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  1. ByeongIn and SoYong saved the trapped CheolJong.

    They went back to open the well but they immediately leave.

    When CheolJong got out of the well the one he saw is HwaJin. 

    CheolJong thought the girl who was with him in the well before was her.

    It was actually SoYong (she and HwaJin wore almost same hanbok style and it was dark he can't recognize her.) 

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  2. 1 minute ago, aisling said:

    I think they’ll just be laying next to each other. Though maybe he would tease her when they wake up. I don’t think Cheoljong would take that next step giving the queen wasn’t totally sober (and he is a gentleman in this matter) and he’s battling his own feelings.

    I also think they would go to this route more unlike the previous version. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Dramanoona said:

    Hmm.. could it be....

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    So Yong came back into her body for that critical 'first night'? LOL

    And Bong Hwan seriously has no memory.

    It would be funny in a way since the body actually belongs to So Yong.


    It would also be a tricky issue of consent.

    Bong Hwan was not willing to go all the way and yet it happened.


    Seems SoBong is still not totally awake and not yet fully sober. SoBong might feel like he/she was still in a dream.

    It  could also be  that when CheolJong kissed SoBong, it awakens the true emotions SoYong and overtakes BongHwan at that time.

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  4. 2 hours ago, maria_m2me said:




    Nah since last night episode why I didn't hear the chef voice as the queen inner voice? 



    There's a possibility they merge into one or maybe SoYong  is overtaking him. 

    The longer BongHwan stays he'll become SoYong himself. 

    He has to find the solution to return to his original body as soon as possible before SoYong overtakes him in Joseon period and becomes a vegetative person forever in modern times. 


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  5. 41 minutes ago, aisling said:

    OMG, I just can’t wait for this scene tomorrow! This is going to be so much fun! :lol: 


    So Bong is literally spraying herself (I’m going to use she/her pronoun from now since she doesn’t get a male voiceover anymore) with water. It’s getting hot in here because of Cheoljong haha. Why can’t I stop laughing? :joy: Poor Cheoljong, he’s so confused because she’s getting weirder and weirder.




    Seems BongHwan is using it as a holy water like an exorcist driving away a spirit possessing a body :D

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  6. 6 hours ago, enzek said:


    Yes Queen!

    credit to the owner

    Speaking abour this ....



    I think the longer BongHwan stays in SoYong's body, he'll have SoYong's memories, skills and feelings. 

    Since SoYong is in love with CheolJong, BongHwan will be attracted to him and then fall for for him.



    @Lady_Lara it's a been long time since I post a comment and  my first time having a  blob reaction. Is it a negative or positive reaction ?

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  7. 2 hours ago, samzz said:

    The same question.




    Sorry if this is posted before.


    That's the handsome Lee TaeRi who played JinMinChe in "Extraordinary You"

    r0x27c.jpg f37ae8f29a521e5ebe8f7dfa4b825294.jpg



    The gods put the trick on Lee Rang's fate. He finds out that his puppy friend reincarnated into human, which he despises the most. 


    About the dog with three legs that Lee Rang and YuRi saved in episode 5 and now vet ShinGoo is taking care of her.

    There's a possibility that this dog might be important in the future episodes.


    There's a Korean folktale/ legend "Samjokgu”. The tale is about a three-legged dog which possesses divine/supernatural powers to defeat evil. The dog might help them in the future in defeating their enemies especially the Imoogi.



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  8. I haven't watch fully the 2 episodes, only some scenes/glimpses but ever since I saw Seo DoGyun, I couldn't help being suspicious of him. 

    He might be the mastermind of it all. His possible intention is to ruin Kim SeoJin's life.


    1) It could be revenge - something happened in the past that made DoGyun blamed SeoJin for it.

    2) It could be envy - he wants to have SeoJin's life, his position/power, wealth and happy married life.

    3) It could be also for love - he's in love with SeoJin's wife HyunChae and he wants her for himself. There's also possibility that DoGyun and HyunChae had a past relationship.


    P.S. There's a big possibility that both wife and daughter of SeoJin are still alive.



