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  1. 2 minutes ago, ahdrianaa said:

    Secretary Jang’s future boyfriend still doesn’t know about the ramyun scandal.


    KJM: What’s going on? Quick! Tell me what’s going on

    LDC : Kim Jin Hyuk, if you were planning on bringing someone like that you should have pre-warned me. Hyung would have prepared more food on the house. 

    KJM: I would have never guessed the ramyun man was you!

    LDC: what is this ramyun incident you keep talking about, tell me too.

    KJH : keep quiet, there are customers who will hear you. 

    KJM: Got to call Omma and let her know

    KJH : no need to let Omma know,she will worry.

    KJM : Why? Why? What is your relationship with her 

    LDC: What is your relationship with her?

    KJM:What is your relationship with her?

    LDC : Ramyun, ramyun. 



    LOL at "Secretary Jang's future bf"! Been shipping them since last week :grimace:

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  2. Just dropping by to say that I'm enjoying all your posts about Soo-hyun, Jin-hyuk, and Woo-seok so I won't add to those any longer.

    So I'll steer clear of the main characters for now and would just like to add that I'm kinda lowkey shipping Secretary Jang Mi-Jin with Moon Snails guy Lee Dae-chan! I find their initial encounter abrasive yet hilarious! LOL

    And I would stand by what I wrote in a previous post- that driver Nam is the best (and most adorable) thing in this drama! :wub:

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  3. Hello, everyone! I'm new in this thread. Just an appreciation post for what I felt were those little moments and pleasant surprises that added more heart to episode 3:

    (1) Mr. Nam playing cupid is THE BEST THING in this episode I swear. He seems like a very cheerful teddy bear, I want to give him a hug.
    (2) Soo-hyun's dad gently reminding her to not skip meals. At least there is a bit of warmth in CSH's family, right? I hope dad would stand up for his daughter when the situation calls for it.
    (3) The impromptu "welcome breakfast" for JH's dongsaeng. It showed how warm and loving JH's family is. I wonder if CSH will have the chance to visit their home! It would be interesting if that would happen!
    (4) I have to admit that I found it surprising that WS is not the complete jerk that I thought he would be. I hope he doesn't become evil once jealousy towards CSH's affections for JH becomes more apparent. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who genuinely loves and cares for Soo-hyun and who happens to live the same sad life as hers. I feel a little sad for him, too.

    I hope for more cupid Mr. Nam moments, tbh haha. And yeah, it gives me comfort that at least CSH has her secretary and driver as formidable allies once all hell breaks loose. At least she's not completely alone.

    P.S. (5) I also found it heartwarming when CSH decided to ride the moon snails truck instead of her ride. I found it a sweet gesture :wub:

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