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  1. same to same... i too want it to be something unique and special which would make my heart flutter the most... i am voting SR would go for a kiss in her excitement (just like she blurted that she missed WJ) and then WJ will be shocked at first but then he would initiate the second mutual one.. ok that seems like FF but i want one epic execution of kiss scene.. thats all i need.
  2. i had the same thought and i was worried abt these 2 also that they had to run a lot to make this scene come out perfect. so many different angles and camera placement must hav caused many takes and a lot of running from both... obviously yes... lol how come we can hav so many characters scattered all around and not meeting..kdrama land is not that big i guess...
  3. and i thought i am the only one having that racing heartbeat reaction to that scene... i had hot flashes on cheeks.... this is the drama making us feel so much just by giving these many close skinships.. what will happen when we get to real kiss ??
  4. PS i LOVED today's episode (which i watched raw) and had ear to ear wide grin and now my cheeks are hurting.... it was such fluff candy like adorable episode.... and GWJis the best dork in love after Ye Ssaem in kdramaland...
  5. haha werent we all. I thk i even downloaded alot of ur gifs then too. back then the thread moves like 10 pages aday.
  6. oh woww.... nice to meet you chingu yes i was wayyy too active on Moon Lovers thread.... and thanks for remembering me... oh that's a good observation.. i dint think it at first but now possible. and may be he knew that SR was in coma due to him (misunderstanding and guilt) so he left.. and she found him, hugged him to make him understand "everything is ok now "
  7. so i wasn't ready to jump on soompi thread cause i am so busy on other places gushing, raving and giggling about 30 but 17... but i couldn't resist support you on your above quoted statement cause thats all i am feeling in this scene... nd thats exactly my first observation about it. and YSJ has such heartmelting gaze no one can be saved from... so glad you too found it that way. and with this i'd say hi to everyone here and hope to have some nice time around you all...
  8. lol yeah shipper war is so common these days. good to know you are good and am Ye Line... HJH.. missing him too.hope to see him on screen soon.
  9. sorry for late reply chingu.. drama is A Poem A Day or You Who Forget The Poetry. and actor is Lee Jun Hyuk aka uri Dr. Ye... you can give this drama a try its really very nice. @RPM thank you dear for replying when i couldn't... how are you ???
  10. i am not sure if ill make sense in below post and also i was planning to write is once APAD finishes but this thought is keep on running in my mind. The name of the drama is You Who Forgot The Poetry and we get to see some very beautiful poems in this drama. But i had this thought that what is Poems are just metaphor for Living Your Life as nicely and calmly as A Poem. As in our today’s day to day life we tend to forget living our life while doing everything that’s our job, duty or just responsibility. What if this drama is to make us realize the true importance of: 1. our Health (BY’s senior), 2. Presence of our loved one (old man who lost his wife in accident), 3. True motivation and guidance (soccer player kid after accident), 4. Honesty (dae bang’s patient), 5. Our own emotions (Dr. Ye, as he was not at all in touch with his emotions), 6. Family ( MH has one dysfunction family) 7. Courage (BY was kind of lacking it at start when she used to accept all the work from her supervisors), So while we see all the talks are abt poems but its actually about our lives and how it can be better we dont forget to Live it. thanks for sharing... the cake and the can and the POSTER says it all. guess i can sleep in peace till next monday. thanks for sharing.
  11. i loved today's episode so much. how both BY and JW areso perfectly matched.they think so similarly (going to treat their Senior) love same things (poetry)... and makes each other comfortable. al OTP scenes were so lovely and cute. and after seeing Dorky JW last week i just couldn't see his "may i give you an advice" line in same light as before rather I had this grin all the time.... their loveis getting so deeper and sincere to play with it for angst sake. i just hope the break up cliche should not come in picture. BTS... 30 sec kiss, so well done, with some perfect angles how it was spoiled in the actual drama.... and BTS had some nice close up shot of kiss while in epi the Long shot version took most of the time (and i hated that) tomorrow would be a fun episode.. JW and MH handball fighting for BY.. i am waiting to see Dr. Ye gives MH response in his own way....
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