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    Does anyone have a list of songs performed by Jung Soo Ra and Kim Jang Hoon? I absolutely loved their performances and am really disappointed that I didn't get a chance to record them. Kim Jang Hoon was hands-down the best performer of the night, because he got the entire audience worked up, including the younger people.

    I won't deny that I got super excited when he posed with the cute "Peace" sign for me and touched my hand. *swoons*



    I also called yesterday, and the lady said that they are all sold out of Garden Box seats.

    Can someone call & ask are they getting any more Garden Box seats and speak in Korean? I seriously think they don't tell you everything if you speak in English.. or maybe the girl I got was just being a you know what.. -___-

    I called earlier this week with the same question as well, but the woman who answered kept saying they were all sold out. I asked her if there would be more Pool/Garden seats available later, and she said no. She sounded very rushed and abrupt like she didn't want to talk over the phone. <_< I agree with MaliciousKid; I think they're much nicer to those that speak Korean. I've seen that when I visited the office a couple years ago to pick up a concert dvd.

    My friend and I went to last year's KMF but didn't get there until about 1 hr before the concert started. :( Does anyone remember what time they start letting people onto the grounds? There were so many sponsor booths giving away free stuff last year, but we were late and didn't get anything. Same with glow sticks, too. What's the best time to arrive?



    The thing is, we are all here trying to get through on the website and through the phone but KTimes is selling all the tickets to walk ins. -___-;;; I really don't understand why they do that, its so unfair. At least halt the walkins until the website is relaunced.

    That's what happened last year. The site crashed minutes after the tickets went on sale, yet people who were at the office got their tickets! It took them until about 3 PM to get the servers up again.



    That happened to me, too! I got through, and I got the automated prompt. It said it was connecting me, but then the prompt just repeated again! That went on for a few minutes of it saying it was connecting me and then repeating the prompt... D:

    That automated system is weird. It says to press 1# for English but just loops. I found out that you just press 1. It then asks for an extension. Since I didn't know one, I didn't press anything. Then it eventually just transferfed me somewhere and the phone rang endlessly, but no one picked up. So frustrating!




    I agree with most of the posts here regarding the first set of artists announced. I am beyond excited that 2PM will be performing and have a suspicion that if possible, Jaebom will be in attendance. Haha MC'ing should be fun as well, though I was hoping to have someone like Brian Joo MC for those of us that don't understand Korean. Brian could inject some English for our ears. :)

    The one disappointing factor of the announcement was the Wonder Girls. While I like them, I am so tired of listening to the same songs over and over, especially "Nobody." They've been singing that song on repeat for over a year now, especially since they're doing promotions in the U.S. I really hope that they select new songs too. We paid too much money to hear the same songs again, especially as quite a few probably already saw them perform in the US during the Jonas Brothers' tour or for free at local events in the NYC area.




    Wah, I didn't realize this thread existed until I chanced upon it at work. I'm from the Baton Rouge area. It seems like most people here are from the New Orleans area.

    nenusa, you mentioned something about a Korean store? Can you elaborate? Is it a music store? Grocery store?

    Gosh, I'm craving Korean food so bad but I don't think any exist in LA. :(




    I just received my DVD today, but the front cover says "2007 Korean Music Festival Hollywood Bowl". Did they send me the wrong copy, or is everyone's like that? I don't want to open it up yet in case it's the wrong one and I have to send it back. Can someone help?


    Oh my gosh. I am so mad! They DID send me the wrong DVD! I checked and double-checked my receipt and it clearly states 2008 Korean Music Festival and not 2007!!!!


  8. Okay, now I'm really disappointed that I can't go to his 12/23 concert after seeing all the great concert photos. I love how the stage wraps around the audience! Oh..and how lucky is that blonde backup dancer of his?!? :w00t:

    I still have 1 ticket available to his 12/23 show in Las Vegas for sale if anyone is interested. Just click on the link in my signature for details.

  9. :o What happened ? What did she say ? Maybe...she got so many calls about Rain's concert and that she has to repeat the info over and over again...maybe it got on her nerves ! :phew::lol:

    She cut me off as soon as I said "Rain" and told me (with an attitude) that I should call Ticketmaster. So, apparently, if you want tickets to his show, try www.ticketmaster.com or call your local Ticketmaster box office. Those $261.82 seats? Nada...none, zippo. I bet they were never even available to the public. :fury: I officially give up! I guess I won't be going to his concert then.