    This is what I think for now. I could be very wrong about this. 

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  9. Just now, Jillia said:

    Yes, from what I understand he did intentionally abandon him. :(


    I feel that Yeon was hiding something from him. Maybe there's really a hidden truth why he did that.

    What if Lee Yeon wants Lee Rang to believe that he really abandoned him.  All Lee Rang know is that Lee Yeon abandoned him for AeEum, what if there's more than that ? 

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  10. Possible reasons why Joon ran away from his rich family

    1) He's tired of living a rich life.

    2) Something happened

     a) He feels guilty of what happened

     b) His parents are the cause and he blames them.

    From reason #2 it's something to do with a person's death.


    From the trailer, RaRa saw a pic of Joon and another guy wearing same high school uniform, both are smiling together. 

    This person is very close to Joon.and very important to him

    Image from Untitled


    We also see in episode 2 that Joon's mom was at columbarium visited an urn with a name of Kim JiHoon.


    Image from Untitled


    I think Kim JiHoon's the person that Joon was with in the picture.


    At the epilogue of episode 2, JiHoon (with binoculars)  was also with Joon who watched RaRa playing the piano.

    Image from Untitled


    Speaking about Kim JiHoon who's very close to Joon,


    Possible relations of JiHoon and Joon

    1) Best friends and also possibly classmates

    - there's a  possibility that is his friend who is not as privileged as him and might be a son of one of their servants.

    2) Half-brothers - same mom 

    3) Step-brothers - Joon's mom married JiHoon's dad.


    About the Joon helping RaRa, i think it's something to do with JiHoon.

    Based on the epilogue in episode 2, JiHoon likes RaRa.

    There's a possibility that 

    1) Joon made a promise to JiHoon for RaRa, Joon wants to fulfill his promise.

    2) Joon is helping RaRa due to JiHoon's connection to RaRa and JiHoon's love for RaRa. 


    There's a possibility that Joon already likes RaRa before, but since JiHoon also likes RaRa, he takes a step back for JiHoon.


    There's also a possibility that Joon knows how to play the piano 


    From the teaser, Joon knows how to play the piano, there's a  possibility that he's genius pianist , he gave up playing the piano after JiHoon died and ran away from home, 






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  11. In the official website there wasn't a love triangle in the relationship chart.. 

    There wasn't any arrow between HaeHyo and JungHa. 







    Also ...

    Is there a page in this soompi thread about their character description?

    If there isn't, can someone translate HaeHyo's character description?




    26세, 모델 겸 배우

    "난 항상 공정한 경쟁을 해. 특혜 받은 적 없다구!"

    순하고 상냥하고, 외향적이다. 장난기가 많다. 좋아하고 싫어하는 일이 분명하고 싫어하는 일은 하지 않는다. 좋아하는 일을 하기 위해 싫어하는 일을 해야 된다는 혜준의 생각이 답답할 때가 있다. 사나이는 '도전'이다. 승부욕이 강하고 지고는 못산다. 좋아하는 일은 죽도록 열심히 한다.

    해효는 초등학교에 들어가기 전엔 자신의 집이 평범한 줄 알았다. 사립 초등학교를 보내야 한다는 엄마의 의견이 아버지에게 받아들여지지 않으면서 공립 초등학교로 가게 된다. 거기서 운명적으로 혜준과 진우와 친구가 되면서 부와 가난에 대해 생각하게 된다. 자신이 누리는 부가 혜준에게 약간 미안할 때가 있다.

    그러나 자신의 생각과는 다르게
    가난이란 조건을 긍정적으로 받아들이고
    열심히 사는 혜준에 대한 애정이 깊다.



    Based from online translation (google), it wasn't mentioned that HaeHyo is attracted or inlove with JungHa. 

    Also I'm confused at the last part, It says something like HaeHyo has a deep affection for HyeJoon,


    I hope someone will translate them.

    Thanks so much in advance.

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  12. @Berou I can't read your reply 

    All I see is this

    [[Template forums/front/topics/postContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]

    [[Template forums/front/topics/postContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]


    Please private message me

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