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  1. Hello guys, it's nice to see that the thread is still alive. I will write something and put it under spoiler.

    I'm posting this after I  followed all the reactions to the news of July 1st from all sides. I'm not typing this to bring this topic up in our YongSeo thread but because I want everyone here (posters, guests and lurkers) to take a lesson from the happenings of July 1st.

    We are all shippers here. We ship Yonghwa and Seohyun. Every one of us has a reason to ship them but we all feel the same happiness every time there's a news about them and even for the mere mention of our beloved couple anywhere. We spazz the things we see as "evidences" and discuss them here, in OUR home. Five years have passed and our ship is still growing and of course sailing.

    However none of us is certain about YongSeo's status nowadays, we ship them based on our faith in them. All of us want them to date for real and live happily ever after but guys Life might slap us in the face anytime. Please guys, please, this is my advice to you, keep your feet on the ground. Don't ship blindly please because you will get hurt this way and you'll do things that will get you bashed and even more hurt. No matter what happens in the future, let's all make a promise to respect Yonghwa and Seohyun and their decisions.

    Please guys please, if our couple did not turn out to be real, scream, sob, cry as much as you want if you're heartbroken (There's nothing wrong in shedding tears because you're "hurt") But please refrain from bothering Yonghwa and Seohyun on SNS or in real life. They are human beings, not robots, they have feelings, they feel happy, sad, hurt, angry just like us. A word from us could hurt them or cheer them up. Don't underestimate the power of words. 

    We have always said we love them as individuals and for they are. We have always promised to support them no matter what. Let's keep our promise till the end and prove that our ship is indeed composed of people with good hearts. Anyway, we're the ones who decided to ship two beautiful persons like Yonghwa and Seohyun. They have nothing to do with our decision so let's not blame them no matter what happens in the future.

    When I heard the news, I honestly came here with the intention of joining the party but I became so embarrassed of myself  when I saw how mature your reaction was. I sat back and I stared at the screen speechless! I was in awe. Thank you Gogumas, thank you for not taking advantage of the situation. I want to especially thank @AireenYH for being the police of the thread lol You girl are very wise despite your young age. 

    My heart breaks every time I see a crackship because I immediately put myself in the other shippers' shoes "What if it were our OTP?" "How would I feel if the couple I loved the most did not end up to be real?" So guys please, try not to mock or say bad words about the heartbroken shippers. It hurts, it really hurts to accept bitter facts and handle the hate comments and the mockery at the same time.

    At the end, I want to say to our haters. You guys are fans just like us. You have no right to shoo us or wish us to disappear. We've been in the Boice and Sone fandoms since 2010 (And many of us were fans of SNSD and CNBLUE, Yonghwa and Seohyun, even before 2009, I personally have been a fan of Yonghwa since 2009 and my sister has been a Sone since 2009). Gogumas have always been supportive by making projects and joining fandoms' projects. Yonghwa and Seohyun consider us all fans and appreciate us all. These two beautiful people who have kind hearts, humble attitude and who sing about love. Why don't we, fans, learn from them how to treat each other.

    Hope you share this with your Goguma friends cuz in this case SHARING IS CARING! Fighting Gogumas.

    Our ship... 


    Let's hope it lasts forever. ;)


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  2. Hiiiiii chingus!!!! TaNyangie shippers!!!! I finished watching all the cuts of the BTS~ Me:
    Super duper freakin' cute!!!!! This couple is definitely the best in K-drama history!!!! Every bts cut made my heart go upside down. I usually don't ship two people so easily. I need to feel the spark then I ship. And in TaNyang's case I can feel it!!! Even though he's younger than her, the way they treat each other is way too friendly that it makes me scream and melt. I like how playful they are and how he always tries to make her feel comfortable and all. She smiles so brightly and laughs whole-heatedly when he teases her or jokes around. I really like this kind of couples. But one bts was too awkward for me to watch lol It's the feet massage bts HAHAAHAHAHAHA I seriously laughed so hard. They both felt awkward and just couldn't stop giggling. ChangWook oppressed his awkwardness by teasing her and she was like: "STOP IT YOU!"

    Hahahaha that was so lovely to watch! And I noticed something. In the bts, whenever TaNyang film a scene with WangYoo, Chang Wook and JiWon interacted a lot. Awwwwwww It's like they are in their own world. They laugh together and talk together and do everything together as if there's only them there (well yeah~ and Golta lol). While looking for more BTS, I ran into some FMVs. Kyaaaaa~ Even at the press con... They looked really close. I especially love this pic. So adorable and always playful :x

