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  1. Thank you!!! You're correct---these things are not just spur of the moment! These are planned ahead of time. And it's like they plan their schedules so that they'll both be busy at the same time AND also have the same "free time" hihihi If one is working and the other is not, no quality time there! So might as well sync the busy times and have QT together! Yes, delulu forevermore! Oh, I LOVE your theory so much. I can only hope that there'll be wedding preparations in March 2021 for my pichi couple!
  2. It's the Yeongdap Station Pedestrian Bridge. When you get there, there's a cute sign: missing our pichi couple so much! just rewatching TYH reruns. I always just take comfort in these VERY happy "coincidences": 1. After TYH, LDW & YIN had a talk show at the same time with a mutual co-host. 2. They also had a drama run the same month (TONT & TSWLM) 3. Their safety pin-themed wardrobe! 4. The similar rings. I also still haven't let go of that time when the sunny ringtone was used in Strangers from Hell. I'm delulu like that!
  3. Hi, guys!! I missed this thread so much! This may be completely OFF-TOPIC, but I just wanted to share with my fellow pichi couple supporters these photos! Last year, my fiancé and I went to the Goblin & Touch Your Heart shooting locations to recreate some of our favorite scenes from the dramas. After getting engaged, we wanted to go back to Korea for our pre-wedding photos but sadly, travel bans were imposed. Since we are both fans of the pichi couple, we decided to "remaster" our photos and use them still as pre-wedding shots! Hee-hee! Sharing with you guys the photos that we
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