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  1. I'd say Bin expression was "I'm hella proud standing beside my woman."
  2. Hyunbin is a man of few words. He could have written thank you for voting in his weibo post following Baeksang. But NO. It was a single digit fullstop. Sensible fan should understand what he's asking for. A simple stop of savage speculation.
  3. Unrequited love could wreak havoc on a conscience.
  4. Since we need some help to dissect the pic in the hideout, maybe we could ask our visitors to vote here. What do you think of Hyun Bin arms? A. Not hairy B. Slightly less hairy C. Slightly more hairy D. Hairy
  5. Stylist B even put black heart on her positive mental health IGS and gramophone satire IGS. Heart shaded completely black maybe used to express morbidity, sorrow, or a form of dark humor. Crazy shipper will ignore this. They don't understand low key sarcasm.
  6. Yes. Beautiful lyrics and melodies. I found her tweet by coincidence
  7. One fine day when Kyo will say the Two Words.... I Do. No trace of sadness Always with gladness, I do Btw the singer of this song loves Encounter series and its soundtracks. She tweeted the ost a few times in her account.
  8. I like that Ms.B IGS was featuring Bin and Kyo alternatingly, altough Kyo reference was more subtle. We love you Ms.B.
  9. 6 hours behind seoul. So if Kyo still awake between 2am - 4am kst, she adjusts to time difference really well. LOL. Meanwhile, I'll be sleeping during her wake time.
  10. Agree 100% with everything you said. I highlight this part because this is also applied to kyonatics or binnie fans or binkyo supporters. Whoever read this thread who belongs to one of the 3 fan group, I beg you please please please, don't fight in Kyo's friends SNS. Don't make things hard for Kyo to even freely like or comment on her friends post. Don't make a nuisance to her friends or family. Let her do as she pleased. Even if we disagree with rude remarks, report the account or fight in DM if you must. No need to argue back because it will prolong the situation. RESPECT our dear Kyo and mirror her classy attitude. Keep her IG activity clean, please.
  11. Hyunbin did not wear BK cap yesterday, but that bucket hat. LOL. Do you guys think he read this thread?
  12. This statement rings true at this moment. (Scene from Confidential Assignment)
  13. I'm also here because BinKyo love story tug at my heartstrings. I don't impose the ideas of BinKyo back together. If Kyo's partner is Bin, I will be here to show my support that there's nothing wrong with the choice that she made. If Kyo does not end up with Binnie, I will keep silent to respect her. As long as they're still single in public, I will keep posting in this forum. Another shipper thread of HyunBin was archived because of inactivity, I'm so grateful this thread is still alive even after their 10 years romance back then.
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