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  1. On 4/8/2019 at 4:41 PM, spartaceluv98 said:

    Sorry, can you enlighten us from where you read thst jihyo is confirmed taken? Was there any confirmation article on this?  If you are referring to the jihyo - lee dong wook article that article is totally false and is an April Fools joke article by kbuzz. 


    I read it long time ago that she is with someone big shot. I am not sure if it is still valid. Dont get me wrong. I ship them and I would love them to be together. KJK and SJH deserve good partners and they both are perfect in my opinion :D 


    19 hours ago, Regita M P said:


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    Hi @Cheii1416 :)

    Yes, as we had been discussion in here very deep about this topic incl with our sunbaenim ...

    KJK is tsundere man & shy man, it means .... sometimes KJK can't speaking & doing directly what he want & too shy about this & that ...


    That's a reason,

    Some people said KJK too rant to SJH based on KJK speaking & doing to SJH.

    Some people said KJK ignore SJH based on when they get teasing KJK SJH.

    Some people said SJH is side love, desperate about screen time & marriage life.



    We all know, far before they became a highlight like now, they always close & comfortable enough towards each other, on off cam, inside outside RM.

    Based on KJK SJH type, the more they get teasing & highlight, the more they will hold on, the more they will denying esp KJK based on recently, but what if people let it them, they always became lovely dovely couple.


    What if we watch RM eps 2013 / 2014 - 2016 / 2017, we all know, how KJK always the 1st initiative to holding to hugging to looking to glanching the 1 & only woman (SJH).

    SJH always doing that also, but KJK it's too obviously . LOL . SJh try so hard to hold on not like now. I'm so gald now SJH's turn :D  It's too cute look they're like that (but my heart always ups & downs because of them :lol:)


    Yes, I'm pretty sure, SJH it's too obviously love KJK so much since early eps.

    - Taxi mong eps : JSJ said SJH just need 3 people, KJK, KJK, KJK.

    - What a Man Wants Premiere, when mc asked Shin Ha Kyun / KJK, SJH choose KJK.

    - and many more, ofc ...


    KJK side always make us confused because he is the king of loveline since a few years ago. (FO, XMan, MUD, etc) & KJK always try so hard to doing the best.


    KJK & SJH type are introvert people + KJK type is shy & tsundere man.

    What if 1 of them didn't have feel towards each other, comfortable enough toward each other, I bet going tanning saloon together just both of them, 1 car w/ KJK niece, took the same airplane to NY, USA, etc never ever happened.


    The proves is .... When JSM want to meet with KJK just both of them, KJK try so hard to contact a lot of his brother / his friends incl LKS to join.


    As a public figure, we must remember, they need act when they on cam a to b, b to c, like to dislike, etc.

    So, I always believe about off cam :)


    Indeed ! When they became 1 partner / 1 team, they invincible, always make goosebump for me... How they work, think, do together really awesome for me...



    Some 1st April jokes make miss-understanding.

    For make sure it, you can cross check the news on naver, always trusted... :) 



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    It's okay ...

    Sometimes we're some sa shippers also feel like that (incl me), doubt, down, sad, upset, etc...

    It's kinda normal as a human :)

    We're just fans, we only can hope ...

    Even I'm so sire they're dating in real life, but ofc I'm not always right :D 

    So far, so good... I mean, we're not delulu & so far they not announce yet 1 of them have a relationship w/ other, so let's still hope, still be positive ;) 



    Oh I wasnt aware of this joke also hahahahha... :D 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, lovecarnation said:

    and actually i want to say I am unable to agree with people saying that Phoenix stole his brother fiancee. First of all the Fiancee he was supposed to have is the daughter between the water diety and wind diety. It was not the water diety and the flower diety which is Jin Mi. The Phoenix and Jin Mi were fated from the very beginning. He confessed his love in front of everyone for her and the Night Diety took advantage of the situation and put his own motive first. Phoenix have the right to fight for his love and from the very beginning even if the pill is suppressing it, Jin Min already felt drawn to Phoenix.  We can see at the beginning on episode 9 where Jinmi felt her heart is so hurt many times when Xufeng thought he was his sister and could not be with him and then he was carried into the dream of silk flowers (which are themselves) and jinmi inside the pill Yundan silk flowers have realized that he has fallen in love with Xufeng. so, i'm never agree if someone said that Phoenix stole her from his brother. Clearly, the night diety did that first. She belonged to Phoenix from the beginning all the way to the end...

    OMG I love this sentence so much. I never thought of that. You are brilliant! RY can never redeem himself in my eyes! He was the third party from beginning to ending. When he wanted to mutually cultivate with JM by revealing his real self, dragonfish, she clearly refused even though he fixed her pill. So thats said a lot of her true feeling

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  3. 12 hours ago, usagi1997 said:

    I found the Drama quite avagerage and boring except the main leads (all three) chemistry and Moon uncle was just ubercute :wub:. But I absolutely adored these scences. They were made so beautiful. For the first time in my Drama life I wished that was the end for them. Phoenix didn't deserve her, neither Night. They were so selfish to start a war and destroy innocent souls and lifes. That isn't love!

