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  1. Jung Yonghwa& Park Shinhye The Official "Dooley♥ Couple" Thread Who are the Dooley Couple? Jung Yonghwa & Park Shinhye Why are they called the "Dooley Couple"? Just before the drama went on air, a group of Shinhye fans at Shinhye Gallery at DC Inside threw ideas around what to call this couple. One of the names that came out during this “nickname the couple” session was “Dooley”. The reason was that both Kyu Won and Shin shares a surname “Lee”. In Korean, “dool” means “two”. The fans thought that “dool Lee” had a nice ring to to. The makers of “Heartstrings” who were browsing around fansites noiced the nickname “dool Lee” and thought to use that name as unofficially official (!^^) nickname for this couple and the news reporters ran with the nickname as well. So, the couple nickname of “Dool Lee”, or in an English way of speaking “Dooley”, was born. It actually came from a Korean meaning of “two Lee”. Why they have other nicknames Couples? because they previously had worked in "You are Beautiful" ,they had already fans who love them together and called them the "Shinhwa" Couple ( Shinhye&YongHwa) or YongHye Couple (YongHwa & ShinHye) Why we love the "Dooley couple"? because this is the destiny and they were destined to meet ("YaB" and "Heartstrings") because their chemistry is perfect because they're very cute together because they love to touch each other because his relationship frienship is adorable because we love their natural skinships because Yonghwa's mom thinks ShinHye is the perfect girl to her son because she opened her heart to him even when he wasn’t famous and popular because he follows her in twitter (he generally don’t follow people but Shinhye) Rules: 1. no bashing our couple or Yonghwa &Shinhye 2. No Quoting of Pictures 3.we dont want to know if you prefer another people with Yonghwa or Shinhye 4. we dont want to read your explains about that 5.we will always protect his friendship 6. enjoy and have fun (; Spread The Love!
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