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  1. Really enjoyed this drama. This show had many plots and twist from the very beginning and it did not disappoint in the end either( at least for me).
  2. NK , wow, pure evil greed. The preview for next week doesn't look good for HW. Can't wait to see next weeks.
  3. I watch this drama daily and still look forward to it everyday but I'm probably in the minority here but I just don't like So Yoo. The character is what many drama would portray as the villain. I know its drama land and characters in dramaland do things rational people wouldn't do. 1. she breaks up another relationship ( yes its just one sided). 2. Leaves the person she really likes. Instead of just telling him it won't work out cause of their differences she says she likes someone else. Hurting Se Hyun and driving a wedge between him and Seo Joon. 3. doing it for money ( I know its not for her own greed, to help her mom). 4. don't care who else she hurts and can only see her own needs. Also she is a pretty dumb character. She can do anything to help her mom. she can stoop so low as to sell her soul to the witch lady then she could have swallowed her pride and ask to borrow money from Seo Joon. Her pride keeps her from borrowing from Seo Joon but her pride is OK with making a deal with the devil. LOL, makes sense.
  4. This is a drama for the adults LOL. Love the twist and turns and the betrayal so far.
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