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  1. I am a tad confused with Di Jun's reaction to Feng Jiu getting caught by Zi Zheng. I knew he was pissed when he saw the immortal trapping lock on her hands at first. But I'm not too sure about his reaction afterwards. "But unexpectedly, Di Jun did indeed veer off course, he did not nod his head as she had hoped, and instead, looked at her with a frown, “Appearing in front of my quarters? What were you doing there?” ------ Was he annoyed with Feng Jiu here? I remember Di Jun doesn't show emotions but he was frowning with her here. Or was he just confused to why she's not
  2. I didn't get it either from Hamster's translations, until I came to this forum. Another reason why I feel so lucky to have found you all! Haha now I kind of know Tang Qi's writing so I'm more careful when I read the translated texts. >_<
  3. Hi from an avid lurker since Jan of 2020! I discovered this page more than a year ago and have immensely enjoyed reading all the posts about ELOD. Until now, I still cannot move on from this beloved couple (mostly DHDJ )! My heart has been so full these past several days due to the new released chapters from Back to Chaos in a Dream! Thank you so very much @UnluckyWhiteCatand @Ninkyfor your translations. I count the hours until I can read the chapters and trust that I will read both translations 100x (not an exaggeration in any way). I feel so lucky to have discovered this forum w
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