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  1. 5 minutes ago, azuwaza163 said:

    Oh my heart. I never root for a couple this hard. So so happy :wub: He called her Lee NoEul-ssi. Awwww.. Btw what happened to Dr Transplant? 


    My heart to! I need a heart transplant from Glutton. He really is Glutton - a bag full of snack! He looks so ever relax - out of those restricting outfit. I'm laughing at the fact that - in that scene Tae In Ho-ssi basically wear his own clothes! That shirt & that watch he wears @ Jtbc's Life & Tvn's About Time after party!:lol:

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  2. That is it, you guys!

    Just watching all episode 16 youtube clips an was emotinal ride for me. And the way they end - filming  Gu & NoEul grinning from ear to ear @ dust hrs + perfect ost, made me feel so melancholy! The couple & the brothers are done with the unimportant things and  living their LIFE. 


    Still so emotionals, I didn't realized how attached I am to this series.  Goodbye summer 2018!

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  3. - Despite not wearing the white coat - Seon Woo continue to be the epiphany of an angel. I continue to amazed at how the writer intergrate Seon Woo into the story. He has a more special relationship with president Gu than his brother. From the get go, the two treat each other with mutual respect, frankness, openmindedness. I wonder what Seon woo sees in him after their 1st meeting? Does he have faith in president Gu for NoEul's sake? or does he realy think president Gu is a good guy? Just 1 phone call to President Gu letting Gu knows that Gu is a good guy - no one does that for Gu (beside NoEul - except she took it back last episode)


    - Lunch conversation between the 3 breaks with the conventional norms Kdrama usually have. What I really appreciate is how civil and relatable the tone & the dialouges is. They don't agree with each other, knows they're not going to be BFF,  in a way they are just using eachother...but they're educated adulted who managed to have civilized conversation with eachother without yelling. Also the conversation is so relatable. It's not always about chaboel blood - all 3 from completely different backgrounds, they all have gone through crisises, talk about their unconventional work age relations (poor Dr.Joo - oldest yet the weakest)... all of them  work really hard to get where they are, no one take their position for granted.  It is sad that it is their first and last meal together!  (Gu dissing his mom not capable of hooking up with chairman father:sweat_smile:)


    - So the silly cute fluffy romance story go to YW & the reporter! Good for YW, for having the courage to say the truth and not hidding. Seon Woo is going to move out and live his own life, so should YW.  I admire the hell out of these brothers, they don't let troubles pulls them down for too long. They push them self to move on, without much judgement on the unfairness of life! 


    _ NoEul is too slow for a doctor! But what does it mean that she resigned? Please move to whereever nicer with Gu Seung Hyo & Nighty. You three can go for a nice breezy summer night stroll. 


    - This episode is all about Gu and his sexy contemplations: in his car, sitting in his desk, standing in his office looking at the monitor, watching the Drs talking and contemplating, listening to chairman Hwangjeon....I'm going to miss all these sexy contemplation scenes! How can one goes through the autumn blue without the daily dosage of sexy JSW contemplating. 


    @dancingbee I think the Korean meals has a lot of little side dishes, which they just munch on it for a few bite. at home don't they just put back the left over side dishes for next time?

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  4. At first I thought Dr. Oh is just bossy and loud, but now I love how bossy & no none sense Dr. Oh is! She put everyone in place - instead of pointless arguing, she kicks everone out of President Gu's own office (lol) and get back to work, she over power even President Gu! So badass. The way Dr.Joo & Dr.Yeh talk & follow her is like they are her kids. 


    The way they block the actions & film the scene where she gets the ID cards back for her kids - pushing the restruction team manager, such close approximity interactions, the  way the execute their dialogues - both so cool (I don't know why i type bad-a** it auto correct to bad richard simmons) in their own way....I have fallen in love!

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  5. @bedifferent..he he, now looking back, i went over board:sweat_smile:. I should have step back, you have great way with words...reading your comment make me love Life even more.  My whole 2018 summer has been with Life, how can I go on after next week? :bawling: without President Gu in crisp 3 pieces suit, in 2 pieces: roll up sleeves shirt, vest ( & loosen tie), and in casual outfit with a hat & Nighty...:blush:


    It's just i ship them but they simmer for so long, and now they fighting with only 2 episodes left...I was rooting for more actions.:flushed: (eversince he's back from military, JSW does no romantic scene, this is probably the biggest thing to a romance drama that he will do) 


    President Gu shows his soft side only to her...now misunderstanding...exchange of hurtful words...President Gu is hurt, he thinks she would think of him differently, not just businessman (coming back to the conversation in episode 7) 







    Break my heart even more, why don't you?!:confounded::heartbreak:

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  6. I see it as No Eul & Gu are not aware of the reason of their attraction to each other. But Secretary Kang is right, if you don't like someone you don't even want to hear their voice. After today, NoEul has some realization to do.


