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  1. Hello! need some help locating the link to the english translation of the TYH webtoon... must be bad eyesight and/or old age but cannot seem to find it... i remember it was posted in this precious thread...
  2. I visited the TYH thread here and saw that the earliest comments were discussing the initial cast. Correct me if I'm wrong but I gathered from the comments that it was JKH who was first confirmed for the role and YIN was only "considering it". Later on, when LDW was the one suddenly confirmed, YIN confirmed as well. Or both of them confirmed at the same time. So perhaps YIN really didn't sign on yet for the role until the lead was given to LDW. Or perhaps I'm just delulu again. Hihihihihihi
  3. YESSS!! That one! see, no eye contact to verify/check if either is okay with the gesture. LDW just reaches out to lead, guide, and assist her down the steps. YIN also automatically accepts the assistance. it just looks so natural, so bereft of shyness and awkwardness, that it gives you the conclusion that they're 3000% percent comfortable with each other, touching/holding hands; hihihihi
  4. In the first GIF- the way LDW reaches out for her hand from behind her LIKE IT'S THE MOST NATURAL THING IN THE WORLD. (no shyness or awkward smiles as would be evident from first-timers or not-that-close co-stars) when he reached out for her wrist/hand when they were about to go down the stage, he didnt look at her or ask for her permission or anything like that. it's just seemed like something that they're both already accustomed to (holding hands that is :P). just my delulu mind (which is insisting that it makes sense!). that's something that happens between bf-gf, if i had a friend or colleague who would assist me walking down the stairs, they'd look up first or glance (if not verbal) to check if it's ok. if it's my bf, the reaching out to assist is automatic hihihihihi ***i think it was the same reaction/behavior when he assisted her to get off the ride in the amusement park BTS? hihihi
  5. The three protruding petals give me life! It's like they used the same exact flower, or at least that's what my delulu mind tells me hihihihi
  6. By the way, a little off topic, any one here who reads fanfiction? Are there any websites that feature Goblin (Grim Reaper/Sunny and WangYeo/KimSun only ) and Touch Your Heart fanfics? I find the ones at archiveofourown much too few. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated (And will most likely see me through until such time that we hear news about our pichi couple)
  7. Does this mean that the dress OYS wore at the final scene is actually a wedding dress? Sorry I don't understand the caption
  8. I love that her hoodie says GUILTY PARTIES. Hahaha it's like, YES, we're guilty as charged! All your assumptions are true! The ship is sailing. Take note, BOTH parties not just one. Hahahah remember this scene: Ohh my midweek delulu!
  9. welcome aboard to all the new shippers! a little slightly off-topic... does anyone know the name of the coffee shop where KJR gave OYS the stonehenge necklace + earrings set? tried to zoom my video and it says Cafe Celera or Cetera but Google isn't being very helpful. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Kamsahamnida in advance! LDW looks oh-so-very-happy and in his usual self here! Pretty sure that if he and YIN were given the chance to cut the cake (did they or did they not), he would have joked around like in BTS too.
  10. You got my delulu heart beatin' there! I shall indulge in this theory.
  11. I think our girl is wearing the same hat from the wrap-up party, the garden, and the Oh Eui Sik and Yoo Yeon Drama Musical? please someone tell me what brand this is/where to get? i want one for myself hihihihihi (then i'll make my bf wear the grim reaper hat!)
  12. I agree. On a final note with regard to this matter, I believe we come from different countries that speak different languages and embody different cultures. There is a language barrier and some people may not understand english as well as others here do, some also are not familiar with certain nuances of the english language; such that a harmless comment can be misinterpreted and blown out of context---but in those cases, the first step is never to jump to conclusions. the mature, diplomatic way is to ask the commenter/poster --- preferably in a private message -- about an offending/confusing/problematic content and try to clarify, to engage in a meaningful discussion rather than foster hateful arguments. because when a person posts his or her angry conclusions in a public forum, it affects the entire thread and calls for unnecessary debate leading to a complete waste of time and energy. i am particularly proud of how compassionate and sensitive the shippers in this thread are (and patient too!) - one even said, to please point out what the problem so it can be fixed. while it is sad indeed that there are one or two trolls that come here, their noises are drowned by the tens or even hundreds of sensitive, compassionate netizens who keep this shipper thread alive. pichi people are not only passionate about our couple, they are compassionate about the rest of the world, too. love and light to you all.
  13. ohh and i just noticed that in the Oh Eui Sik and Yoo Yeon Drama Musical photo, YIN is wearing a brown trench coat --- Sunny signature (from the bridge). hihiihi now i miss my pichi couple even more!
  14. me too huhuhuh my always law firm. i end up saying good morniiiiing like CEO yeon sometimes. miss my TYH fix! re-watching goblin (pichi moments only though ) instead, hihi
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