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  1. @Dhakra We got into an argument and he said we should take some time to think about it. He thinks he's in the right and that I'm in the wrong because I'm the one who's not understanding him. We left it at that and then he text a day after wanting to talk about it but I didn't answer him because I got really sick after our argument. Then he text again the next day and we talked about it. He seemed very persistent on wanting to know what I thought and when I told him everything that was upsetting me he didn't have much to say and still insist I'm at fault. But then he'll text me like everything is okay and like our argument never happened. At this point I'm just laying low, not initiating contact or giving him attention and letting him have all the time he wants to himself since I know for sure he won't admit that he's at fault too. Or is what I'm doing an aggressive behavior?
  2. When a man who is in a relationship needs time to himself, how long would he need? How long is too long?
  3. It's autumn, but why does it feel like winter. It's freezing, I dislike the cold so much. Except ice cream.
  4. I've had a crush/feelings for a man for 5 years and he knows it. Does that make me pathetic?
  5. how much have you gals cried about your bf or ex-bf because of how they treated you and the relationship you have or had? when was the breaking point that finally made you have enough? Mine was the second time I had questioned him about our feelings and what the relationship meant. It was rocky then already. He would never want to talk about it and so avoid it at any means possible. I finally had enough and ended it. I cried afterwards because a lot of different feelings hit me but then a smiled came knowing it wasn't me but him and that I had finally let go of what was holding me down. It felt awesome.
  6. How dare you come up to me and tell me that I'm going to die because I didn't get the flu shot? Then you have the nerves to tell me that I'm not doing my job and you're always having to do it for me. I know what I'm suppose to be to doing. Did I asked you to do it for me, no. Do I need your help, no. You choose to disregard my presence and answer over me because you like hearing yourself and getting the attention. I appreciate an extra hand when you help but when I offer mine you get mad at me? Just because you've got years ahead of me with the company doesn't make you mightier. We're both in the same position level with the same pay rate.
  7. Wow, so I was shown text messages from a friend between her and her boyfriend. My intuition from reading the conversation tells me he's cheating but then she starts going off about me not knowing anything because I've never been in a relationship and blah, blah, blah. Anyways, it seemed to me like he just gave himself up while he was trying to defend himself at one point. So the coversation kinda goes like this... he thought she was going on a date (automatically assuming it was with a man) because she was looking nice (from a pic she sent him). Then he was all like... Bf: if you want to be with another man just tell me. don't go messing around behind my back and playing me. I really care about you and I need to know you feel the same way. Gf: i do feel the same way. (and then this is where i start suspecting him from how he just kept talking) Bf: good like i dont talk to other females that way at all. I dont send pics or anything to anyone except you just so you know. Gf: dont talk to girls in what way? Bf: like trying to get them. You dont talk to guys like that do you? Gf: no i don't. Since you asked I'm going to ask you, Are you seeing another woman behind my back? Bf: no like i said i care about you a lot and would never put you through something like that. Gf: ok so how do you feel about me? Bf: i care about you you're always on my mind. I always call you babe or baby and ask for your photos. That should point out how much i care about you. (me: wow that's caring? dang!) So what do you guys think? Was i thinking too much into it? Or is he seeing another woman? I don't know what to ask specifically but I need some inputs so i can have something to argue about with my friend from a guys point. Other things to factor in are that he never wants to see her on the weekends. When he does want to see her it's when he decides to take a day off from work. They only see each other once about every two months (they live 40 minutes away from each other). Both works on weekdays only. She initiates the texts. Oh, and he's been hanging out with another woman during the weekends and only with that certain one.
  8. Omg i felt the same way. yeah she did terrible and unforgiving things but for her to meet her demise like that is utterly... i cant even find the word to describe it. im a little disappointed actually.
  9. hahahahahaha!!! omg that punch to the back of the head from the moon god and everyone's reaction afterwards was epic.
  10. hmm to be honest the only thing that got to me during the wedding was when XF's assistant died protecting him and the emperor using the last of his powers to collect XF's soul. i think the whole wedding scene itself could have been a lot more dramatic and heartfelt. maybe im just heartless though. but i had hoped that they could have had JM push XF off of her since she was so resentful towards him already. they should have also ended the memories with her telling him she likes him from the mortal trial before she threw up the pill. i don't know i guess i wanted more from the moment.
  11. I don't know about anyone else but I found it pretty pathetic how the water and wind god couldn't put up a better fight. I mean come on he did a better against the empress all the other times. And that lady assistant of RY, I really dislike her. Just because she loves or whatever him doesn't mean she mess with other's life. I can't wait for the face offs. Let the anger be release!
  12. Wait, shouldn't the marriage between her and Night not be valid since she's not the daughter of the Wind God? Or does it not matter because she's the Water God's daughter?
  13. The way his face lighted up when he finds out she's not his sister and the devastation of learning that she is to be marry to his brother killed me. Ugh, why? I like the wind deity, she's such a nice woman.
  14. because he cheated on me. found out he did the same thing with his ex too. also with his current one.
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