    No Eul may not be a cool cucumber, but she is so warm, caring, open and lovely. No Eul has great effect on Gu, I would argue the 1st and greatest effect on Gu. At 1st Gu is a numbers businessman, thinking of getting ride of the 4 lowest revenue department. It's NoEul who show Gu the more important work beyond money - showing how precious life can be (with the baby grasping the finger - that was precious!) That's when he began to change! NoEul basically save the pediatric department.


    The walk with the dog, she wants to know his true personality & motive, what he thinks, doesn't he want something more than making money - before that everyone just want a piece of him for their own interest. Also little interactions like eating breakfast &  chearing up that it will pass, it's natural to develop of care for each other, no? He thoughts No Eul was rejected by YJW, but still went back to console her to stop crying (that's not the cold businessman from epi 2). I would argue she's a big catalyst for him wanting to do the morally right thing. 


    Romance or not (yet), he gains a" someone" who cares about him - it's natural that he wants to protect her, from firing and put extra effort to be discrete - telling driver to tail her, trying to keep her safe. All of those interactions combined - changes Gu perspective - to the point he doesn't like it that he has shown a bad side of him to her. Constrasting to episode 7 when he couldn't have  care what others think of him, as long as result still the same. You can't get more constrasting  - that's good writing. Gu just needs to drop the bad boy img - just show her the truth. 

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  7. hmn. I still don't get why so many people ship NoEul and JW?! in episode 14, out of his own mouth YJW said the reporter is not his girlfriends...yet (with a hopeful pause) When ever the reporter around YJW light up like a christmas tree (considering he is always gloomy). When the reporter went back to doing business, YJW react like someone has taken all the air out of his balloon. 


    I did not realize how many people so "protective" of Jo Seung Woo's character. His next female partner character has to be cool like a cucumber - Bae Do Na's character in Secret Forest. 


    I see NoEul may be too friendly, and it gives off wrong vibe that who isn't close like YJW. She and YJW even discuss that they shouldn't leave company dinner at the same time. YJW said some where along the line of who cares - not new - doesn't effect you before. Maybe because of this carefree attitude that's why she doesn't consider her actions. 



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  8. I'm suprised that not more people ask where about is Dr.Oh?! Did I miss a scene? is she lock up in her appartment fine, cause she send word that she take the day off? but secretary Kang can't contact her cell, her home phone nor her husband phone?!  the Biosimulator come in today!


    I found this really out of script writing tradition. Two main characters on the poster don't have that much interaction with each other 3/4 in the series. It is usually through interaction between 2 main characters that they grow (bad or worst)  right? But here, it's through the supporting character and learning lesson from past mistake that push Gu and YJW to grow. This is distinctively so with president Gu. Through No Eul & Seon-Woo, president Gu start to see & care more about people in the hospital than just numbers (& Glutton). Out of the 5: Dr Oh, Dr Joo, YJW, SeonWoo, NoEul that President Hwangjeon want to hurt. It's SeonWoo & NoEul that worried President Gu the most, which tells me the effect they had on him. 


    Although SeonWoo is absolutely a wonderful character, I found him to be irrelevant to the story at first, other than just being brother of someone work in the hospital. But through episode 12&13, I see character Seon Woo "job" is beyond being the brother, he has more effect on President Gu than YJW - a "catalyst".  They had like 3 scenes together, but the more Gu interact & knows about SeonWoo - the more Gu warm up & care about him. There are wonderful lovable courageous determined people out there, beyond the few pushy bossy power hunger people on top. Also @bedifferent is absolutely right, Seon-woo's love for No-Eul is a marvelous thing to witness. I guess that's why they say loves can move mountains. 


    NoEul & GU budding romance keep shimmering - making me want more and more. I guess this is what good writing is - never gives everything just enough for audiences to wanting more and more. I guess I just have have to settle with best case scenerios - NoEul & president Gu go for a work at night somewhere...continue talking. Goodness know, i want much much more

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  9. Where is Dr.Oh?!! oh President Gu everyone is misunderstanding you. Even Glutton is starting to doubt you now. You still have us viewers.


