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  1. same to same... i too want it to be something unique and special which would make my heart flutter the most... i am voting SR would go for a kiss in her excitement (just like she blurted that she missed WJ) and then WJ will be shocked at first but then he would initiate the second mutual one.. ok that seems like FF but i want one epic execution of kiss scene.. thats all i need.
  2. i had the same thought and i was worried abt these 2 also that they had to run a lot to make this scene come out perfect. so many different angles and camera placement must hav caused many takes and a lot of running from both... obviously yes... lol how come we can hav so many characters scattered all around and not meeting..kdrama land is not that big i guess...
  3. and i thought i am the only one having that racing heartbeat reaction to that scene... i had hot flashes on cheeks.... this is the drama making us feel so much just by giving these many close skinships.. what will happen when we get to real kiss ??
  4. PS i LOVED today's episode (which i watched raw) and had ear to ear wide grin and now my cheeks are hurting.... it was such fluff candy like adorable episode.... and GWJis the best dork in love after Ye Ssaem in kdramaland...
  5. haha werent we all. I thk i even downloaded alot of ur gifs then too. back then the thread moves like 10 pages aday.
  6. oh woww.... nice to meet you chingu yes i was wayyy too active on Moon Lovers thread.... and thanks for remembering me... oh that's a good observation.. i dint think it at first but now possible. and may be he knew that SR was in coma due to him (misunderstanding and guilt) so he left.. and she found him, hugged him to make him understand "everything is ok now "
  7. so i wasn't ready to jump on soompi thread cause i am so busy on other places gushing, raving and giggling about 30 but 17... but i couldn't resist support you on your above quoted statement cause thats all i am feeling in this scene... nd thats exactly my first observation about it. and YSJ has such heartmelting gaze no one can be saved from... so glad you too found it that way. and with this i'd say hi to everyone here and hope to have some nice time around you all...
  8. Welcome to RinSan Love Shack We all RinSaners are missing RinSan our Selfless couple so very badly thats its almost Impossible to move on. So this thread is all dedicated to this Beautiful, Selfless, couple with such Explosive Chemistry together on screen. Both Hong Jong Hyun and Yoona were like real life RinSan on the screen..they were so marvelous with their acting... Know more about both at their Official Soompi profile Hong Jong Hyun Im Yoon Ah Cute And Happy RinSan ...we were looking for something more than this still I am not complaining as I got it.. Beautiful Posts by us RinSaners Whom San Loved per Yoona by @maryofbethany About Rin Who am I by @maryofbethany San and her Gifts by @maryofbethany Why San is an Awesome Character by @sakura22 Who Is Won's Falcon by @KdramaSwimmer San's transition step by step by @eunsan2017 The Reciprocated Kiss by @maryofbethany Translation of All RinSan scenes from script by @gtam Important Links All important links related to RinSan (interviews or any other links etc). And will be updated time to time... From MBC Yoona and HJH Vlive interview RinSan FanFictions Shelter My Heart Ever After The King in Love Spin Off by @liltash85 Recovery by @Calligrapher The Journey Continues by @Juni Asat RinSan Articles From Breathless's Collection SJN interview confirming RinSan the end game Heady Darkness Revisit RinSan Love Story part#1 Lovin The Laughter If I Had Known Then Compliments For Hong Jong Hyun Wild Man Yoona Shares thoughts abt Kissing Hong Jong Hyun Need for Speed about Hong Jong Hyun Yoona spills beans on love triangle Love to live... Live to love - Recap Finale Episode Love is... Love - RinSan moments These Two - HJH and Yoona BTS Moments Slayed The King Loves cast visits Im SiWan Realising RinSan Imperfect love is still love Wish + Smile Joined at wrist Preview epi 37-38 Perils of fate Rin. Just Rin. Swoony Kiss Love Gratitude.. Betrayal Passing on fate Preview- epi33 - 34 Frisson + Feeling This Is Love A Kiss Goodbye Preview - epi 29 - 30 SAN LOVES… RIN LOVES… WON LOVES… Preview - epi 27 - 28 RinSan FMVs More in spoilers... RinSan BTS This one is my fav one and I watch it daily before going to sleep... And this one has all kissing action from all angles and NGs included (so enjoy) More in spoilers... RinSan-ers As of now below is the list of the RinSan fans, or I'd say victim of RinSan's heartwarming love and par excellence Chemistry, active here.... @rawrsaidmia @janglover @lolly84 @liltash85 @yara530 @doraemimi @Callie Jung @cherryblossomzz @figchen @ireneagasshi @Alisson Rojas @siobhanne @ktcjdrama @sakura22 @kim_nuong @Juni Asat @maryofbethany @saanjh sena @beachesonthesky @sejabin @SakuraUchiha @xcalibur07 @xinyue99 @miii carvalho @Dina Rensita @a1102 @faraashah @imaw78 @joojanah @dolphin90 @gtam @sn2111a @cactus7 @Calligrapher @Eleonora @wbonsx @dearmyHY @eunsan2017 @yul12n2 @a1102 @kairis88@coswebelong and this thread is open for everyone who is in love with characters of RinSan and actors HJH-Yoona. plz join us here and spread more of RinSan love around.... Still under construction and will be updated time to time.
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