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  1. On 18/01/2018 at 8:52 PM, sakura2016 said:


    I understand you but I still don't see it/him like you :tongue: when the only true real feelings he had after so many years ends up being built on a lie (lies) and started from the fact that they needed him to get what they wanted (just like those who broke his trust years ago did) you can't expect him to think rationally and believe their explination that easilly!! he can't believe their sincerity and so he can't see and believe that they are in pain like him but that's changing now thankfully!! :) 


    don't think so!! I think her telling him not to go will come after his goodbye to Aji 3 and Ji A which he'll do on his own not face to face to her but she'll find out and stop him!! that's my guess at least!! :D 


    Your guess was spot on!  

    I am so much happier with MG after this episode.  The longing during the kiss part can be felt so tangibly and the best part wasn't even the kiss but when JA smiled at him after and he giggled.  That just turned me to a bowl of mush.  I can only credit it to their incredible acting.  

    To me it was very significant that JA told MG that she needed him.  In Ep 1, MG told us he did not need anyone.  It was a somewhat consolation statement to himself.  With JA telling him that she needs him just reminded him what JA said to him before that if there is just what one person in the world for you, it makes it worthwhile.  Well something like that, I paraphrase to make up for my old memory.  :tongue:  And I really loved that he chose that moment to reciprocate because I am sure the words touched the core of his heart. 

    Everyone is talking about how they want their next kiss to be.  I don't mind fur, but perhaps only on a carpet Operation Proposal style.  :tongue:

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  2. 8 hours ago, sakura2016 said:


    thank you for the translation chingu!! :wub: 


    I really don't know myself!! obviously his condition is for santa maria team's sake but why would he leave everything and everyone?!! :o:blink::crazy:


    let's hope they won't do that to us.... :o:o:o 



    Hi chingu, welcome :) 


    I believe Min Kyu's reaction is totally understandable and won't say he was "abusive" toward Ji Ah, that's for sure!! he was going through a breakdown believing that he was taken advantage of, used, fooled and made fun of his feelings which is totally understandable!! she was the 1st person he opened up to after all these years and shared with her his deepest secrets and feelings that no one knew of, even confessed his love to her as Aji 3 then he opened to her again as Ji Ah only to realise that all he believed and lived was a big lie, we know that she and santa maria really cared for him and loved him but he doesn't, all he can see is that they approached him as KM Finanace's chairman to save/help their career (she as well needed him for the competition) and although they knew about his human allergy they  "risked" his life "for their own reasons" (again we know the full story while he doesn't) and to him since everything started with a lie that everything that he believed after that was a lie and an act to fool him and he was the only one on the losing end being left to suffer with his love for her while she left to carry on with her life and her not wanting anything with him and acting as a stranger with him when he met her as Hong Joo (again not her true identity) was another proove that she never loved him and was by his side as Aji 3 till she got what she wanted so him not accepting her food and not getting why she's coming everyday to his house when she was fine with leaving him before is understandable and his pain and frustration feeling betrayed is totally understandable!! it was painful yes but Ji Ah was aware of the pain she caused him and wanted to show him her sincere heart (which she did) but he needed time to collect himself and see their true love through all the lies they showerd him with!! now that he's getting there he'll be able to give and accept (sincere) love from those he loves and loves him back again!! :) 

    I just think he is a bit of a brat really.  He needs to get over himself.  Sure, you feel betrayed but that is really no way to behave.  He is just lucky that Ji Ah is extremely patient and loves him unconditionally.   I think YSH's portrayal of this very flawed character is excellent.  


    My guess about tonight's episode is this:  This insecure man, full of contradictory actions goes to the meteor shower hoping to find Ji Ah there.  When he sees her, he turns away.  WTH, didn't he go there to see if she'd come?  The insecure, low esteem person in him is fishing for an affirmation and assurance that she indeed loves him.  I think that's when JA says don't go.  I think he wanted to kiss her but she fell asleep from all that exhaustion dealing with him.  


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  3. Hello everyone!  I have to delurk to bring up something I wonder if any of you had noticed.

    I love the drama, the story, and the great acting by YSH and CSB.  I have been a fan of CSB since Sassy Go Go.  She plays the villain there but I was so drawn to her because she was just such a great actress.  And here in this drama, I am totally amazed by YSH's acting and I will definitely watch out for him in the future.  


