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  1. Ariel Lin’s Profile: Name: Ariel Lin Chinese name: 林依晨 - Lin Yi Chen Korean name: 임의신 Nic name: Chocolate Birthday: October 29th 1982 Zodiac: Scorpio Blood Type: A Height: 160 cm Weight: Really light Shoe size: 23 Education: National ChengChi University (Korean Major) Interests: Reading. Watching movies/TV. Swimming. Traveling. Eating. Listening to music. Singing. Dancing. Shopping. Cleaning her room. Acting. Studying English. Dream: To have an exciting life Quote: Believe in yourself and nothing is impossible. Treasure every chance and do you best Proud of her: Smile. Character. Bones. Foot. Back. Neck. Favorite colors: Black, White and silver Favorite things: Her mom’s food. Distilled water. Chocolate. Steak. Fruits and vegetables. Favourite movies:Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter,Star Wars III Favourite Animals: Dog, Pet mouse Favourite Fruits: Grapes,Lychee,Mango,Strawberry,Apple,Guava Favourite clothing style:either simple or complicated, comfortable clothing that makes me look thin Favourite flowers: Rose,Tea Olive trees,Calla People she admire: Meng Ying Xiu,Zhang Man Yu,Tony Leung,Qu You Ning(Director for The Rose & ISWAK),Xu Zao Ren(Director of Love Contract) Places she wants to go:Bali,New York,Mongolia,Polynesia Roles she wants to play: Delusional,Crazy,Historical figures Things she admires in the opposite sex: Kind. Independent. Clever.Steady. Caring. Loyal. Filial piety. Dislikes: People who lie. Wasting time. Not being able to go back. Description about herself:Contradictory character,Innocent,Anxious,Reserved,Easily excited and high,Persistent,High expectations of oneself,Very careful and serious. Most memorable moment: When her beloved golden hamster and little dog died. The first time she saw her own face on magazines and the tv. Ariel's Blog : http://www.wretch.cc/blog/linichen1029 DRAMAS True Love 18 十八歲的約定 My Secret Garden 我的秘密花園 Seventh Grade 七年級生 My Secret Garden 2我的秘密花園2 Love Contract 愛情合約 It Started with a Kiss 惡作劇之吻 Tian Wai Fei Xian 天外飛仙 Tokyo Juliet 東方茱麗葉 MOVIES Kung Fu Girls 空手道少女組 Love Me. If You Can 飛躍情海 Sweet Alibis 甜蜜殺機 Go Lala Go 2 杜拉拉追婚记 Hosted 元氣唱片行 AIUEO MV Mayday - Believe 五月天- 相信 Jiang Mei Qi 江美琪- 寂寞飛行 Jay Chow 周杰倫- 雙截棍 林憶蓮- 紙飛機 ZaiZai 周渝民- MAKE A WISH 動力火車- 鎮守愛情 David Tao 陶吉吉- Angel Tension- She's having my baby My Secret Garden OST 我的秘密花園2電視原聲帶- Cha Cha Love Contract 愛情合約原聲帶-孤單北半球 Love Contract 愛情合約原聲帶-中間 May Day - 亂世浮生 It Began with a Kiss惡作劇之吻 - 惡作劇 It Began with a Kiss惡作劇之吻 - Say that you love me Rainie Yang - 其實我們值得幸福 Jay Chou - 算什麼男人 What Kind of Man credits from....ARIEL-LIN IFC
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