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  1. Happy she is back. Duke sounds like High Society. Also Kim Kang Woo was in it too. A reunion? This is third time she plays an ambitious female character? No expectations. Don't want to be disappointed hehe
  2. I'm okay with their relationship too. But wouldn't it be a big scandal for this small town? Will they able to handle it?
  3. Really really like this drama. The male lead is handsome and he has a very sweet smiles. The female lead is cute. She's younger then him but they look good together. Their acting sweet scenes is so sweet and natural, they clicked well. I like the workplace story, see how hard they're working and how smart they are, making me envy hehe. The male lead has a revenge mission and all his sweetness to her, is it all acting? I hope not. I'll continue watching to see how he deal with his mission and his relationship with her. I'm hoping for happy ending, every one
  4. Don't like her latest photoshoot, the hair, the photos dont look nice. I'm looking forward to her new drama but i don't like Yoo Teo, the male lead, watch him in Money Game, don't like his acting. Looks like its a good project for her, writer and director both have good records.
  5. Yes, we are different from animals that we have the brain to control. And to know what's right and wrong. I'm glad she didn't end up with Hwan, but confessed that she'd loved him all these years huh.?
  6. I find Lin Yu Shen looks very sexy in his pajamas, some one must give him a commercial for man in their pajamas :)
  7. I'm sorry but i just feel so wrong if yeji and hwan together at the end, she can divorce jin and be with some one else later in her life, but not with hwan please no.
  8. I don't understand that he felt for her at the spoon scene. I thought he didn't know her by that time, how can he falls for her? I thought his love was first attraction, then gradually falling for her as he spends time with her and same as for hers. No?
  9. I think it's episode 15, the scene where she asked him come closer and we had a close up that she blows his ear, I find that moves very loving and sexy, but the sound effect kills the feelings. I think they wanted to make it funny. For me, I just thought it was such a waste. All the feeling of anticipation from LuJin.. if the sound was more of a gentle kind, then he would probably carry her off and have a make out right there and then, more kisses hehe.
  10. I'm up to 10 and I just want to say I like the second ML too, he looks warm, like a nice person. I also like Manger Shen too, he's funny and looks good in suits, for me better than LYS This blogger opens my mind about references in this drama... https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2020/09/17/dating-in-the-kitchen-first-impressions-and-open-thread/
  11. I feel the same, maybe because he's older, married, no want any scandals, keeping it strictly as professional as possible. And I think that's what I like from actors, especially the mature ones. When watching BTS I have a feeling that Lusi doesn't treat LYS as her senior, especially the dance BTS, and it bothers me a little bit. I don't understand chinese but from the tone speaking that's the feeling I got. @pad-hari regarding the making out scene, why he paused in between? My take is that not because he was uncomfortable, he didn't look that way. But maybe because there was no fu
  12. @SC2019 I have same feeling about actor LYS too, that's why I'm hoping that after this hit drama, maybe he would get a chance some time in the near future to be the next ML for a romantic comedy with no big age gap, and to see if he can deliver that wins hearts. For the kissing clips, LYS certainly has more experience and know how to kiss
  13. I am also watching this drama, I got caught by the trailer and for me the trailer is better then the drama. I must be the odd one who watching this drama and has no feelings for the food, but lots of feelings for the main couple
  14. Hi, sorry to cut your post. And me too I would very much prefer this kind of ending. Physically end up with my (ex) sister in-law is just not on.
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