    I really hope No Eul fight him to get some sort of truth out, only she trying to get more out than just accepting the fact that he's bad. 



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  10. 1 hour ago, pompyavi said:

    Definitely. When Jin woo was all by himself. He did things anonymously. But now he can do that openly because he has support in form of Dr Joo. Plus his department will also support him. With some persuasion, the whole hospital staff would surely.

    But Seung Hyo doesn't have that. Even he does anything anonymously, he would be found out. He seriously needs someone whom he can open up to. Otherwise either he has to keep doing what he has been doing till now or if he wants to get out, I don't see any way getting out alive. Atleast he can't get out alone.


    You read my mind! Can someone care a little for President Gu?! President Gu save Dr.Oh, Dr.Joo, Dr. NoEul, Dr.YW by firing them. Whose going to save President Gu from Hwajeong Group? Maybe SunWoo can work with Yin Woo & reporter....but President Gu is in neck deep...it has to be something extraordinary to save him. :unsure: I really hope President Gu won't end up like Lee Chang Joon in Secret Forest 

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  11. 1 hour ago, purpose said:

    Aaaa I miss GSH-SWC bromance. I wish SWC would be there for GSH after he was hurt by Chairman Cho. Kudos for Chairman Cho actor because he is indeed so scary hahaha.


    ps : why does GSH look really hot when was playing with the lamp switch???


    I love  "Glutton" tailing assistant president - such loyal to "Worker Ant" - but you have to be careful "Glutton". I'm more scare for "Glutton" SW.  I think this is the 1st drama where I care so much about Tae In Ho's character.


    PS:  President GSH is so hot, I will have a hard time letting him go, along with letting Life & Summer go. There will be lot's mourning time for me. 


    Can 2 grown man be anymore cuter?!





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  12. 1 hour ago, pompyavi said:

    Yes I agree with you.

    But as far as I remember, Seung Hyo is a scholarship student from Hwajeong. And I don't think that Hwajeong will provide you something for free. So it might be because of that he has to work for them. And if the chairman can harm the patient's family, he can do that to Seung Hyo's family as well.

    (Sorry to pitch in)


    I was thinking about what Dr.NoEul said to SeungHyo about there must be more a businessment want than just handing out paycheck. I was wondering why President Gu keep working for such corrupt fearsome conglomerate? Day after day making deals for Hwajeong group. Is he satisfied with his life? He's talented, knowledges, skills, and experienced, any decent place would be greatful to have him. But President Gu has seen too much of Hwajeong group dirty laundry, Seung Hyo fear his boss like any should fear a corrupt powerful Chaebol. Once you get entangle, it's hard to untangle your self out and retreat unharm. How could Hwangjeong let President Gu leave? that would be business suicide?!


    Maybe this is why Seung Hyo don't show to have much friends, just a group of nesscersary people around him, the only known friends - Sunwoo - they have to go hidden and have secret nicknamed for each other. Sunwoo nicknamed him "worker ant" what does SeungHyo nicknamed SunWoo in his phone? No Eul shows friendliness/little flirt - with no harm or hidden agenda - it's nice to make friends get to know new people, no plotting against you - but now president Gu must retreat before getting No Eul entangle. 


    Because of YW's bright eyed bushy tailed trying to re-write wrongs White Knight actions, Dr.NoEul, Dr.Joo & his brother might have to pay the price. I think Black Knight - President Gu is trying to save them all, he is unsucessfull at the end of this episode with the autopsy result. I think firing all 4 of them probably the best way President Gu could save them all. Black Knight President Gu consantly trying to do crisis management. Sir, but who is going to save you - take you away from Hwajeong group?!

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  13. OMG, Dr.Oh!!!This drama (+many chaebol kdrama) give me an impression that the Korea is a bunch of hooligans, disgiuse in fancy tech, fancy cars, fancy clothes, the system is still as corrupt like a developing country. 

    Oh President Gu...what did dr.NoEul do? she's a harmless hamster. Is this your last act of kindness before your last day?

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  14. I may be missing something, can someone explain this to me? If the inspection turns out not by force, but by sickness, why would it hurt the Speaker -> it would just be the whistle blower who die - die of an illness/stress (frankly from negligent from the male reporter)  that cause clogged artery in the brain. It would free the news organization, but it's not like the Speaker put a hit on the whistle blower. Whys is the chaebols so worried? I guess the crime here is the cover up for possible bad publicity? And indirectly implicating someone for a crime they didn't do?