  10. Here's the latest information about "My Girl" from YesAsia:


    The price is to be determined.

    Expected Release Date: September 12, 2006

    US Link: http://us.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/sect...future_release/

    Product Information

    Product Title : My Girl (SBS TV Series)(US Version)

    Region Code : 1 - USA, Canada, U.S. Territories (What is it?)

    Picture Format : (What is it?)

    Artist Name(s) : Lee Jun Gi | Lee Dong Wook | Lee Da Hae

    Release Date : September 12, 2006

    Language : Korean

    Subtitle : English

    Package Weight : 420 g

    Publisher : YA Entertainment

    Other Information : 6 DVDs(16 Episodes)

    YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004473245


    ** And for the first time, there will actually be really good extras for us fans! :) All of our emails and suggestions finally paid off! **

  11. I can't believe I almost missed episode 1 of this drama, and I've been waiting so long!!!! :blush: I seriously thought it was a Tues/Weds show, not Mon/Tues. :lol:

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this series unfolds because Gam Woo Sung is an awesome actor. I'm not exactly a huge fan of Son Yeh Jin (only saw her in "Summer Scent"), but I think she's improved since then.

    While reading a bit of the synopsis for the series, I was reminded a bit of "Pride & Prejudice" because the characters love each other but cannot express their true feelings properly. :P

  12. can't remember who previously posted...but it had some info from Tom explaining why they can't get the rights to Special Features/Extras. it's not like, YA can't afford to buy the rights to it...it's that SBS/MBC won't let them. so, can't really attack YA for that...and...about them adding a couple of episodes from other dramas...it's only to help promote the other series they have released. don't think there's anything wrong w/ that.

    Here's my original post regarding this issue. Basically, angelxsmile is right; we can't really blame the people at YAE because they are trying their best to get the extras. They know we want them. BUT it's the Korean manufacturers that are licensed with SBS/MBC that are currently holding a monopoly over the bonuses and won't let YAE have access to them.

    Also, "My Girl" is being released in the summer because SBS specifically denied YAE from releasing it sooner. They want the fans that cannot wait for the YAE version to purchase the SBS Media release. That way, they can ensure a profit. Sounds reasonable for them, but to us fans (especially me) I'm going crazy with the wait! :w00t:

    clauric Posted Today, 02:12 PM

    ^there is no english subs available for 3 leafed clover...

    I'm also very curious to see Hyori in this drama but haven't been successful in finding an English subbed version. I can't even find the Chinese Engrish version! :( The series couldn't have been that bad, could it?

  13. ^so tom said that they r not releasing it in the us yesasia site?

    boo hoo..i mean they did in other sbs dramas why not my girl..

    i dunno i think im going to buy the sbs version prbabaly in dvdfromkorea...

    i know im risking abt the quality of the subs..but i just want to make sure to get extra godies..

    So far the SBS release is only available in the Global site. That may change. It's still a long time until April. The YAE version will be released later this summer.

  14. YesAsia information on the release of "My Girl." It's only available on their global site though. :( Notice that it's the official SBS Production release. Tom Larsen of YA Entertainment said that they will release this series in the summer with their own subtitles.


    URL: http://global.yesasia.com/en/PrdDept.aspx/...pid-1004146298/

    The price is to be determined.

    Product Information

    Product Title : My Girl (English Subtitled)(SBS TV Series)

    Region Code : 3 (What is it?)

    Picture Format : NTSC (What is it?)

    Artist Name(s) : Lee Da Hae | Lee Dong Wook | Lee Jun Gi

    Release Date : April 10, 2006

    Language : Korean

    Subtitle : English

    Package Weight : 600 g

    Publisher : SBS Production

    YesAsia Catalog No. : 1004146298

    Shipment Unit : 3 (What is it?)


  15. I sent an e-mail to Tom Larsen of YA Entertainment this morning and received the following reply. It's good to know that they are working hard to give the customers what they want. YA's still the best! :P



    His replies are italicized and red.

