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  1. Actually I prefer In Seon to turn out to be a playboy and cheats JR of her love. It will be karma for JR. She needs to learn what it feels like to be cheated on just like what HJ has gone through.
  2. Looks like YW is set to punish and bring down YuRan for the affair with JH. But what about JH ? I hope JW will also punish JH and shouldnt let him get away scot free. He is even worse than YuRan. At least YuRan is not ashamed, admits to the affair and fights for her love but unfortunately, JH thinks otherwise and it backfired. Look how JH treated her. He literally threw her out of his house and did not even give her a second glance. We can say that YuRan deserves it but I really want to see JH getting punished twice as much.
  3. I really don't know what CJ sees in JB. He is really blind. There is nothing to like about her. Never like her behaviour or her looks and the way she talks is so annoying especially her voice. Perhaps the actress is over acting her role and if she was instructed to richard simmons off the audience then she certainly has succeeded. CJ finds JB pretty. Someone please tell him that JB's face is paid with HJ's hard earned, sweat and blood money. But in the end, I guess both will be together (so hard to stomach this). The writer has been trying hard to white wash her but she is still as irritating as ever. Perhaps she might seek HJ for help or offer to work for HJ to redeem herself, hoping that HJ or mom will see the change in her to get their blessings. If CJ and JB marries, then HJ will have to face JS which might be a bit awkward; from husband to ex-husband to in-laws. How would YuRi address JS ? father ? uncle ? It is better for her to call JS uncle because after the divorce, he didn't even bother to ask about YuRi or visit her at all. Did he forget that he has a daughter ?
  4. They are all counting the chickens before they hatch. I have got a feeling something will happen and their bubbles might burst. The lesson is to teach them to depend on their own self to be rich and not to depend on windfalls. If the land is worth 5 million usd and each will get about 1 mil usd, it is not a lot of money. They can afford some luxury but it won't last too long if they keep spending and not investing wisely.
  5. I stopped watching when the writer is going along with CJ/JB pairing. Luckily I didn't watch the episode where CJ/JB slept together else I will vomit and have nightmare. What is the writer thinking ? SMH...
  6. No, it doesn't end at episode 42 either. Most sites mentioned a total of 42 episodes but that doesn't seem to be the case. I am now wondering how many more episodes to go.
  7. By the way, whose company which JH is currently working belongs to ? Is it from JH's side of family or YW side of family ?
  8. I am rooting for JW. I just hope he can find a girl whom he loves and who loves him back. If SA doesn't love him and he has tried his best, he should just let her go and find happiness with someone else and stop wasting his time on SA. For his sake, since he loves SA so much, I just wish SA could love him. At times, I feel that SA doesn't deserve his love. I can't find myself to support TR-SA pairing. As someone mentioned, he is too bland and boring. JW is the spice. I like spice.
  9. In my opinion CX is the worst boyfriend ever. He shouldn't be involved in any kind of relationship unless his phobia on marriage is cured. I really pity Xiao Yu. I really dislike Xiao Xi in helping CX in preparing his marriage and in trying to help CX to win over XY. Despite trying to help, I really blame her for CX and XY breakup. She shouldn't get involved at all. Plus CX not telling XY the truth is a big red flag in his relationship with XY. In the name of guilt I sometimes doubt XX intention. At times I feel that XX helps out CX because she still likes him. What is she thinking by renting the room to CX while he is trying to mend the relationship with XY ? Thinking back, didn't XX freak out when she found out her then boyfriend lets his ex girl friend stay in his house ? Having gone through this experience, she should know how XY would feel when boyfriend and ex girl friend are staying in the same house. I don't feel sorry for XX when XY makes her lose her job. She deserves it.