    My perfect ending would be JM getting happy with some mortal. Phoenix did nothing to earn her back. But that wouldn't count as Happy end, wouldn't it? :ph34r:

    Haha I am totally opposite! I think JM didnt deserve XF!!! I mean she stabbed him from the back. Hahahaha. Who would want such wife? LOL LOL but she has done a lot to redeem her mistake which I found them endearing and made her worthwhile to be with him. XF should be with me as I never betrayed him lol lol just kidding :P 

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  4. You will not regret watching this drama. At first I had doubts too. Then I got hooked first few minutes into this drama. I had to watch whenever I was free and my head cannot stopped thinking about this drama. I am listening to the OSTs now. It has been for weeks I am repetitively listening to the OSTs. Felt like I have lost my anchor when I finished the drama. Just too good. Had not felt like this since Three Lives. 

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  5. 13 hours ago, Lunkera said:

    How is this drama, i've been thinking of watching it for quite some time. I loved 3worlds, will i enjoy this one as much?

     because this drama is almost the same as 3 worlds hehe I like the storyline and the songs are very nice. I thank you Drama God for giving me good dramas in 2018 to kill some time. Pls continue to give us good drama in 2019!!! 

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  6. If I was betrayed by my love ones esp a brother whom I looked up to and then stabbed by my lover at the back (I mean at the back okay, not front or anything, at the BACK!!! lol), I would be dying to kill anyone at my sight haha I think XF was quite calm, being Demon King, then brought peace to Demon Realm, slowly regained his strength. I will go berserk :P 


    Ya I also thought XF was not goading RY with JM. He was just proud that JM was finally his and I am sure they mutually cultivated hehe since there was a scene JM woke up at the bed :P Sorry my imagination went wild and has its own mind haha He was proud and blissfully happy. I mean lets say he didnt goad RY with JM, and tried to make peace, do you think RY will say ok lets go home everyone. Lets not fight? No way. That guy was the one that went berserk and tried to kill everyone. So much hatred. RY seemed calm but his head and mind and heart were all consumed with hatred and blazing anger! 

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  7. 12 minutes ago, Artheusa said:

    Reading everyone's insights and thoughts helped me see some scenes in a different light, eg. XF dragging JM into battle against her protest wasn't something I pondered on and I definitely agree it has a disconnected feeling and doesn't sit well with me as well. I guess JM had to be out on the plain to show all the realms that she was not being detained and Heavenly Realm’s reasons for war on Demons were baseless. Even so, the way XF pushed her, his boasting about their marriage, his palpable thirst for a bloody fight with RY were indeed disturbing. Flower Deity’s silent suffering and initial renunciation of revenge to give life to her daughter, and through her, peace to the realms was not good enough of a lesson for these haughty deities; to stop the unending hatred, her daughter had to give up on her life too. Tragedy at its best!


    I think we have to understand why XF is doing this. He was being pushed very hard. You see, he was framed being the murderer of Water and Wind Deities, then his GF who he mutually cultivated with refused to believe him and wanted to marry his brother, and then he received news of his brother's betrayal so during the wedding, he barged in to confront him after repeatedly telling him to stop and also as an excuse to stop the wedding (smart you!) but at the end what did he get? Stabbed at the back by the only person he truly loves and wants. Then when he woke up, he gotta know his dad and mom died. His mom didnt even have a place at the "graveyard". Then his brother stripped him off his Heaven title and left him with nothing but filled with revenge. He doesnt have hatred but they made him to hate. Times and times they goaded him to fight. What will you do if you are Xufeng? The only thing you want is the girl you love and thought she loves you too. Betrayal and betrayal repeatedly. And Run Yu will not stop until he get back JM. So he can only join the fun. What else can he do? And since he has a chance to the face of the person who betrayed him, why not? JM's protest is to save everyone. She doesnt want anyone to fight over her but her protest is futile on both side, dont u think? The battle is meant to be becos thats the only way they will satisfy that hate and revenge feeling they both had. Aiyoh first time I typed so long hahahaha 

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  8. On 12/15/2018 at 5:52 AM, bluesytb said:

    Yes, one of my favourite things about the drama is that the romance is pretty organic - like they fall for each other early on - like episode 6 (even if JM doesn't/cant understand her feelings) and sloooowlllyy.  There's no chasing.  XF admits he likes her right away when he realizes it, but he's told no by the flower fairies - and he leaves.  and he keeps trying to distance himself from her.  which is a really big deal for me since one of the worst tropes is the chasing trope/the dude forcing himself on the female lead trope.


    Like Legend of Fuyao made me super uncomfortable since the first half of it it the male lead somewhat forcing himself on Fuyao, who was never able to best him.  It's a scary dynamic.


    Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms I dropped since it made me even more uncomfortable with the male lead continually forcing himself on the female lead, eventually leading to a literal rape scene.  (which is when i dropped it)


    The Eternal Love 2  does this trope too, along with Because of Meeting You, and several others including the worst offender - The Flames Daughter.  


    To me, the aforementioned are honestly such a scary trend since they do have social ramifications.  So having such a pleasant and organic and (ok, mostly) non forceful relationship is so very pleasant. 



    I am completely opposite. I get thrills when I watched the male lead is dominant in chasing the female lead. I felt there is chemistry in such acts. I dont find it as forcing himself onto her or etc because somewhat it is nicely done and made it feels like mutual. He did it to her and she kinda doesnt like it but like it kinda feel. Made her heart racing etc. I totally love this kinda scenes. Made me smile hahahaha... 

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