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  1. 3 hours ago, Anjali Punia said:

    Ha ha totally get you.

    I had to ensure I was alone in the room of course. And yes I did close my eyes multiple times.

    Especially the one with the ear and the stairs oh My ...........

    Lol I had to calm my breathing and watch again and again.

    Only now I have watched it once without closing my eyes 

    Same happened with me when I saw Before we get married 

    I think both Marcus and Jasper Liu have a way of getting ladies beetroot red.


     it seems you are huge Jasper Liu fan.

    Recommend me some of his dramas worth watching.

    I watched him in Twogether recently . I am not a fan of reality shows but it was Jasper plus the concept was nice. Would really appreciate the suggestions.

    I have seen before we get married and triad princess 

    You should try the first drama of Jasper and Puff Guo, the leads of before we get married.. title Pleasant Surprised, Before we get married is their reunion project :)You can also try When I See You Again.. sadly Jasper's dramas are not really picked up for subs.. :(

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