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  1. 27 minutes ago, ForgottenSoulx said:

    Which make up did you have issue with apart from the lipstick and which scenes were cheap just curious?


    I dont think the story can really be judged and the people behind this show will make a good story. 

    Some cheap scenes:

    • The forest scene, especially when they kill the blue blood dude, it looked like he was throwing up fluoride paint like the one we used at school.
    •  ES mother inside the cavern
    • The skull at the party thing!! LMAO, even bigger than his head.
    • When ES is walking with is mom in that desert

    I actually think that a story CAN and will be judged, this has actually something to do with the people in front and behind the camera: the actors with their performance, the director, writters, make up artist, etc. Every one has a input in the drama (in different degrees of course). And so far Arthdal is much ado about almost nothin, story wise and narrative rhythm. 

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    • Jang Dong Gun looks fine with his mane of glory
    • The story (and bad cgi/make up) kinda reminds me of a 2007 korean drama: "The Legend/Legend", with the difference that in Legend, the story was kinda good.
    • The scenes were cheap, idk if it's the ligth/palette/the cameras, but with so much publicity and hype, the truth is that Arthdal falls short
    • And last but not least: Song Joong Ki's lipstick...




    I'll give one o two more eps

  2. Dramabeans recap (ep 11-12):




    @Friendly kitty Yes, the fact that everyones will die made me incredibly sad so I kinda understand how people may feel about such tragic events (I'm not from Korea or anywhere from Asia so I didn't knew about the peasant revolution till this drama, and when I found about it, it was utter sad...)


    My heart hurts for all the people who died and suffered, even so, I find myself immersed in the characters and their story... 


    Also, I think that this is the best Yoon Shi-Yoon character (Yi-Hyun) & performance, it reminds me of Gaksital's Shunji (played by Park Ki-Woong)... Yi-Kang & Yi-Hyun are following the same path as Lee Kang-To & Kimura Shunji, respectively

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  3. About ep 19-20:



    Wow, Lady Song is such an idiot. This is like the 3rd time she is a hassle to the Donghak's members... And now she's coordinating a treacherous attack to them? really? kill them in the dark? wow, that is sooo nice of her, I'm sure Baek Yi Kang will be giddy listening to that plan. Nokdu General is absolutely right about peddlers and her father. And about her too.


    Yi Hyun is indeed cruel, not close to an evil spirit level, but he's has so much darkness ... fueled by his convictions that "civilization" (or the idea of "civilization" that a society that allows to have slaves can have) will be Joseon's light out of the political (social, economic and moral) dark strife.


    Yi Kang is learning the hard way, and his past just came back to punch him the face.



    I do still wonder why such a good series has only 9 pages of comments, why are we so few who comment on the series? :tears: :tears: I like it when I can not only watch a drama but  I can also discuss about it, chat and fangirl overall (*) with others.




    Yoon Shi Yoon is looking soooo fine in Yi Hyun character... :wub::wub: :w00t:

    I blame YSY face tho.


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  4. About ep 13-14:


    Yi-Hyun is just like his horrible father: using people as commodity and giving bribes in order to get what he wants, he even said to Yi-Kang the same words their father had said long ago to YK. And even uses people to force/coerce YK in.


    It's not that his teacher and what happened forced him (YH) to think and being like that, it's more like he's showing is true colors. He was blind when he was just a scholar, but after the fight/war & being betrayed, he chose -in full consciousness and after having seen the damage it does and the pain it causes- to follow the path of tyranny and treachery... even when he had options... and yet, he chose that path.


    He's not better than all those heartless, crooked and greedy who hold the power...

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  5. 55 minutes ago, Juni Asat said:

    have anyone see the first episode last night??


    Yep, and it was not good. I know that it's a manga adaptation, a rom com + fantasy/sci fi genre... but the scrip feels empty-headed and cringe worthy, the charactes are cartoon-like ...

    I like rom coms, but it is a pity that rom coms are reduced to a poorly recycled bunch of nonsense. Even if it is an adaptation, writers can have a little bit of freedom (for the plot and characters), but this was very, very disappointing like, I know it's fantasy romcom, but that doesn't mean you have to make it dumb...

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  6. Well, I've seen the raw of today's episode and I was watching the last eps in ff and... honestly? there was NO development of the story ... The last 4 chapters feel rather like filler than story properly told.
    It is a pity that this drama is suffering (*) with a slow and muddy development of the story, there are already eight episodes, and what happened could have been told in 4-5 ep max. And yet, we are almost half of all the chapters and the progress of the plot was minimal...

    I guess I'll keep watching the series on ff until I see some progress... what a shame, it was a nice start. :wacko:


    (*) yes, I say that the drama's story is "suffering" despite the good ratings since good rating doesn't mean a good story (or development of the story) and viceversa.

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  7. To be honest, I'm not feeling the dumb heroine and smart guy trope... like, it's 2019 and people still has to put a woman in the role of dumb (or whatever synonymous/phrasing accommodates them).


    Like, she's cartoonish dumb (but anyway, DUMB), and no even for the sake of "it's funny/it's a parody/don't take it too serious thi is a ligth rom-com!!111!" that gets a pass... 


    No matter how much we achieve with respect, women's rights, achievements, you name it;  women still are reduced to a harmful stereotype ... whatever the justification they want to say to themselves or to others, this is a harmful stereotype that continues to be maintained and dispersed, and on top of that transmitted by tv AND celebrated (because it's cute-funny-it's a romcom-take it easy-etc) over and over again and again.

    With what is happening in the world and in our countries, it is a pity that we continue perpetrating toxic stereotypes.


    Women are not your dumb comedic relief/fantasy... And I'm tired of dumb heroines, women can be so much more than your shinny dumb item. Women are (and can be) plenty of things (and dumb too! but that's not the only trait that A HUMAN BEING has)...


    And please, do not try to justify the unjustifiable. 

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  8. Maybe, WooKyung is the true daughter of her supposed stepmother (that would explain why she is so cold with SK and not with WK) and the girl with whom WK remembered to play was the real WooKyung.


    Perhaps something happened (or someone did something to her) to the real WK and the fake WK (the one in the present time) replaced her.


    Or it could even be that the original WK is actually SK. I don't know anymore.

    Or maybe Red Cry (the mastermind Red Cry) is the son/daugther of WK (present time WK) and wants something from WK...

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  9. I am crying, this episode was so friggin SAD...

    Hakyeon/N/EunHo was brilliant, I applaud his acting.



    How sad that the place that EunHo/Red Cry chose for his death is the same place where his mother had abandoned him? Like, maybe EH thinks that's where everything started and it's also where everything will end for him. A tragic circle that comes to an end...


    What calvary must have been so that, of all the names and poetry, EH had chosen, specially, "Red Cry" as his representation? A cry that is so tormentous that it can only be red...


    This was more the tragic journey of an abused child that in his misery became a murderer... the abuse he suffered tinted his whole life, his vision, his actions, it consumed everything.

    There are people who manage to survive the abuse and get ahead, but EH could never get ahead, there was never anyone for him.


    He was stuck all this time.


    Even for adults, to someone who was abused to that magnitude, it's a miracle if they get out of it... and even more for EH, he couldn't ever get away from his abusers since they possessed power over him: economically, physical, mentally and more important, emotionally.


    EH was, truly, THE children of nobody.

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