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  1. I read back all your Healer c-strips love it so much and you are such a bright person with schmoozer trait; you are too funny with those strips, keep brighten up the world of kdramalovers!:D

    Same same but different.  My apologies, reposting comic with watermark. Pictures credit owner via DC.  #healer #jichangwook #parkminyoung #changmincouple #changminheaven

    SWDBS too, too hilarious:lol:

    What about you ?? <>Please credit me @ahpheng8 when re-posting. Do not edit / modify/translate into another language /delete watermark from my c-strip <> #StrongWomanDoBongSoon #힘쎈여자도봉순 #ParkBoYoung #박보영 #DoBongSoon #ParkHyungSik #박형식 #AhnMinHyuk #ahpheng8SWDBS

    1. Ahpheng


      Oh my...thanks for spending your time reading thru my Healer strips, glad you loved them ! I had a blast creating them ! 


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