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  1. I thought I'll be okay if I get to see JaeHee till the end but I'm not. I'm heartbroken. I still cry whenever I think of him. He's been on my mind since last few months and it's very hard to delete him. It's been long time since such drama has affected me this way. GS is such a pitiful character, his only happiness is YS and yet they have to break them apart like that. So cruel. So cruel.
  2. Seeing flowers on JH and his dad. Don't want any hopes. As long as JaeHee stays till 120. I'm okay. I want to re-watch if the ending that I like otherwise no. It's been an emotional draining experience. I think I'll pick up on some jdrama to get away from here. Whatever it is. Jung Woo Yeon, if that's her name I write correctly, looks beautiful in the wedding dress. It's a pity that there was no romance between them two. They both look good together. Now I'm looking forward to JaeHee's next drama see if I like. THank you to all posters and maybe s
  3. I hope you're right. I've been depressed and bitter since the news GS is dying and YS is marrying JH. I think JH should marry someone else better for him. After watching the preview again, YS wearing the wedding dress but doesn't look happy. So maybe no hope for GS.
  4. Last night was the worse watching. No substitute to understand but just by reading comments. I don't understand any body. Why would YS go with JH or vice versa? Why would they have to listen to GS? Where is the stubborn YS who only love is her Ahjussi? Did she actually in love with her Ahjussi like she led us on? And what's with both crying their heart out for? I'm upset I feel disappointed that the story has to break the two souls who want to be together like this. And can't. I hope Mrs Choi running the Diner in the future, YS can go away with JH for I don't
  5. I like 115. Lately I see JH and YS can sit down and have a heart to heart conversation. Seems mature. Now JH knows that even three years ago YS still couldn't leave GS to go with him. YS is that kind of person. Too good. I like scene of mother and son, MK visiting Mrs Choi and still called her sister in law. All have forgotten and forgiven. At the end of the day, you take nothing with you when you die. I don't wish to see YS do stupid thing even if she can't live without seeing GS. I hope for a better ending. But definitely not with JH.
  6. Don't like the way KS always matching up YS with JH. Why? Is it because he doesn't believe YS loves him? Or he thinks YS doesn't know what love is? It's annoying every time like that, he said he always wanted YS to be more happier than him. Is being with JH the solution? Not happy.
  7. They have 15 years age gap, she came to him as 8 years old. Still hoping YS stay true to herself and not going to be with JH.
  8. Okay, GS says he's turning 40 soon, so he is 39 and YS now 24. So could it be the preview about her crying her heart out was when GS got hit at the warehouse?
  9. I don't know, what if KS knows he's dying and wishing that JH and YS to be together so that's why with JH's dad. If that's the case, then KS doesn't understand YS at all. I haven't watched full episodes for past week, just YouTube clips and read the forum. But from what I have seen since episode 57 to 90. The only person in YS's heart is KS and no one else. And I have to believe in her. I watch this drama for her and GS, but later I like watching Mrs Choi too. (I'm the odd one), she just amazed me, and I believe in repent and forgiveness.
  10. @bluesappir No... Can't be. I'm crying already. How can they do that to him? Too pitiful, too pitiful.
  11. I guess I have to adjust seeing YS in business wear. Still prefer her with her aprons If GS to be left alone. It would be too pitiful.
  12. After so many years still crying watching Love Letter Soo Ae was so cute and best chemistry with Jo Hyun Jae.
  13. @maribellaSo parents don't cut ties with their children, does it apply to the other way around too? It's hard to say. His wife had an affair and JH witnessed the other man. Which way is better for him? By law and common sense the child must go to the not fault party right? JH as a child already calculated, when grown up, didn't want to acknowledge his father or his friend at the University? What is that? @Emily Bett Don't think YS will live at the Diner, it's not nice to ask JH's dad to move out, unless he's an understanding man and move out voluntarily O
  14. I assume it's been a few months since his memory loss and he's been visiting YS every night to have his dinner. But isn't it a bit too soon asking her to marry him? That is unexpected. What is the urgency? I'm glad JH is the one to tell the truth for whatever his motive is. Better let it out to see how it affects GS and YS. Last night, when they were holding hands, I thought if JH didn't interrupt them, maybe GS was about to ask for a kiss? Lucky they got interrupted. Even though, I like them together, I don't feel it's the right time at the moment.
  15. I like 103 a lot. I don't know why Will Mrs Choi back out for GS and YS? Noticed since amnesia, GS addressed YS as YS-shi, did YS call him as GS-shi? Seems like she doesn't give him any title yet. Is that normal thing in their culture when talking to someone? YS once says: she is him and he is her. So doesn't matter if he lives her life or she lives his. .... You seep into my heart and become everything to me in no time... How can anyone has a heart can separate them ?
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