    Hi Tom,

    I'm so glad to hear that YA will be releasing most of the series that I recommended. I'm looking forward to "My Girl" because I have heard so much about the series. I'll make sure to let everyone know about your upcoming releases. I know that SBS aired the drama in widescreen HDTV (16:9) format. What are the chances of this series or other releases being in this format?

    TOM: It all depends on what SBS gives us. I request the widescreen 16:9 versions all the time, but they, for some reason, can't provide them to the US. It's really weird. Part of the problem is that most Asian TV networks still don't take the US market seriously. It will take some more time. I will keep trying.

    If you have time, could you answer these questions for me?

    1) BONUS FEATURES. Why do YA Entertainment or YesAsia releases not contain the bonus features (i.e. NGs, interviews) such as those that would typically come with the boxset made in Korea? I know that many viewers, including myself, would really like to see the bonus footage. That's one of the most important aspects that we look for when buying drama boxsets. The majority have already seen the drama in its entirety and either want to collect it or see the extras.

    TOM: I agree! I too want to see these bonus features. The DVD production companies in Korea have some advantages. They help to invest in all the bonus features, and they do not want to license them out to other companies (they want to keep a monopoly over this content). It's something I am working on with MBC and SBS to solve. We spent 2004 and 2005 proving to them that K-dramas can be popluar in the US. Now these kind of "extra requests" from YAE are being taken a little more seriously.

    2) PACKAGING. This is not too major of a issue, but will YA Entertainment consider better designs for the boxsets in the future? With the latest release of dramas such as "My Kim Is Kim Sam Soon," I have noticed that the packaging has slightly improved from the very dull designs before (i.e. "Love Letter"). Many customers love the foldout design that Bitwin uses for its boxset. The only downside to that design is that the discs may dislodge from its original position during shipping.

    TOM: Yes, we recently signed up a few new design studios to help us. "Kim Sam-Soon" and "Lawyers" were a lot better.

    For the actual packaging, we struggle with this internally. The fold-out concept that Bitwin uses is very nice (we used it for Dae Jang Geum, Stairway to Heaven, and our first version of Rooftop Room Cat), but it has a much higher customer return rate (discs falling out and getting damaged, the disc trays peeling off from the paper back, etc). And it is heavier (more expensive to ship around the country). The "disc case" strategy we used for "Sam-Soon" "Lawyers" and most of our newer releases is better for keeping the discs undamaged, more practical, and easier to handle/ship. Hmmmm.

    Thank you for this good feedback. I will pass it to our designers. So, is your personal preference the fold-outs?

    3) ASPECT RATIO. Many of today's dramas are now available in HDTV (16:9) screen ratio. What steps are YA Entertainment doing to satisfy customers who would prefer to keep the original drama format (16:9) instead of cropping the images to fit the 4:3 ratio?

    TOM: We are working on it. It takes a lot of time and effort for MBC and SBS to copy masters and provide us with HDTV 16:9 formatted master tapes. I'm working with them to make it happen now that the US market size is growing.

    It's too bad that I live in Louisiana and not California! I would surely love to work for YesAsia and YA Entertainment! Please keep me posted on upcoming projects/releases!

    TOM: Yes, it would be great to have you here working for YAE! We'd make a great team!

    We have two releases in late March/ealry April:

    1. Save the Last Dance for Me

    2. Shoot for the Stars

    Have a great weekend.


  16. thanks subbing team for Ep10!!

    NO!!!!!!!!!!! it cant be only 16 episodes!!!!! how are they gonna show the 3 kisses i expect in only 4 weeks left assuming 20 episodes?????

    at least ONE a WEEK?????

    from the manhwa i can remember at least 3 kisses....*frown with index finger tapping side of forehead*

    1. forced kiss on their 1st wedding nite

    2. wedding anniversary kiss as requested by reporters

    3. kiss after a casual date (in disguise & in public) right in the middle of the street

    did i miss out any??? *wringing hands in despair*

    it's gotta be 20!

    I really don't know why they shortened it to only 16 eps, either. I just hope that they don't ruin the drama by rushing the ending. Is filming already done for this series, then? I know that they started filming last year. If it is 16, then only two more weeks left. :tears:

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