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  1. 2 hours ago, Lj said:

    I wonder how will be their first kiss? I hope it’s not something accident or force, because it should be something special since it will their both first kiss:blush:

    same to same... i too want it to be something unique and special which would make my heart flutter the most...

    i am voting SR would go for a kiss in her excitement (just like she blurted that she missed WJ) and then WJ will be shocked at first but then he would initiate the second mutual one..

    ok that seems like FF but i want one epic execution of kiss scene.. thats all i need.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

    i am imagining there are multiple runs because there would be multiple takes.

    i had the same thought and i was worried abt these 2 also that they had to run a lot to make this scene come out perfect.

    so many different angles and camera placement must hav caused many takes and a lot of running from both...


    6 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

    I think there has to be some connection there. In kdrama, there must be a reason why Chan is the one who saved the child and almost met with Seori's aunt. 

    obviously yes... lol

    how come we can hav so many characters scattered all around and not meeting..kdrama land is not that big i guess... 

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  3. 2 hours ago, aisling said:

    Even when I knew they wouldn’t kiss I felt my heart beating loudly. Drama gods, please don’t ruin this drama for me! Let it be good till the end!

    and i thought i am the only one having that racing heartbeat reaction to that scene... i had hot flashes on cheeks.... this is the drama making us feel so much just by giving these many close skinships..

    what will happen when we get to real kiss ??

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  4. 5 minutes ago, sleeplater said:


    13 minutes ago, KdramaSwimmer said:

    oh woww.... nice to meet you chingu

    yes i was wayyy too active on Moon Lovers thread.... and thanks for remembering me...

     haha werent we all. I thk i even downloaded alot of ur gifs then too. back then the thread moves like 10 pages aday.

      Hide contents

    my ex id was sharreb before i lost my password n start anew with this acc



    oh sharreb now i recall you fairly... 

    yeah moonlovers thread was sooo active all credit to us crazies...




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  5. 1 minute ago, sleeplater said:

    ur soompi id is so familiar- i think i come across alot of ur posts in Moon lovers page-?

    oh woww.... nice to meet you chingu

    yes i was wayyy too active on Moon Lovers thread.... and thanks for remembering me...

    1 minute ago, Ni Wen said:

    So i assume he disappeared, she found him, and hugged him crying B)

    oh that's a good observation.. i dint think it at first but now possible.

    and may be he knew that SR was in coma due to him (misunderstanding and guilt) so he left.. and she found him, hugged him to make him understand "everything is ok now "

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  6. 25 minutes ago, sleeplater said:

    When sewing on a button becomes like PG13 scene thanks to that gaze (ahemm YSJ is good at these so be prepared peeps)

    so i wasn't ready to jump on soompi thread cause i am so busy on other places gushing, raving and giggling about 30 but 17... 

    but i couldn't resist support you on your above quoted statement cause thats all i am feeling in this scene... nd thats exactly my first observation about it. and YSJ has such heartmelting gaze no one can be saved from...

    so glad you too found it that way.

    and with this i'd say hi to everyone here and hope to have some nice time around you all...

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  7. 2 hours ago, RPM said:

    I'm fine. Miss you alot and now again met on shippers war ...lol :joy::bawling:but I'm teamMinho. 

    But about other ❤RinSan chingus❤ and what's going on with Hjh with new agency he changed little bit and piercing :D hoping for good project news.

    lol yeah shipper war is so common these days. good to know you are good and am Ye Line...


    HJH.. missing him too.hope to see him on screen soon.

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  8. On 5/7/2018 at 9:10 PM, yul12n2 said:

    @KdramaSwimmer chingu, who is that at your profile picture? What’s the title of the drama at your background picture if I may ask?

    sorry for late reply chingu..

    drama is A Poem A Day or You Who Forget The Poetry. and actor is Lee Jun Hyuk aka uri Dr. Ye...

    you can give this drama a try its really very nice.


    @RPM thank you dear for replying when i couldn't... how are you ???

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  9. i am not sure if ill make sense in below post and also i was planning to write is once APAD finishes but this thought is keep on running in my mind.

    The name of the drama is You Who Forgot The Poetry and we get to see some very beautiful poems in this drama.

    But i had this thought that what is Poems are just metaphor for Living Your Life as nicely and calmly as A Poem. As in our today’s day to day life we tend to forget living our life while doing everything that’s our job, duty or just responsibility.

