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  1. Hi yeorobeun... Finally, I can't resist any longer to said something here, been lurking for a while since I'm into on-going drama. Alright, it's too much I guess, but I want to join this (kinda) shipping-thing *sorry na jinshimi newbie in this particular things. Then dang, I found this forum to share everything on my mind I dunno how, but this drama somehow came to my dream last night, and I woke up as the dream hasn't reach the happy ending. I wonder what's happening on me then, this fullday i kept daydreaming about my own imagination. ____end of the intro____ I just want to know from you all guys, what do you thing from the 5th OST of TYH from Jeong Sewoon Good night ** I have no idea how to make this post pleasantly eye-stethic - mind a newbie here, please** Somehow, its has vibe sad as i intrepret it: Does it mean????? It's on KJR POV on a beautiful goodbye (broken relationship) Please lemme know that's a wrong idea of me
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