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    Kathy said:

    I haven't seen the final episode yet, but the 19th made me so mad I may just stop at it.

    I LOVE Kdramas, but the one criticism I have is with writing that insults my intelligence and takes a character that they've built up into something and then it is as if they sucked their brains out!!! 

    SPOILERS - We are supposed to believe that the hero who starts out as naïve and stupid, goes through all he does to get smart and savvy suddenly becomes a complete idiot and falls into the same trap for the third or fourth time?????   Give me a break writer!  These people like President Hong who can do all these smart things to survive and also help the hero survive also turns stupid??  And the hero is trained as a prosecutor but this is how he presents his case in the public hearing???   What, another press conference that never happens because they've kidnapped a loved one???  And of course never take enough guys with you or call the police to help you - hey, you deserve to get shot and buried alive!!!   Arggghhhhh!!!!  

    I swear I just feel insulted and that I've wasted 19 hours only to see yet another Kdrama soufflé fall apart. 


  2. h2og said:

    @NewKDramaAddict - Hi there! Welcome ot Joompi! 

    JSW took on more than a couple of bad guy roles.  But they are not exactly scumbags or uber ruthless that would intentionally hurt other people badly.  When he played a bad guy, the character would end up not triumphantly.  I think he chose his roles with social responsibility in mind.  He would not want to promote or glorify a negative character in his work.  His character in 90 minutes as well as in Days of Wrath both ended tragically...   In Giant, his character end up in jail as part of retribution... 
    His famous role as Yeo Ji Hoon is not exactly a good guy!  But he is evolving from a selfish guy to a real team leader.   It's a series and we are all waiting for Season 3!
















    I believe he is using SR. That kiss wasn't a kiss of love but a show to me. Personally, I cannot heartily approve EITHER women for my DY!  One setup his sister for rape and murder and the other one while trying hard to prove her father's guilt literally did nothing. But remember folks, the woman was mowed down by a truck!! Just how long did she convalesce? We are forgetting about that! So while YR's father is guilt as HELL, she didn't do anything directly but did try to help until she was dragged and captured by Atty Park. However, woe will be the day when either G/pa King or crazy Dad find out that Park almost killed their grand-daughter/daughter! I imagine they will cause his demise!





  4. victorb said: Well this is a first for me but I was actually surprised by the time skip bit,  and despite previous bad experience with this approach I have to say they totally made this work. It was awesome seeing basically everyone going WTF when Terry Young showed up with that big smile on his face and seeing DY displaying some impressive dissimulation abilities.
     For me the fact that DY and Sa Ra are now an item is an added bonus (especially if they stay that way) since YR's character is a pretty weak one in my opinion (Sorry about this @stuartjmz) and I see no way for things to get miraculously better in the last 4 ep.for the ex-prosecutor who figures the silent treatment is an appropriate reaction to her father getting away with murder on her watch.
     I have a hunch they still  might try and force the YR-DY thing since they are the OTP after all but just like some previous comments mention, this would be one strange relationship to have and it has the potential to ruin the ending for us (an ending which I have to say is starting to look quite interesting now that Sa Ra  coming out on top with Dy by her side ).

    P.S. I would love to see anyone try and mess with DY now that Julien Kang is here to get some light sparring sessions with some unsuspecting  hired goons :))

  5. IBELIS said: starlight116 said:


    Good episode, I don't think that DY is out for revenge as much as he want's justice for his sister and father. He with out question wants to send DH to jail. Gpa is the head of Golden Cross and realized that his SIL is a fool that's why he did not involve himself in that bank sale, but moved his asset's to an unrelated bank. At the same time he is watching what's happening while staying away from it. I think he realizes that MJ' purchase of the bank is not his only agenda. If DH can't resolve his problem's he will cut him loose, you can see that DH wife don't think much of him and ignores him as she lives her life the way she wants.


    MJ really hasn't involved himself in the nefarious going on's other than place certain things into play for his own amusement. Like he chose DY sister to be DH mistress because he knew that DH hated her father and thought it would be amusing when he found out the truth, I doubt that he thought that DH would beat her to death with a golf club, frame her own father for the murder and when that start to fall apart murder him. It's the same thing when he hired DY, he did that after DH tried to belittle him and suggest that he had no power and was just another lackey for him to use. So he hired DY and let him go after DH just to show him who he is  .MJ is after same thing as DH and that is to control Golden Cross,.


    In the end I think that DY will end up with Golden Cross and the girl. 


    DH must be stuck on stupid since this was the second time he tried to hurt DY and his daughter ended up hurt instead, and yet he manage to see this as DY fault and not his own ineptitude.