    Also from the BTS, it seems like ChangWook eats a lot lol... After finishing his scenes, he attacks the poor dishes and leaves nothing HAHAHA That was funny!!! I'm reading the very first pages of the thread. I reached page 60 and weeeeew~ I learned many things about this ship and I understood why TaNyang shippers created their own thread. Phew~ Thanks God I posted my first Empress Ki comment here and not in the main thread or else it seems like I would've been murdered HAHAAHA. I also knew JiJi endorsed some brand? YAY~ Still haven't watched the videos related to this but I knew he said she's his ideal type? FFELS!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Btw, I'm voting for Empress Ki as best drama, for Ha Jiwon as best actress (even though I like Jihyun pretty much). But Chang Wook, why he must be with my bias (Yonghwa)!!!!! AJHKSJDAKJDGJASNFKJFD This sucks!!!! Anyway,I vote for them both. One day for ChangWook and the next day for Yong!!!! It's unfair not to vote for ChangWook! He deserves the award!!! He's got the best character among all the actors in the category. The Emperor role is too hard to act coz his personality changes a lot! From Zero to Hero, it's the best way to describe this character!  Only a talented actor would nail such a character and that was ChangWook!
    At the end... Who chose the name "JiJi" for our couple! It's sooooo cute just like the couple awwww!!!! And ChangWook you call him puppy? Hahahaha yeah~ He does have that innocent guy image but he's obviously not so innocent! LOL

  3. Awwww thank you for welcoming me. I feel like crying again. It's so warm here :x

    @uctqepe OMG! A hard time!!!!! Noooooo~ Their sweetness killed me already, can they be sweeter ASNKSJCBASC Running to Youtube!
    @yayahime Don't give me hope!  I'm desperate enough! Aigoo~ HAHAHAHA Empress Ki is the only drama I didn't want to end. If only there's a season 2. I would be the happiest girl on Earth.
    @qwenli I've started reading the pages of the thread since... Uhm... yesterday... Yeah~ The moment I finished the drama, I came here coz I knew TaNyang had a Soompi thread from the Shippers' Contest. Btw, congratulations for ranking third :) You deserve it! If only I had watched Empress Ki before this concert was held~ Tsk~ Anyway, now I'm one of you. I'll support this couple and this fandom in any future contest or project :)

  4. Just finished watching Empress Ki. I can't I can't with the feels! 
    Ha Ji Won has always been my favorite actress and I watched the drama because of her but I ended up falling in love with Ji Chang Wook. ACLKSNDDHIAWD I don't understand what's happening to me. I can't move on. WHY TAHWAN MUST DIE!!!! WHHHHY!!!! At first, I had convinced myself that I liked Wang Yoo better and shipped him with Nyang, but then I couldn't lie to myself anymore. So I just came back to my senses and let myself fall into TaNyang's trap. I don't know how this happened but yeah... It happened. Maybe the chemistry, maybe the characters, maybe the scenes... I just don't know!

    Anyway, since I'm new, I'll answer the questions asked by the launcher of the thread:
    Q- When did you start shipping them?
    A- Oh well... I started shipping them the moment Nyang became Tahwan's maid. Their bickering was so cute awwww~
    Q- Why do you ship them?
    A- I can't answer this! I myself don't know! Words can't describe how I feel towards them. I just love to see them together.
    Q- Name your TOP 5 favorite scenes.
    A- There are countless scenes that made me melt like:

    • When TaNyang did that horse racing at the island, when he jumped onto her horse all of a sudden making them both fall into the sea. Aigoo~
    • When TaNyang jumped off the cliff to save themselves.
    • When Tahwan leaned on Nyang to ease his pain. 
    • When Tahwan saved Nyang from the poisoned arrow.
    • When Tahwan died. It's my most favorite scene, not because he died OF COURSE but because it was the first time they said "I love you" to each other. The moment Nyang said she loved him back~ I was like FINALLY!!!! FEELS!!!!!
    Btw, still haven't watched the BTS!!! Aigoo~ Can't wait!!!! Should I get my heart ready for more lovey dovey moments 8-> Awwww they are so cute :x :x :x
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EUNHYE UNNIEEEEEE... My wish for your birthday is for your new drama to success and get the best ratings. My wish for you in general is for you to keep shining like a bright star in the Korean Entertainment industry. You deserve the best. Fighting! From your new fan :)
    cr. to rightful owner

  6. Waaaaaah seeing all those fantaken pics of the filming of "Marry Him If You Dare" makes me excited to the max. I just feel it will be one of the best dramas. Well, I've already watched "The King 2 Hearts" for the same script writer of "Future Choice" and it was and still is my all time favorite drama.  Eunhye's curly hair gives me goosebumps, I just love it... Weird me. And oh! She and DongGun look GOOD together. I don't know for which couple to root anymore. I want to see Yonghwa and Eunhye together so badly but at the same time UGH... DongGun looks awesome with her too. Waaaah... I think I have to wait and watch the drama. Even though, I'm a Yonghwa biased, I admit he's not the best actor. BUT I hope with the help of big names like Eunhye, DongGun and Chae Ah, he will do much better this time. He, himself, will feel challenged to be in one drama with these talented actors and he will work hard to be a better actor.And wow, it seems like YEH's fans are making projects to support the drama. SO COOL. We Yonghwa's fans are making projects too. Let's be one hand guys and help this drama to be the Top 1. 

