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  1. MC Yoo In Na, who has worked with Lee Dong Wook in acting, started observing Park Sung Kwang, saying, "I know Lee Dong Wook's face well."
  2. I'll take anything! My pichi heart is alive once again! Hihihihi
  3. Me too! To be quite honest, I think neither of them will be admitting that they're in a relationship (whether with each other or with other people) any time soon. I think the nature of their jobs and the showbiz culture requires them to say that they're both single. I'll also leave a little room for doubt on the validity of the statements coz one ep, YIN was quoted to be saying she's dating constantly and then the next one, she's not seeing anyone hehehe I take comfort in the happy coincidences: both of them having the same co-host, the subtle grim reaper-sunny reference in Strangers from Hell, and the biggest one: both of them hosting talk shows right now! It's great that we're seeing both of them on TV doing what they love. So yeah, until and unless one of them announces marriage to someone else, my pichi ship sails on!