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  1. It's hard to watch any k-drama after you have watched one of the best.... in my case, it's Goblin... 

    When I watch a drama as good as Goblin, I usually go into a hiatus because it leaves a vacuum in my heart and sets my bars of expectations so high that none of the dramas come near it. 

    It's just weeks of watching nothing and not being excited about any drama... sigh


    Is this the cure for kdrama addiction? Watching the best and then not being able to watch anything else? 

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    2. Sunset90


      I loved Signal, Healer. 

      Goblin has that touch of flawless fantasy that I crave. It's just mystical and yes only rewatching helps. 

      I tried other dramas but let's see if we get to see another perfection soon. 

    3. graceyco


      Annyeong, I saw you in the Goblin thread and I am with you on all levels. I can't move on, I can't let go and there are just days when I space out and think about them - their story! It's truly a sad love but I am so glad to be basking in it. What a wonderful story - I don't think I will ever find another drama as perfect as this. From GY to KGE to LDW to YIA and even to Deok Hwa and Mr. Kim!! So Perfect. I truly miss them :(

    4. Sunset90


      I sometimes write as an outlet to my creative mind. I have never seen such a perfect drama with no loop holes. As a writer, it inspires me. 

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