    B-BUT I can't say I like YSH's character in the drama.  I do sympathise with KMG.  He has trouble trusting people and I can understand why he is so angry at JA for lying to him but right from day 1, I think KMG has been a rich spoilt brat.  Yes, he does show his gentle and kind side at times but most of the time, he is totally self centred.  He treated AJ3 badly because he thought she was just a robot, and just because he cannot reconcile his feelings for a robot.  Now that he found out the truth, he behaves so horrendously to JA.  The violence, the disrespect.  This whole time all he thought about was he and himself.  I feel like entering the screen and be Sun Hye and slap him although I do think Sun Hye shines and is the hero of the show.  I cannot believe that JA would just stand there and allow herself to be a punching bag.  Unlike JA, I don't think I could continue to go back to the abuses that he would hurl at me even if I am in the wrong.  Somehow I think this sends a wrong signal to women out there as to what we should endure for the man we love. Now that the couple is heading for reconciliation, I do hope they will show KMG being much better to JA than he was before.  I hope the roles will reverse and that he will start serving her and treating her right.  


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  4. 6 hours ago, MrsSoJiSub said:

    I agree with you. It would be dumb of me to not know that yeah the writers and team feed into both ships. You can't have a love triangle if you don't give both sides something to hang on to. But with everything you said, was that really what that one poster was and had been doing. Their first few posts I really enjoyed it was the subquent ones that followed that was like "WTF" for me. Some things that were not in the subs, were being quoted as being said and having been in the subs but lost in translation or whatever. Also the whole "shipping clouds judgement" tis true and that's exactly what I felt they were doing. But yo, it's all water under the bridge to me. The show ends in 3 days and it never should have gotten as deep as it did get. The post wasn't really about you so much as I could see the forthcoming arguments of "I have been Taeked" and going off on the writers and PD and such because of the some of the content in those long post. If it seemed like I was tearing down your perspective or something of the sort, that was not my intention.

    *goes back to back reading...


    No worries.  No offence taken.  I understood where you were coming from.  This is a forum and very often we do not know who is behind the post.  It could be a 14yo or it could be a 40yo.  Heck, it could even be people from the entertainment industry themselves paid to create waves on the internet.   Some people has so much insights that I have not seen or heard that if it were to come true as what they have said, I would think it suspicious that information was deliberately "leaked" "accidentally on purpose".   But like you said, it will be all water under the bridge in three days so let's just enjoy and ignore comments that irritate us.  BTW I have always liked reading your candid posts and I look forward to reading more of it even as we find out who the husband is in three days!  

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  5. @MrsSoJiSub I think that there are always things to learn from others.  Directors do use camera angles and what not to convey messages.  Granted that yes, there are some people have seen and hear things that were not there but if they are supported with rational logic, I respect their opinion.  I personally do agree that shipping clouds judgment.  I have joined threads before where the lovelines were vague and there are people who start to abuse each other because they got emotional about their ship.  Many had joined reply because of PBG and hence their viewing of the show makes them bias towards Taek.  There is nothing wrong in itself except when they start abusing people who disagreed with them.  I too like you think that the natural flow of the story screams JH as husband which is why I am here hiding from aggressive Taek shippers from the MT.   But I have to say that thanks to some Taek shippers, I do see the hidden manipulations the director has used to throw the audience off track.  For me, the last two replys were quite obvious to me who the husband was but this time round, I did get a little confused.  Especially the part where the script had said that the husband took a long time to speak banmal to Noeul.  All I can say is that everyone has their perspective but if we can acknowledge others without tearing each other down, perhaps then we can all enjoy the director and writer's perspective.  

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  6. Chingu-yah, quoting Bora, I think if there is one percent chance that DS likes JH, JH will be husband.  I feel that JH really owned much of the memorable scenes of this series.  It is as if the whole drama was written from his point of view.  

    His confession must be one of the most heart felt of the three series.  I can see the tears welling up in DS' eyes.  When Taek came to greet her at the concert, the look was surprised.  Was JH too late?  Yes maybe Taek did get to her first and they may even date briefly but I don't think her feelings for JH is resolved yet judging from her reaction.  

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  7. @MrsSoJiSub I simply love you!  You have renewed my faith to believe in my instincts that JH is husband.  I also cannot give any technical analysis on camera angles and script writing but somehow I feel that JH is husband.  Sometimes I wonder if that makes me a JH shipper even though I had claimed I am not but I stick to my original gut feel.  I did not have any predisposition to like any of the actors or characters but it is the way the story flows that makes me feel that JH should be husband.  So Jungpal fighting!  

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  8. 4 minutes ago, debieg said:

    I know I'm ranting but I just want to say this... It annoys me how people just making an excuse to say they are team JH, but says TK is the Husband because the future husband is having a TK vibe in last episode. Like seriously using that lame excuse I'm teamjunghwan but I believe TK is the husband. Ugh grow up guys that is low. And I'm referring to somecomment in yt.


    I think both the leads were totally compelling that's why.

