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  1. I like Eun Bin's looks in this drama, but her character so far is lacking for me, i expect a different kind of attitude, my reaction is i always seen her like this, nothing new. But i like Goong Min's character so far, calm, talk when you need to and act when its needed. I want to see what's his story in this drama. Looking forward to seeing him next week.
  2. I've just seeing Kim ah joong how she's changed her face and now looks like another person. I'm watching Wanted, she's very good in there and looks good too. I just feel sad. And since Soo Ae has been absent for long time I'm hoping that she didn't go under the knife during this time and have a new face when we see her next. That will be really sad for me because her face and her voice that makes her Soo ae.
  3. She's a doctor yet she goes around collecting evidence without gloves or mask, seems so ignorant. And how realistic is that they have to break in the workplace to collect the evidence? Aren't they part of the government with their own authority? The only thing i like in this drama is Lee Ki Woo but so far his character is weak, i don't know what he wants and he's too emotional, he can't win. The old man and his aide are way above him. But I'm hoping the writer makes him a good man. And happy family ever after. Off topic, what a pity that he broke up with his girlfriend, they were such lovely good looking couple.
  4. I don't know what to feel. As for his sickness i feel sad and very sorry for him. As for his marriage i don't understand his decision. I know he doesn't want to be a burden to SuJin, is that the only reason? Five years later he passes by SuJin on the road in ep6, did he pretend not to know her? I feel comforting seeing him has such a good friend like Costa (is that his name?), He's a funny character And I like the house he lives in at the moment, the garden, the flowers. The atmosphere is good for him. Was that all Costa's arrangement for him? I wonder. Last scene, he says hello to Ah Ram. I don't know if he know it's actually her. Next week...
  5. It will be a miracle if we get to see her in a drama this year. I'm hoping we'll see something next year. She sure is taking a long break. Do people still remember her or just us?
  6. Seems like not many people like this drama. I like it. I like the main leads. I wish they will resolve their issues and stay together at the end.
  7. I have problems seeing doctors not wearing gloves when there's blood everywhere and they look too clean when doing the operation. Realistic? Apart from that, i like the cast and first week episodes.
  8. I don't like anything from this week episodes... I really don't like JSang or HSang. They just like easy money, not hard work. Together with WSang they should have known how their mother is by now, but still they believe in her. I agreed with you guys, if they're not happy, they can leave any time. I also think PSang should leave them to ruin themselves if they wanted to. They're not kids anymore. I still like JeongSang but I dont like the way she goes making test on HSang and not telling her. I thought once JeongSang knows the truth she would confront with PSang but she didn't. Why? All the misunderstanding and truth hidden is driving this drama and it's getting tired. Don't like WSang, he's just looks a bit ok but has no brain, his girlfriend is even worst always got drunk outside, in this day and age is safe to do like that? Not realistic. And the pregnant girl get lost already, why wasting the screen times. Why am i still watching? Still for Psang and his wife
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