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  1. Yeah. It's still looks great on him though. Actually, In Korean culture color pink symbolizes trust. It's kinda ironic because in the drama Nokdu is going to deceive others through his disguise.
  2. Jang DongYoon's Character Poster Of Jeon NokDu, A Man Who Secretly Hiding (Disguising) In Woman's Clothes (Omo! He's So Lovely! I'm Getting More And More Jealous. Life Is So Unfair! I Want To Hide In A Cave Right Now! Just Kidding! ) p.s. I apologise for my corny humor.
  3. This one seems interesting. I'll be watching this for sure. I hope this has a light-hearted tone, just like watching teen web series in youtube. Since this is on TV / smallscreen channel , it's inevitable that they will add some conflicts and problems to the characters. But I still hope the writers won't give too much complications.
  4. I think you are possibly right Speaking about the casts, few of them has names derived from food/drinks Jeon NokDu Dong DongJu Cha YulMoo Jeon HwangTae Kim Ssuk YeonGeun
  5. About this.. It's possible they're reading lines for a imaginary scenario. It's possible NokDu thinks/imagines that DongJu's inlove with him. (DongJu is not yet in love with NokDu at that time). Or another possible scenerio is maybe DongJu's is just teasing NokDu at that time. It's possible NokDu will realize that he's in love with DongJu when Cha YoolMoo appears and shows affection towards DongJu. (NokDu's Jealousy Arises)
  6. Does this mean JongWoo is going be a serial killer or a crazy guy staying in a psychoward ? I get the feeling that in the drama version one of the psychos is still alive, maybe MoonJo or the ahjumma still alive, living perhaps another Eden Studio?
  7. KBS : Tale Of Nokdu Will Air On September 30. Me : ======= About the adopting situation, I think the possible reason of it is to save DongJoo from being a gisaeng. Based from the teaser, DongJoo knows NokDu's a guy because she's covering his chest. It's possible that DongJoo accidentally found out NokDu's a guy and she's going to tell the truth. But then, the two made an agreement of each other. NokDu will adopt DongJoo as his daughter in order for DongJoo to escape from the gisaeng status and DongJoo will keep and protect NokDu's secret. The two will pretend to have a mother-daughter relationship. But the two will fall in love in the later episodes and it's possible someone found out their secret by overhearing their conversation or catching them doing something (like sweet lovey-dovey moment, doing a love confession or a romantic kiss perhaps) or maybe that person sees NokDu's upper body.
  8. No wonder Yoo BeomJin wanted to torture or kill those girls. He wants the boys all to himself. Just Kidding!
  9. The drama seems good but I can't watch all of the scenes. I'm scared watching the creepy and horrifying scenes. Watching scary scenes gives me nightmares. So I covered my eyes or sometimes skip few scenes. I hope SiWan's character gets out from that place alive. If he does, I hope he doesn't turn crazy or become a psychopath or a serial killer at the end of the drama. P.S. Is the webtoon finished? To those who read the webtoon please give me spoilers of what happened to SiWan's character. Thanks
  10. Jang DongYoon is so pretty as a woman in the poster. (I'm female but I'm way ugly. I'm jealous of his beauty ) Though it's a romantic comedy but still it's a sageuk drama. That means we still might see some tragic and sad scenes. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to this one. I hope the drama goes well.
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