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  1. lala_nillaqash said: I can't wait to watch ep 37 in english.. This drama is really addicting..So far, i love all the characters in this drama. They seems real people to me.. Everyone has their own good side and flaws..

    Even Solhi is bad for taking her sister place, i don't find she's so evil right now. She still has her soft side like having her thought for her 'father' when Korgyo attacking the fort. And then trying to study the political issues. May be we will get to see more development of her character when she will be totally insane b*cth and the calculative princess when her 'place' will be threaten. I think her character is so refreshing and amusing for kdramaland since mostly i watched the villain character is so evil even from the start of the drama. But for this drama,  from the start she has very good term with her family eventhough she thinks her mother favored Solnan the most but she's not acting like a spoiled child or envy youngest sister. Sure these will getting more interesting now since she got the power and love from the king.

    Solnan- I looooveeee her and her fighting spirit! She is really something! She's so capable and knows how to fight back. You go girl! And we got to see her weakness too that she's a soft- hearted person. She's not really into killing people yet.

    Crown Prince- i love how the writer wrote about CP. He has good judgement but his judgement is not perfectly 100% true. He is arrogant yet can be silly at sometimes. And he can be calculative too. He's not a 'nice guy next door' hero type like we usually saw in drama. hehe

    Jinmu-  He's just a pitiful soul who has thought that his father already dead and no one is actually by his side. His right hand man (i forgot that chancellor name) is just poising him about the revenge things. If the king keeps him right next to him and avoid the chancellor staying close to him i dont think he will be the one he is right now. And CP and JM is known for having a good relationship. It just that i need to see more bromance for these CP and JM.

    And for other supporting characters, they are so good and entertaining. They spice up the drama so well.

    Seriously for me, this drama is not another typical makjang. I do really hope the writer will not messed it up in the middle since we have a very long way to go.

    Please keep it as it now, logical and make sense and no insane characters here!!!

    Fighting!! Please rising up rating!! Roarrrrr~~~


  2. Betty59 said: Hello everyone, I too am new to this thread.
    Remember CH also dreamt about a cuckoo, and asked the meaning of the dream to the women (now dead), who gave her an explanation, which I don't think she got the meaning of.  And also before she died she realised that she had mistakenly revealed SN's heritage to SH, and perhaps that's when she realised the meaning of the cuckoo, to the extent that while she was dying she was earnestly saying to SN that
    she was SBH (knowing that SN was the cuckoo), unfortunately SN didn't understand.

          However, SN knows the meaning of her name whereas SH doesn't, and actually, if memory recalls, when asked by the King, she said she forgot.  Incidentally MN too knows the meaning SBH's of her name.  (Show's they are destined for each other). Fortunately he didn't tell SH the meaning so that might be a way to test which sister truly is the daughter of the king when the truth comes to light.  I'm making an assumption here, that SN and MN will marry thus she becomes Queen, when MN takes the throne. I actually think SN is in a better position as Queen to punish her sister for her deception (if there is a kingdom left in  Baekjae), as she may not be able to kill her sister, but she could have her exiled.  

  3. spring123 said: irilight said: Hi,  First time posting here...

    @pangia, thank you for starting this thread....

    I just marathoned this drama to be current... It is so good, the story so compelling...

    Thank you all for your insights..
    Araminta Jouana said: In a way,it was KC who stopped CH's fate with the king. He took her away and finally had her. We all loved him but maybe, SH took her selfishness and greedy personnality from her dad...? Let's just wait and see what he will do when SH will do harm and what will he do about SN ? In such situation, the good ones are always betrayed for "good" reason (SH is still his blood related daughter so even if she's denying him, he may obey her and cover for her.).

    This is such complexity in the feeling of each that makes this drama so great.

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