of this long post. To me, the main thing the show did wrong, was that its marketing set up a bunch of expectations that it had absolutely no intention of fulfilling! :)) The disgruntled viewers are the ones who were given a series of cute couple pix as the main draw for the drama. Tell me, what else were they supposed to expect? Having said that, I would like to try to explain what has me intrigued, and watching. If only to convince myself that I am not truly loco.
  2. Vet hanging out with ex-wife and Buster. Maknae gangster having wild affair with one of them. Choose. >.< Jokes aside - great posts @Mau_Cherry and @USAfarmgirl I think this show deserves so much more love than it's been getting. Love Poong and his mix of stubbornness, purpose and vulnerability Love DCS (and who are we kidding, really Jang Hyuk) and his story of middling gangster to #1 champion on the inside Love DSW and how she shows up all these strong characters around her with her ability to bend and not break.
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