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  15. tumblr_pe5catmViO1sstjovo4_1280.jpg







    Ohhh, this is kind of sad and hilarious at same time:lol: Kim Won Hae, you can be nice to me anytime, I love to have you as my mentor











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  16. This episode is too serious. Need some light hearted moment. I just loveee YJW relationship with his boss Lee Dong Soo (Kim Won Hae). 

    If someone could make some capturesof their scenes. 


    My favorite 














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  17. 1 hour ago, Jusyed said:

    Gosh this knetizen! What is so loathsome about that ‘couple’. Is it because the drama showed the closeness between LNE and JW and SW first? 


    In the preview, hearing the VO, I can sense the sound of jealousy from the conversation between LNE and JW... probably both of them didn’t realize that they ‘love’ each other, because so far (before MR Gu and the reporter exist in their respective relationship) there was none close to them both. 


    My opinion is more a betrayer - not jealous lover betrayer, rather your close friend for 15 years/person (maybe closer than mum) choose to side with some stranger - Mr.Gu - who could be view by some as the doctors enemy. She's his friends for 15 years, same school, same hospital, close with both brothers - know most of both brothers lowest point in life - i think in his view Dr.No Eul shouldn't have come with Mr.Gu - taking Mr. Gu side, betraying him. 


    after episode 11 I think it's pretty clear - LNE & JW are purely friends. Even before Mr.Gu come in the picture. JW already sees how SW looks at NE. And JW likes the reporter. All of this love line is so little in the whole scheme of thing. Most clear/prominant is JW love line with the reporter. Dr.LNE & President Gu may be intrigue about each other, but so far they haven't develop any loving thing. Most of their walk & talk are about the hopsital, closest thing for now is the start of friendship - Mr. Gu care to comfort when Dr.NE is crying, and so is she in the elevator this episode 11 - telling him not to worry, it will pass.  Purely sharing opinions, thoughts, sharing words of comfort...and in this kind of drama, that's probably it. 


    I like how writer handle SW & NE rough patch.  Before anything they are good friends who knows & cares about each other for a longtime. they will get pass/through it


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  18. 5 hours ago, ganko said:


    I agree with you! I love those small moments :) i'm totally immersed in the story but i like that they show regular moments once in a while, like the president asking if she is dating Jin Woo haha


    Episode 7 ended on quite a twist! 

      Reveal hidden contents

    I didn't think Jin Woo was the one that made the anonymous complaint! I was totally surprised! This episode in particular felt like FOS, it's like an undercurrent kind of feeling. You can't help getting swept away. I'm starting to sense that there is something bigger going on with Jin Woo and Sun Woo~



    Now that there is sub...President Goo! you are just like anyone else. Asking your friend about the girl you are interested in, pretending not to know her name...:relaxed: I don't know if anyone in real life would have No Eul gut to point at her boss when the animal shelter lady ask did she leave something behind. In series, this might seen as playful, but I think in real life this would be flirting...no?


    In such a serious series (can be dry for some one) President Goo secretary is the perfect antidote - inserting simple funny scene in between such complex businessman and doctor work. she's a refresser! President Goo common sense! 

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  19. 1 hour ago, ganko said:


    I agree with you! I love those small moments :) i'm totally immersed in the story but i like that they show regular moments once in a while, like the president asking if she is dating Jin Woo haha


    Episode 7 ended on quite a twist! 

      Reveal hidden contents

    I didn't think Jin Woo was the one that made the anonymous complaint! I was totally surprised! This episode in particular felt like FOS, it's like an undercurrent kind of feeling. You can't help getting swept away. I'm starting to sense that there is something bigger going on with Jin Woo and Sun Woo~


    OMG he said that! :blush: I need sub to understand the whole episode. When does sub usually come for this series? does any know?

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  20. i know this drama is more than just romance... but... this episode 7 they showned a lot of small scenes of No Eun looking at President Goo Seung Hyo and President Goo looking at her interacting with Jin Woo. I love that not only they observed each other at dog cannel numerous time, President Goo look at her when he drives past, and she observed him at the BBQ restaurant. They both like dog enough to came back to the dog cannel.  They certainly observing each other alot....there is no sub yet...so we don't know if this is personal interest or this is purely business. But knowing Cho Seung Woo, his projects never really tend to have good romance. 


    Cho Seung Woo always take serious roles, but everytime he cracks that smile and show his teeth. those silly grind...I melt to a pile of goo

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