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  1. Hi, sorry to cut your post. And me too I would very much prefer this kind of ending. Physically end up with my (ex) sister in-law is just not on.
  2. Long time no news about her, I'm glad she has a drama coming and with a new label. Will this label be a sponsor for her drama? And how come not much news on the drama?
  3. So I was wrong, Jin cut the cord on his father not Hwan. I'm here for HaSukJin, this is a different character he's taken on, I'm hoping the writer do him justice and given him substance for his character, I don't mind if he dies as long as we can remember him when it's all over. Seriously I'm curious how his character will be in this story.
  4. I'm watching because of HaSukJin and ImSooHyang. I like their chemistry in here but i don't like their characters, she's a teacher and yet too friendly with her boy student. Not proper in my opinion. Jin is a selfish person since young, he cut the cord to drop hwan when they went mountain climbing, his father saved Hwan and so he becomes a cripple. Since then i think Jin always had a guilty conscience and feels like he doesn't belong. HaSukJin 38 still looks good
  5. I like Lee Hak Joo, he has many faces, can be scary creepy and cute. In this drama he looks handsome and cute when he smiles. Poor guy, he loves the wrong person.
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