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  1. Another BTS! https://f.us.sinaimg.cn/001C658ulx07t6IoU1Hy010412006te90E010.mp4?label=mp4_ld&template=640x360.28.0&Expires=1555378200&ssig=X%2BzJOu9E2H&KID=unistore,video
  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful translations! BTW, Hong Kong TVB is airing HSDS tonight. Anyone here knows about where we can watch it on line? I heard that they do their own editing and their editing skill is much better. We might have a chance to see some of the deleted scenes!
  3. IMO, the eyebrow painting scene can't be after the ZM's father's death. (I might be wrong, of course) I think the eyebrow painting scene will be more likely appearing JUST BEFORE ZM's father's death. In the scene, ZWJ and ZM are so intimate, (maybe we can have one more kissing scene there) and if her father died before that scene, she cannot be lovey dovey like that with ZWJ. My guess of what will be happening is like this, 1. eyebrow painting scene...considering the characters on the lamp(stay with the husband?) we might get more than a kiss. 2. ZWJ having peace talk with LYW 3. Yellow troops killing ZM's Father (which is definitely going against ZWJ's will.) 4. ZM pointing a sword at ZWJ's forehead. 5. ZM leaving for Mongolia 6. ZWJ cutting the throne half and leaving the Ming sect 7. ZWJ going to Mongolia to find ZM
  4. I'd love to. But I'll be busy for the next couple of days. I don't think I can come back until next Monday. Sorry.
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