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  1. I just watched episode 5 raw and cannot wait for ep 6. Also I'm calling it now that the ajushi that saved CHW is YYJ's father. And the reason why she's so angry at her father is because he wasn't there to save them. Instead he was saving CHW. I might be wrong but this is just a theory. But overall enjoying the show. This is the only kdrama i watched since scarlet heart ryeo, i mostly now just watch western drama. It's nice to watch this kind of drama's where everything is just light hearted and feels all around.
  2. I just watched the latest episode with sub. I'm loving the flow so far. I like how each character is established first to the viewers before delving into more drama each episode. I can understand Yoo jung's character the more we get to know about her. She had been sheltered all her life by her manager, no wonder she's naive to certain things. Also she had been bubble wrapped by people around her but she still remains to be a good person, not the diva type. There are moments that she's about to get all diva like but I like it that her manager is always pulling her head down and making her see things from another perspective, thus humbling her. My favorite scene would be the breakfast scene within the two leads. Just like what her actor friend said on ep 1, she has this certain ability to persuade people into doing what she wants. She doesn't even do it on purpose, she just attracts that certain vibe. That's really quite effective on the male lead. I love it when they had the meal together. Two people who used to set the table for two just because they don't want to feel alone. Now they sorta found each other. Honestly if there's no love contract on the plot, i could still totally be sold on them getting together because fate seems to bring them together. I can't wait for next week. P.S. I am loving that in tgis drama I get to see YEH in beautiful outfits. Also she's always made up and pretty in every scene.
  3. All these comments about her fuller lips being fillers. Like that's not one of her defining features from her hallyu days. it seems like as long as they can comment something bad, they won't bother with the facts anymore.
  4. Ohhh I watched it raw too. I can't wait for next week's episode, especially would like to know if Yeh's okay with that fall. Her style is always on point, i loved all her looks on this drama.
  5. I just watched the livestream for episode 2. I have some issues with the editing of this drama, specially the pacing. But overall I'm sold. Also I like it that our leads started as friends first before being contractually obligated to fake a relationship. The next episode's scenes are a must see.
  6. I am back. The thread is alive. Finally happy to see our young girl warrior back. Also I'll be more active on the drama page.
  7. Just watched the raw version. And I'm digging the talent/manager relationship. it's a breath of fresh air to finally see women having another woman's back. Not being pitted against each other.
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