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  1. I just watched episode 16 and just wanted to point something out which caught my attention. For the scene where the two families were leaving after visiting Deok Soo's resting place, you can see Ryan's mum and Ryan walking towards the car together. If you look carefully at the very last moment it looks like she's extending her arm to grab Ryan's but he kinda shrugged her off and walked away. I thought that was very weird and not very consistent? Was the film still rolling after they had called 'CUT' and we just saw that KJW and the actress that portrayed his mother didn't actually get along? What do you guys think?
  2. Yes I kind of feel that way too! I miss the background music they play whenever something silly happens (the one that sounds like a wolf is howling if you guys know which one I'm talking about! hehe). I'm hoping they'll bring back more spunk after all the secrets out though! Has anyone noticed how the last kissing scene Ryan didn't put his hand in his pocket? That's because he's finally got nothing to hide from DeokMi It's exactly how someone in this thread has mention about the details behind this.
  3. Omg I was thinking the exact same thing! I thought I was the only who was asking this question...
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