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  1. Hi Naleeni Das , I have been seaching news about SJS but i could not find any news he is a womanizer.
  2. Hi Soshin shippers I am a late comers my country just air OMV and I fell in love with these two beautiful people. I had never watch So jisub drama before and neither I interested with him. I watch OMV because of Shin Minah, I had watch her in My girlfriend is a nine fox tails. When I starts watching OMV I fell in live with So Jisub he cool and full of charisma and his acting skill is fantastic , Shin Minah acting has improved tremendously making OMV a must watch drama . I hope they be a real couple but since 2016 until now there are no sign they are in love and Shin Minah still with Mr K both has crossed path with each other in CF and drama with intimate scene yet they are not in love or these both are very good actors. I still watch OMV on Neflix when I am bored and i still love it I tried to get a copy of OMV BTS video but was sold out. Sorry for my bad English.
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