  6. I feel MR's existence right now is as a doormat. After all she learned, she stays with crazy?! Sure, she doesn't know what happened to JH yet but still. I also understand JH sudden fear for MR's safety; however, I'm just going to say, the one who has done the most for JH so far is JA! Therefore, any feelings of shipdom between MR/JH are non-existent. Here's hoping she changes my opinion.
































































































































































































    Not sure that was losing evidence or more denying the truth. His reasons for being at the hospital were plausible up until her mother (who I can see why she doesn't like her) spoke about what happened. It became evident that her father left before the hospital call. I liked ep 10. It is obvious from the look at the end by Kang Do Yun, he will be using Seo Yi Re BIG TIME!! Now the big question will be whether he will fall for the the killer of his father (he suspects) and sister (he doesn't know that yet).
























































































    Have to agree with the commenters who said it; not feeling the love is necessary. It is not going to give me the warm and fuzzies as Yi Re has broken protocol too many times for my taste. Sure I still like her but DAMN, she can fall for him but he sure better not! Two members of your family! TWO!! :-S









  9. Wow! ep 7&8 were two great episodes! I cannot believe that again, the evil Seo has killed two members of Do Yun's family. This definitely puts a BIG wrinkle in the romance! I can see Do Yun faking it and maybe failing for Yi Re but more than that? There is too much bad blood between these two families now. 
    And tell me, who IS President Hong really after? The Governor? Definitely not Seo. She is double crossing everyone and let's just say, I'm glad to see that. Still p-o'ed about them setting up the sister in the first place though but she can be assured that she has fallen way down my "hit list". 
    But someone, tell me, is this writer female?! I am loving all of the strong females in this! When that sleaze detective Kwak was talking to Madame Choi, I yelled "I hope you are taping this convo!" You can't imagine my glee when she pulled her cell phone from behind her and had recorded the whole thing! ASA!!
    Overall, this drama is still the best I'm watching! And damn, I swear I've heard music from Starsky and Hutch, Magnum PI; you name an American cop show from the 80s or 90s and this is the music we are hearing!!
































































































    vareena said:
































    It is very unethical for Yira to disclose information about the case to her father, she should be jailed too if I was a judge.
































































































































    andy78 said: NewKDramaAddict said: Hello my new crack drama!! Amazing episodes so far!!
































































































































    Hello my new crack drama!! Amazing episodes so far!!
































































































































    Great ending to a really good drama. Shame it didn't get the ratings it deserved. Man these two had mad chemistry! I had to remind myself that one is in a serious relationship and the other is married! Now that is acting!!
































































































































    The ending of ep 15 was fantastic! I would have been just as happy with that ending! Compared to other dramas it was well done! I cannot believe we have another ep!! Happy times I hope! So glad I watched this. Great drama!! Welcome to my top drama list for 2014!!!

































  15. emily71 said: About the case in Thai, the writer purposely included a scene where Secretary Anh bribed a so called high profile police officer or politician In Thai to close the case as soon as possible.  It's degradingFor Thai policeman  but maybe  to cover up this flaw in writing we assumed they cooked up a story that the guy confessed killing Ujin because of the diamond heist gone wrong as the motive.

    But I wonder did Sero know Jae In saw the sniper and didn't say anything about it. These bunch of people around Sero are really a bunch of selfish people and they insisted on revenge on Yw and her dad when they were also part of the people who helped put Sero in jail. The one that truly loves Sero unconditionally is our YW.  I do think she fell in love with Sero  for the first time when Sero/Eun Su started to yell at her in the police station. Maybe that is the first  time she heard a voice that penetrates her dazed heart in 5 years. Everybody else only talk to her outer shell. None of them touched her heart.

    But whatever it is - Sero and YW are truly my favorite couple in kdrama. Whether you both die or live happily ever after in kdramaland. You both will always be remembered by me. 

    * This is becoming funnier why am I taking this drama seriously. Argghh but I really love this one. Thank you writernim for bringing this type of story to us even with all the flaws. I don't need a perfect story to make me happy.

  16. Auntie Mame said: The cast for this drama is very good; veteran and strong actors.  The intricacy of the story reminds me of "Time Between Dog and Wolve". 

    But, they've already had a stupid part in the drama.  And, that is believing him to have killed Woo Jin.  There is a vast difference between a bullet from a rifle and a bullet from a handgun.  Of course, I guess her Daddy Dearest has supposed to have 'arranged' everything.  But, still.  Is there no defense who could have figured this out?!

    BTW, I guess she finally graduated to be a first-class jewelry designer from "I Summon You, Gold".   LOL  :))

  17. @chasen8888, I also want to thank you for your time and witticisms! You were the last thing I read before going to bed every night. It was like I couldn't go to sleep unless I knew what your thoughts were. I totally agree, that this forum has/was the most civil I've been in. There has been a few others but when it came to respecting others opinions, we did a great job, even when we disagreed, we did it with respect. I wish there could have been closure in this drama also; hell 2 more episodes would have been satisfying. But overall, this drama has been a new experience for me. Why? I don't think I've ever re-watched so many episodes in the same drama before; pushed other dramas to the side, and have been so totally vested in the story. I so look forward to this writer and seeing some of you in the other forums soon. I've officially have been spoiled by this drama! I'll never watch another drama the same, especially a sageuk!

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