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  1. @sph7! Hi! Sure will do once my internet connection stabilizes. There are more discussions in the other thread I started although it's more on SIG as KMY. Thanks for the update!
  2. Hi, everyone! TSHLYE is the runner-up for best drama of 2018 and SIG and PSW get the nod as the best actor and best supporting actor respectively on Dramabeans wheeee! Just dropped by to wish everyone a Happy New Year! And just like @kdramaaddict212, I am looking forward to more TSHLYE and MooKang goodies and discussions in the next year! I wish our faves SIG and JSM (PSW, too) all the best in their careers this 2019! Hugs!
  3. Hi, all! Someone was nice enough to give step-by-step instructions IN ENGLISH (yay!) on how to be a member of SIG's fan cafe! So just in case you guys would be interested, you may check out her post WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! CHEERS!
  4. OH MYYYY THIS MADE MY DAY!!!! I'm super happy that the TSHLYE squad hung out without us having to wait forever!!! MooKang in one photo after the drama finally!!! Thanks for this @dobbying!!
  5. Driver Nam's truly the best thing in KDramaland this season He's got the best smile, too. Sorry PBG Thanks again to @autumnight, @icyphoenix, @ahdrianaa, @jeonghyang, and everyone else who posted recaps, screenshots and other goodies! Man, it will be a looong 2-week wait!
  6. Thanks so much, @adrianaaa, @icyphoenix, @jaeyongs, and @autumnight! Darn it! I couldn't wait for tomorrow's episode though I'm dreading the Christmas week break
  7. Our dear Jung So Min/ Jin Kang is the featured artist on Dramabean's Actor's Spotlight! http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/12/actor-spotlight-jung-so-min/
  8. Hi, @thistle! I have the same observation and disappointment. I don't know why this thread is not very active, maybe it's because of the overall theme of the series, but there's just so much to talk about and theorize. The Smile has Left Your Eyes (which is my favorite of the year and possibly EVER), has the same dark vibe but our thread was very active, actually til now. There's even a spinoff thread which I made for the leads. I'm sad that the drama is not as buzzed about as it well deserves to be. At least it the recaps on DB are doing well, the comments are very interesting. But, I hope more people come and talk about it! It would make the viewing experience all the more fun! I think that the show has a good enough number of viewers. I know quite a number of people who are loving it. Maybe it's just a herculean task being pitted against something as big as Boyfriend/ Encounter and Memories of the Alhambra. For now, I'm not that worried about the buzz or lack thereof anymore, I just want the show to be consistent til the end. Loving all the cast (even that annoying insurance-obsessed ahjumma who is doing a fine job!)- but a special shoutout to the adorable Lee Yi-kyung for stepping up his game and for holding his own ground against the formidable Queen Kim Sun-ah! P.S. LOL I agree with you on the White Truck of Doom
  9. Again, thanks so much to @autumnight, @ahdrianaa, and all the others who posted updates, gifs, screenshots, etc! Wow I didn't expect CSH to be all-out honest! You go girl! Man, Jin-hyuk must be the happiest fella in the world right now!
  10. LOL at "Secretary Jang's future bf"! Been shipping them since last week
  11. Recapping has started on Dramamilk! https://www.dramamilk.com/encounter-episode-5-live-recap/
  12. Thanks so much for sharing, @dobbying! Now I'm all the more jealous of those who were able to attend the fanmeet/ concert! It seemed like a very intimate event. This made me love SIG all the more- I love how he reaches out to his fans and shows them his appreciation for their support! Not a lot of celebrities are this appreciative of their fans! SIG truly is not just an admirable celebrity, but an overall admirable human being. Proud fan here!
  13. Yeah she looks like a fairy! Here's a still: And here she was at the airport: She looks stunning in whatever she wears! She could wear rags and she'll still shine!
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