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  1. LOL. I got the name mixed up. Thanks for the correction. I meant Shin Nan Sook and not Nam Hee as Sabrina's mother. If I am not mistaken, EDJ's father is not a doctor but a patient in the hospital set up by Nam Hee. Cha Pil Seung's father (grandma's son) is the doctor/professor who was appointed by Nam Hee to run it. That is how they knew each other.
  2. I thought Nam Hee is not EDJ birth mom but rather her step mom. After EDJ's father passed away, she has no reason to take care of EDJ and thus abandoned her. Nam Hee's bio daughter is Sabrina. That is the way I understood from this drama.
  3. IMO, Sabrina does love JK and more importantly his money and status. JK comes in a package which she and her mom have been scheming and targeting for a long time. She will not set her sight on JK if otherwise. I strongly believe that if JK has nothing and is poor, Sabrina will dump him in no time. Sabrina has experienced a poor and hard life while living with Mid Eum's father and she is not going to relive that kind of life again. Sabrinia does not deserve any kind of happiness with JK as their marriage is based on deception. It is good that she is now living in hell walking on thin ice worrying every second that her secrets might be exposed. Only problem is JK might forgive her as he is so in love with her. Just hope JK has more sense.
  4. I believe too that shady mom is Man Soo's bio mother but how does this make him half brother with Eun Suk ? Did I miss anything ?
  5. Actually I prefer Meiya to end up with the LiDong. He is more mature, smart and most of all always watch out and cares for Meiya. Life with OuYang is like a roller coaster. He may be more fun to be with but he makes stupid decisions, hurts Meiya feelings. There are other ways to breakup without having to date or engage to Sī yǔ.
  6. CY had to be nice to LQW because she is the source of information for CY to find out the person behind BiLuoTian and also LQW put herself in danger to save him. CY extreme kindness to LQW causes CY's servant suspicion that CY likes LQW.
  7. Opps. Didn't realize it. Try again with this link https://www.sto.cx/book-40565-1.html
  8. @Kai Wen Chia, I read the version of the novel (the one which you tranlated) when the drama was first aired. I wasn't really satisfied with the ending and it seems like half hanging and hardly any conclusion. I found another version which is more indepth and complete. It has the ending of CY and HBQ being married and DFS became the king as CY declined to be one. DFS married someone else to be the queen and treated her very well. Despite that he still pines for HBQ. My chinese isn't very good but enough to get the gist of it. It is a very lengthy novel and I didn't read all of it. If anyone who reads chinese is interested, the link is https://www.sto.cx/book-40565-1.html. Hope you can read it and tell us about it.
  9. @ayleenlovesyou, there are other free sites which has english sub until episode 17 now.
  10. Dong Fang Shi came from the mysterious man family who has helped the Chu family in business. Both family made a promise that the man from Dong Fang family will marry the daughter of Chu family. Since the promise wasn't fulfilled during Xue Fei's generation, Dong Fang Shi will come and claim this promise and demands HBQ's hand in marriage.
  11. Due to my curiosity, I searched for the novel and had a glimpse through it. What is happening right now is related to what happened years ago starting wth Xue Fei's grandfather. This is roughly what I understood from the book. The drama might deviate.
  12. I love watching this drama. HuaBuQi's character is so witty and funny. I can't help laughing out loud whenever she meets ChenYu and how she always gets under his skin and test his patience. Even though they bicker so much, ChenYu is drawn to her. HuaBuQi's hard life doesn't weigh her down. She is always bright and chirpy. It is sad that except for ChenYu and Yin Lang, everyone around her either wants her dead or make use of her for their selfish greed.
  13. MoLuoFei's character is actually a guy. However they use a female actress to act as MoLuoFei who is supposed to be a guy. I don't understand why they need to do that as there are abundance of young male actors.
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