    As I wrote in the main thread, the scales are now tipping in Taek's favour.  Thank you @tituphing for confirming that JH spoke in banmal.  I don't have high hopes for JH being husband anymore but all I can say is that his performance was such that he was really worthy to be husband.  This is the first time I got it wrong with the hubby guessing game but I have learnt a lot from the insightful posts.  

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  9. 3 minutes ago, JCgirl 001 said:

    first image has a statue of a groom carrying a bride... are they referring to DS/TK Bridal carry ? damn producer/writer is trolling us again!! lol

    Wow the dolls does look like clues.  There seem to be a girl between DS and the green doll.  I say the green doll because Taek's fans are going to argue that Taek is green but I think JH is green.  So sad that the purple doll and the red doll are at the far end of each other.  I really hope SW will end up with BR.  Maybe BR was the girl that Trash dated and broke up with.  Remember Najung found out about that?  

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  10. 13 minutes ago, wizengamot said:


    lol, i was replaying that scene just now and yeah, i noticed that he just come out straight from the comfort room hahahaha!!!

    @yours19 i thought so too. but maybe we'll see the adult tomorrow

    @JCgirl 001 seeing mom Sung's bank book, yeah i was hoping they would move (but please, let them stay in the Ssangmundong block). 

    @ainipang expect the Reply team to drag the hunt til the last episode. in R97, last episode, they are still showing YJ and his hyung running to the hospital when SW was giving birth and being asked who is the father of the baby/husband of the SW, when in fact, an episode before that they already showed SW hitting YJ for getting her pregnant.

    @sheza yeah i bet they are subtlety throwing that too. hahahaha!!! seeing if anyone could be trolled by that heh

    BTW, did you noticed that SW is now a lot meaner to DS now that he is no longer dating the sister?  Did he normally tease her like that?  Now it seems like JH is the one keeping quiet.  

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  11. @wizengamot *lol* but they are throwing that up in the air too judging by the breakup.  They must have read the chocolate theory!  hahaha :)

    Today's episode really made Taek looks like a possibility.  

    Now the question hinge on whether the kiss is real and reciprocated?!  

    How is PD going to explain all the future husband scenes if Taek is the husband?  My money is still on JH.  

    I really think JH will confess and do a Yoon Jae and "disappear"...date other girls etc ...Taek will seize his opportunity then.   Hope there won't be any rage in the MT if things don't work out between DS and Taek.   

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  12. @wizengamot Yes I am here not as a shipper but as a fan of the drama who thinks JH is the husband.  

    About the wedding comments: I don't see her as a Taek shipper.  Similarly to me, I think she is neutral.  Just that I  haven't been able to see Taek's arc the way she has and so I only comment on JH's arc but that could make people misunderstand that I am a JH shipper.  I think she comments on Taek because the way Taek's arc was shot isn't so obvious and she wants to point that out which I personally find refreshing.   I know it sounds like I am defending her but really on the forum, sometimes we read the words but we don't see the body language and the tone and because we do not know each other personally, it can cause quite a bit of misunderstanding.  

    But of course I know, Taek's fans are going to have a field day because it would be read as Taek being the husband.  They are expecting a twist like what @nurul choerunnisa mentioned.  That's what keep the ratings up and the story interesting till the very end, don't you think?  It has us riveted to our seats and commenting on forums like this creating more of an uproar!  *lol*  I give the credit all to the directors for being able to troll without affecting the characterisation and storyline.  

    I am a simple person.  I just go with the flow of the story line and right now it tells me that husband in JH so let's see. . Four more episodes!  Reply 1988 fighting!  


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  13. 11 minutes ago, papulichan said:


    HAHAHHAHAHAHA....... fantastic !! Who would have thought about that.....:thumbsup:.... probably had multiple retakes.....LOL..

    Haha!  Don't laugh at him... core strength has nothing to do with size.  To be honest, in another drama recently ( is it SWP?  not too sure), I was so surprised when PSJ carried HJE like it is no effort.  We have not seen Taek's abs have we?  *cue to PD nim if you are trolling this thread!*

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  14. Oh I forgot, ...talking about kisses.  I think for me the first kiss from Sung Shi Won and Yoon Jae at the staircase was the hottest.  BR and SW's kiss at the bench was similar to that kiss if we are talking about the execution of it all.  During 1997, Yoon Jae touching Shi Won's hand was an ad-lib. I guess PD realised how great that was and decided to make BR hold SW's hands and even clasping it tighter during the kiss.  Ah, it is amazing.  They recycle the story three times and still we like to watch the Reply series.  Though they kept doing the husband trolling, we are still watching.   They must be thinking: "suckers!"  Hahaha :) 

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  15. Thank you to all the recapppers and translators. I could not watch it live by refreshing soompi like crazy, this comes close, thanks to all of you. I realized that I am probably not going to be happy with the ending because i wish to swap places with CYS and that ain't gonna happen.

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