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  1. I am sitting on edge waiting for the next episode...this series is such a joy to watch... I enjoy watching the female lead Kim So-Hyun...l watch a few of her dramas but the one that sticks in mind and was very memorable was "The Moon Embracing the Sun". No idea why when I see her, I think of that series The Moon Embracing the Sun. Most of the time, it would be the male lead or maybe supporting male that capture the interest but for this series Tale of Nokdu...it was her Kim So-Hyun as Dong Dong-Ju. Fighting Fighting Fighting Kim So-Hyun / DDJ
  2. Song Bo-Mi is beyond hope...she is stupid yet act smart... Been watching this series and just when I begin to think there's hope in Bo-Mi, she falls deep into the hopeless pit. She runs to the killer step-mother so fast and runs her mouth without thinking even though those around her is being very careful with information. Poor Han Soo-Ho being slapped by her and treated like a yoyo...it is like when she wants information she will be so sweet then with that information she goes running to killer step-mother How funny it is that Bo-Mi say Han SH helps her a lot and she wants to return all those help, etc etc yet she is doing the opposite...when Han SH needs help on his Herb Storage...Bo-Mi cannot even approach her killer step-mother at all... instead drop the bom and have Han SH meet direct with killer step-mother. Conclusion after watching today episode, Bo-Mi has no brain at all...even telling her killer step-mother wherever she is just because that person ask. It is like she cannot shelf her answer and just give the exact answer. Can I still have hope holding on this series...watching the earlier episode before she met her killer step-mother that i was hoping she would be with Han SH all the way.
  3. Man Soo is Mrs Wang's son...that will be super interesting to watch the wedding of Man Soo and Jenny... If Man Soo knows he is Mrs Wang's son and thinks Jenny is really Mrs Wang's daughter...then the wedding should not take place at all as they would be considered half-siblings. Unless he already knows Jenny is not his half sister nor Mrs Wang's daughter then the wedding goes on. Curious...did i miss something that confirms Mrs Wang is black rose and reason for EK's dad death? Where is EK's mom? Tempted to rewatch but just do not want to rewatch the devilish works of Mrs Wang or the other 2 i.e. mother Oh and son Kim Series is going far too slow...too short per episode as well.
  4. Oh Ae-Ri and her son Kim Young-Man are the perfect mother son team in the most devilish manner. They rejoice over other people misfortune and they wish more misfortune upon others just so both of them are happy. They enjoying watching Oh Eun-Suk in trouble. Now am hoping for a beautiful conclusion where both mother son team will be permanently kicked out of father/grandpa Oh Da-Jin home, company and all. Already the mother and son team has been asked to leave the home. Her daughter Kim Eun-Ji is of no difference from her mother and brother for whatever she does wrong she tells herself it is alright and she did not do any wrong. Am wondering where is the husband of Oh Ae-Ri / father of Young Man and Eun Ji... Wang Soo-Jin and Ahn Man-Soo are another perfect team ... the so-call mother in law son in law team. No wonder they click so well with the devilish mother son team. Ahn Man-Soo is out to destroy someone here and I am wondering who it is he is destroying... Wang Soo-Jin or Choi Song-A... So far i am guessing Man-Soo is the one behind the creepy phone call with photo msg of Choi Song-A to Wang Soo-Jin which is making Wang Soo-Jin freaking out. As clear as can be... Wang Soo-Jin kidnap Jenny when Jenny was a child and that's the reason WSJ do not want Jenny to be in Korea in any manner if possible. Oh Da-Jin is chasing after Black Rose and Black Rose is likening to be the one who kill Oh Eun-Suk parents... Question : Who is Black Rose? Is it Wang Soo-Jin or could it be Ahn Man-Soo