    What if this drama is to make us realize the true importance of:
    1. our Health (BY’s senior),
    2. Presence of our loved one (old man who lost his wife in accident),
    3. True motivation and guidance (soccer player kid after accident),
    4. Honesty (dae bang’s patient),
    5. Our own emotions (Dr. Ye, as he was not at all in touch with his emotions),
    6. Family ( MH has one dysfunction family)
    7. Courage (BY was kind of lacking it at start when she used to accept all the work from her supervisors),

    So while we see all the talks are abt poems but its actually about our lives and how it can be better we dont forget to Live it.



    2 hours ago, screwdila said:

    The cake is so pretty. Looks like Ye-line is the end game

    thanks for sharing... the cake and the can and the POSTER says it all. guess i can sleep in peace till next monday.

    thanks for sharing.

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  10. i loved today's episode so much. how both BY and JW areso perfectly matched.they think so similarly (going to treat their Senior) love same things (poetry)... and makes each other comfortable.

    al OTP scenes were so lovely and cute.


    and after seeing Dorky JW last week i just couldn't see his "may i give you an advice" line in same light as before rather I had this grin all the time.... their loveis getting so deeper and sincere to play with it for angst sake. i just hope the break up cliche should not come in picture.


    BTS... 30 sec kiss, so well done, with some perfect angles how it was spoiled in the actual drama.... and BTS had some nice close up shot of kiss while in epi the Long shot version took most of the time (and i hated that)


    tomorrow would be a fun episode.. JW and MH handball fighting for BY.. i am waiting to see Dr. Ye gives MH response in his own way....

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  11. 3 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    I am wondering if SMH will ever confess to her or if he discovers that BY is already dating JYW hence he decides to remain silence and use the poetry book?

    Which do you prefer? A confession with rejection or no confession but a heartbreak hidden from BY?

    i feel confession and rejection would be a better way to end all heartbreak for SMH.

    it would be good if he would also understand where BYs happiness lies and support both Dr. Ye and BY in their love.

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  12. 5 hours ago, kdrama archive said:

    Am I the only one who doesn't feel sorry for min ho? I mean he deserves that karma. It's not even comparable to how he ridiculed boyoung back in college and also at work. He never even was once sorry about any of it? And no one called him out for being such a jerk. I want karma to make him realize that. 


    i am with you to not to feel sorry for him at all...

    he has a long way to go to become better version of himself and whatever he has done so far i dont feel any sympathy for him.

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  13. 7 minutes ago, jeijei said:

    What? They kissed? I need to finish this work quickly. 


    yes they kissed but thats not all.


     the whole one hour was something to watch and forget abt rest of the world while giggling n sqealing...

    i thought to help others prepare to watch epi12 of APAD:


    1. make sure you are alone in room to not to disturb others while giggling n screaming, which are the aftereffect of todays not-at-expected-YEsunami (word borrowed by another chingu)


    2. close your door rooms to not to be disturbed cause you’ll be proved fools.


    3. keep a big soft n cozy pillow beside, cause its the only thing which can survive all punching and also you can hug it *think it of Cute Dork Dr. Ye of today’s epi*


    4. also do check the bed  you are on is strong enough to bear the jumping n punching on to it… cause if its not strong enough you might get hurt by breaking it to ground.


    5. once watched… have a deep breathe and one big glass of cold water.. cause you’ll need it badly to calm down your “shimjang:heart:"  that's all from me… have fun..

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  14. 31 minutes ago, Nodame said:

    OMG YESH , us Yeh Liners were waiting for this EPISODE.:heart:


    I agree with the comment that these quiet/stoic guys who are Tsundere are just mush when they are in LOVE and I admit I LOVED it in this episodes. When I woke up and got to work instead of working I was too enamored with watching all the clips, helps it is not busy and my boss is not in the office today. 


    I did not see the raw yet. :wub:


    Our JW finally gives our BY the love and reciprocates her liking him---FINALLY.


    -Him being honest and saying I want another chance with you. I thought I would avoid making the same mistake. But I cannot get you out of my mind/let you go. (Yes his heart hurting the other episode after his presentation having drinks with MC and SW. Also being unable to console her at the cafe after she apologized for thinking he did not understand GM situation having to give up soccer not knowing him having to give up his dream of baseball due to his injury as well. Looking jealous seeing MH and BY at the beach and then MH trying to stir the pot with the interns but once he was out of earshot, he corrected them.)


