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  1. Finally the proposal! imo, ep 13 & 14 is stronger than 15, but it is nice to see double drunk scene for both main lead and what happened with other character...didnt expect GN to reject JA tho... It is unfortunate that the rating is going down, but hey it still no. #1 on it's timeslot Waiting for today's finale episode, hope it would be an ultimate satisfaction for the ending thanks for all the translation and recap
  2. It's finale week! cant believe there are only two episodes left! from those double teaser seems like everyone will be drunk in ep 15 With all those spoiler (from webtoon esp ) around the internet, i hope the team has many tricks under their sleeves to surprise us ep 14 is surely caught me with dozen unexpected touching, breezy,and heartfelt moments, from the confession of YJ to let go Secretary Kim to find her "life", to GN confession for his lifestyle reason, loyalty of Sera and Bong, and that acknowledgement that being secretary is what Miso wants ....basically everytime that particular score is played, i need to prepare myself for some heartfelt moments Glad to see that they show how Secretary Kim is an actual competent that's perfect for combo with VP YJ. Hope the filming will be wrapped successfully and they can deliver outstanding two finale episodes worth remembering for. Good Luck! Also thanks for all user here who posting many info related to this drama, it makes me enjoy WWWSK much more~ isnt the airing is still tonight?
  3. wow, this drama wow they keep getting better and better~ hope last three episodes is getting even better both quality wise and rating wise without losing the steam
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