  5. True to reality kind of drama which means in reality there really are people like the Shaman Mother Bang; Murderer Sister Ji-Na; Conniving VP Seo; Cuckoo Aunt Jae-Ran; Brainless Cousin Gwi-Nyeo...somehow as I watch this series i group these 5 as a batch as the way they handle things, talk are lots to do with self self self... Despite these 5, I enjoy this series as I find another group who are kind-hearted despite what they have or may have done but willing to account for their own action and these people are Poong-Do, Chung-Yi, Hak-Kyu, Chairman Ma Young-In, Manager Ko and Ryan... As i continue with this series, I am wondering who will be the winning team... Stress out at the same time as I want the ending soonest possible... Fighting to the couple team Poong and Chung; the parental team Chairman Ma Young-In and Father Sim Hai-Kyu; and lastly the loving supporting team Manager Ko and Ryan
  6. Watched the first episode way back 17 Nov 2018 and after that stop watching as was back log with many stuff... Decided to pick up from 2nd episode just recently 01 Mar 2019 and now watching Ep 31. Journey through to Ep 31... I had to control not to reach out for something to whack the following people in the series with the number indicating most desired to hammer .... 1. Jang Da-Ya (JDY)... she is only pretty in outlook but inner look are contaminated beyond repair. She enjoys adding fuel to her mother-in-law and she is poisoning her mother-in-law with her sweet talk and oh a glass of warm water to calm down, etc. She forgets she did not marry Wang Yi-Ryook out of pure love. She was eyeing to be the MADAM in the Wang family taking over the role of her mother-in-law OEY. She is a spoilt brat beyond hope. She looks down on people and has no respect for Ms Yeojoo and Miss Cho. She is rude to everyone in the household and thinking she is already the DOWAGER controlling everything. She despise her FIL each time he does not entertain her crooked behavior. Each episode that JDY pops up in...there is none that show her being kind at all... Yes...she needs to have the worst suffering delivered to her and in my mind is for her husband to have a lover that really cares for him far more than his status-quo. Oh yes... JDY is having the green eye over the part-timer who turns full-timer at WYR new restaurant. 2. So Yang-Ja (SYJ)...I would say she is perfect match with JDY...they could easily pass as mother and daughter DNA proven or not does not matter. These 2 are perfect match in their behavior, greed, thoughts and using of others. SYJ is beyond repair no matter how many "this is the last time... I am sorry... It is better I die... " The only thing that makes her be pleasant and nice to anyone is MONEY and lots the kind that does not stop flowing. She blames KDR for her husband death but in real sense... she is the one killing her husband over and over again over money and her treatment to KDR. She is the one who kicks KDR out and disown her throwing the DNA result in her face. And when she needs money...suddenly the DNA does not matter... She puts down her own birth daughter KMR by not letting her work siting her premature birth, weak in health, etc... SYJ does not deserve KMR at all who no matter what still sticker herself to SYJ and even to before marriage talk telling KDR no matter what the mother did...she cannot let go... 3. Oh Eun-Young (OEY)... Ah as her own husband say to her..."Chronic disease of the mouth"... oh yes... that's is so true... I want to give Wang Jin Kook a big hug each time. Indeed his wife OEY is a loose nut and does not think at all... She blames everyone for whatever happens. She runs away so easily...just pack her bag and run... then run home... disown her 1st son yet want to control him. Ouch... this is a psycho mom on the loose... She is the last person anyone should share any information with her because she will just vomit it out to anybody. Oh speaking of that... in talking without thinking... OEY is perfect match with SYJ... They talk like air head then turn the whole table around and blame others... Conclusion...the series so need to just put this 3 people together for a whole month in the same cell and see how they handle each other... naturally will see JDY sticker to her mil OEY and creating more devil thoughts. Apologies for being long-winded...took me a few days to decide whether to share here or not. Thanks for your time reading this.
  7. Started watching this series and the subs has not changed. Watching without depending 100% on the subs else can be quite upsetting Is there one with improved subs? watching this because of Kang Ji Hwan as am following all his drama...such a wow fellow
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