    -Him tenderly looking out at her and then shut is shades seeing NW walking towards BY

    -Him acting the gallant knight immediately checking in on her and helping her up when she fell down after bumping into SW. Then he barked at SW for doing that. (Cute she warned him to make sure to help up SW as well. LOL)


    -Him trying to be smooth about going to help BY carry the dummy for the demo and then saying he would treat everyone coffee.

    -Him instead of the expected advice or critique of the idea, he complimented it instead as it was BY

    -Him doodling hearts and so deep in thought he did not notice SW coming in

    -Him being disappointed when he realized he couldn't see BY due to her doing the demo stuff preps (He was sad that he would not be seeing her).

    -Him wanting to make a toast to BY and doing a toast with the staff

    -Him looking googly eyed at BY pic from the group shot and having MC and SW see it

    -Him trying to be next to her and not obvious when doing the group selfie (so cute)

    -Him texting BY to have her meet him and avoid the group third round 

    -Him loving and appreciating the reason BY wanted to be on the down low was for HIM and not her

    (She did not want him to have a repeat to be hurt by others/gossip etc. ) Their kiss was sweet and appropriate. OOOH the feels!

    everything you said made me want to watch whole episode (already watched raw..while screaming n giggling)... but hv to control cause everyone at home is sleeping and i should not repeat all that again..

    but it was such a nice episode and both BY n Dr. Ye badly deserved their due of some love and sweet moments together.

    this one is the BEST episode among all my kdramas i hv ever watched so far.... 

    abd thanks for such wonderful summary...*still giggling but silently*

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  15. 4 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

    All you Ye- Line shippers... you sure you want your man to behave like THAT? I can't even describe what I feel.

    lol.. after today's episode i cant even recall what i wanted from him but this was definitely not what i expected from him...

    he turned out to be most cutest lovesick male lead i ever found... and each n every action of his today just made me ROFL on bed, screaming, jumping, laughing.... m still not over with the aftereffects...hahahahah

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  16. hi all...

    this drama is such wonderful one that i am really nothing else to think in my life other than this. and last episode was a roller coster ride with cliffhanger ending confusing preview.

    though as of now i am sure its Dr. Ye who came abd confessed and will date. but how all rest of things fall in place (Dr. Ye's past, BY's job security, MH's dysfunctional family trouble, etc..) in last 5 episode..... thats i am eager to watch.

    and hope this drama will end on one positive note for all the characters and we as viewers.

    with this i am here to enjoy the drama with some nice discussion with you all.

    and yes i am die hard ye liner...

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  17. Hello Everyone here... i am new on this thread. and started watching My Ahjussi just yesterday and marathoned 8 episode in 2 days. And now i am only thinking abt this drama, its future possibilities, DH learning to stand up for himself and JA learning to trust someone else other than herself.

    DH - JA's combo feels lock n key together who do not know their own worth apart but together they motivate other by give guidance (DH to JA abt her grandmom) and by just "fighting" which was much more than just one word for DH (we see that one word kept him going during one lowest moment). 

    i love these together but not sure if their story is going for any romantic turn in near future or eventually... still i am open to any turn that will give these 2 broken n shattered souls some happiness, peace and love.


    Besides this i have one speculation from my side as a result of my mind's non stop thinking abt My Ahjussi and all if's and but's and how's.

    below is my hypothetical analysis...

    1. Reference to Ji An's talk to Dong Hoon as to why she keeps on reincarnated when she does not want to (thats what i can recall) again and again come back to earth.


    2. She has hate for every wealthy people, as she tells this to her grandmother that all wealthy people becomes good. And also i feel she hates everyone around (thats what my perception is about her)


    3. Jung Hee tells Dong Hoon the reason of JA's reincarnation again and again. and tells him that "only when someone has no shred of hate for anyone they go to the home on beautiful stars".


    *i am writing this with tons of burden on my heart and with hope that it doesn't happen*

    And i related this to Ji An's situation. 
    DH's company will influence her to redeem herself and that way all her hatred towards society will melt away into thin air. She will learn to handle life on DH's guidance n support.
    And then (MA being a melodrama) can it be possible that Ji An will be killed while saving Dong Hoon from Kwang Il or Joon Young. And as she will not have any hatred left she will finally be saved from this cycle of incarnation.


    *again i am myself not satisfied with this hypothesis and dont want it to happen but all the references to Re-incarnation, Going back to starry home, having no shred of hate keeps on echoing in my mind and i couldn't let it go.*


    over to you all.


    *sorry for one veryyy long post... i didn't realize it while typing*

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