  7. The day I saw this pic, I hoped Yonghwa and Eunhye to act together in one drama :)

    I really love Eunhye unnie, she's one of the best actresses ever. I've already watched "My Fair Lady" and I loved it. It was so funny and the ending was so touching! Awww~~~~ Now, I'm really really happy she's gonna be in one drama with my bias "Yonghwa". He will learn a lot from her. Eunhye unnie, I'm your fan and I've already started to look you up on internet and I read every single news about you and lurk silently here. Imma watch all your dramas, I hope I can finish them all before the "Future Choice". I think it's impossible but I'll try.One more thing: All the fans in this thread are really sweet and funny. I had fun reading your posts.Fighting Eunhye unnie and take care of uri Yonghwa, he's a bit shy LOL 

    I hope "Futue Choice" to be a great success :D :D

  8. @silvergate08 : Yup I admit, since I came here accidently, I always visited your thread too. I'm not the type of Gogumas who's afraid to see the other's opinions. I have always visited the Dooley blogs and pages and sites just because I love everything about Yonghwa. Being an emotiomal angel since day one made me suck up my selfishness and follow him whatever he does. I've watched all his dramas, the BTS, the intetviews, the fanmeetings of Yonghwa and Shinhye, every single thing just because I don't want to be a blind Goguma and I want to support my idol no matter what.

    Sure when I visited any of these Yongshin places, I would always find something that would hurt me as a Goguma but I can understand that. It's your place after all. The Gogumas are not so innocent too. But I find it really hard to accept how some people bash Seohyun and Shinhye just because they belong to some fandom. This just not right. They are both close to Yonghwa and I'm pretty sure if he reads comments bashing them, he will surely feel sad and maybe guilty to let them face the bashing because of him. If I am a true fan of Yonghwa, I should respect all, I'm not saying like them, just respect his close people whether I like them or not. Period.

    I like Shinhye, she is very cute and sweet, I follow her news too and she's just gorgeous and kind hearted. No wonder she's Yonghwa's best friend. In WGM, it was obvious, how close they were, she told Seohyun a lot about him. She's a good friend and Yonghwa is lucky to have her by his side ^^

    @greenfrisbee : Oooooh! Great idea. I wish the Thai Boices can do that. It will make Yonghwa's day and maybe see him crying but this time of happiness.

    Btw, you have a cute Yongshin moment there hehehe the YAB days aaaaah...Miss them! Maybe we should habe a part two and this time give Shinwoo a chance with the girl loool.

    I'm really really happy to talk to you guys, you are awesome. I would like to have friends from your fandom, you look friendly and amiable. Thumbs up for you and good luck with your ship.

    Annyeong~~ :) :)

  9. @TooOldForBullshit : Yes I know the prople who bash Yonghwa don't belong to any of us because if we are trully Gogumas or Doolies, we wouldn't have bashed because we are supposed to be his fans, the people who love him but what to do, some people are too much, too selfish and heartless, they think the idols are robots without heatrs and feelings. I saw this kind of hate in both situations, when he accepted and he left and it was coming from both fandoms what made me really wonder, who we really are...

    It doesn't matter if you are a Boice or not chingu, loving Yonghwa is enough for me to ask you for your help because you clearly care for him. He is the sweetest boy in the world and he just doesn't deserve all that hate.

    I took a decision, from now on: NO FANWARS OVER YONGHWA'S LOVE LIFE.

    If we are shippers, let's just ship him silently without hurting each other. We are both Gogumas and Doolies people who love Yonghwa.

    I know your reaction when you knew I was a Gogumas was like: What is this rotten vegetable doing in our paradise, but it's okay, this is normal, I came here to talk you as a Boice. I'm one of the original Boices and fans of Yonghwa (4 years, since YAB). The Yonghwa I see these days is breaking my heart and made me rethink of a lot of things including the shipping matter.

    Anyway, it was nice to talk to you and I will promise you~~ kekeke not to be a part of any Yongshin-Yongseo fanwar because this just not right and NON OF OUR BUSINESS to begin with. Only Yonghwa, Shinhye and Seohyun know the truth, so do why we the Gogumas and Doolies always bash each other when we both have know idea eho's right and who's wrong. We know nothing, let's face it.

    It was nice talking to you and I'm glad you accepted me here and didn't just bash me. Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts. You are the best, hwaiting.

  10. 020784



    Why must always YonghwaI always saddened when PSH is always have rumor or shipping with Yonghwa<br />

    come on, there are many men out there besides Yonghwahere while looking for evidence of the proximity of PSH and YonghwaYonghwa while more can be its proximity to the other girls ...What is fair for PSH ..............PSH worth in search of its proximity to Namja who is not connected with another girland do not close your eyes, PSH closer to JGS .. which clearly says that the mother's apparent love PSH ........or other Namja .............for PSH...not YONGHWAhow could PSH is always associated with someone who clearly is more could be linked to another girl.VERY 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    Yongseo is my fav <3 I like Adam though ^^
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Oh yeaaaaah !! Love girl hahahahaha
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    She said her heart is not empty, what Seohyunnie ?! Are you in a relationship kkkk
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Yongseo fighting !!