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  1. @shouldgettowork : yeah, someone call yian player again :3 I'm sorry but I couldn't see it where the part of yian that make you calling him a player.

    He's already been friend to eunbyul for 10 years. It's just him that has a crush to her, yet they are not a lovers or something like that. They are just pure friend and more like is just one-side likes yian to eunbyul. Then he meet eunbi. It just his heart changed because he meet someone that more caring to him. If your love doesn't work. you couldn't change your heart? and until now they are just friend no more than that. Where is the part that make him a player btw?

    I'm so sorry for yian because he used to getting hate and scold so much. Sometimes I feel this shipping war is getting more ridiculous. In tumblr is so chaos, fangirl attacking yian in every his move and get hate for nothing (sometimes they attacking the actor too)

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  2. @rossy : In that photo Kim So Hyun is more resembles to Han Ga In imo :D and many people already said that Sung Jae is very similar to Seo In Guk! they are in same path too, singer turned actor! They are both sing and acting so well!

    Kim so hyun is very pretty indeed! I feel her face is mix between Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In and Yoon Eun Hye lol. She is just 99'er but her career already so bright~ I will keep my eyes on her in the future. I can always trust in her project  :wub:

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  3. EunByul, EunBi, TK, and YiAn, they are all parallel with each other. In away you can say that EunByul is like a female version of TK and EunBi and YiAn are quite alike. You see how TK tend to order EunBi around and EunBi follow him (Roof!) and how EunByul can also order YiAn around and YiAn wouldn't mind either. I find this parallel interesting. If these four characters exists in a different drama, there are countless possibility to make them end up with their opposite traits. But as far as the scenario go in this drama, I can only see the possibility of YiAnxEunBi.

    Someone pointed out before, TK has only friend that is EunBi, and YiAn has only friend that is EunByul. Both up till now has been friendzoned by their respective friends.
    These characters are totally can get together in other scenario, but in this drama and how they pan the episode (making EunByul disappear in the beginning and re-appear near the end) it's clear who they focus on (that is the triangle Tk-EunBi-YiAn). 

    The funny thing is, YiAn really really likes EunByul, that's a fact. But it's EunByul that provide YiAn opportunity to meet EunBi (in her place), it's EunByul that do this because she wants to run away unknowingly cause her bestfriend pain and her sister's suffering while trying to be EunByul. People said YiAn change of heart too easily, they complains, and when YiAn shows his confusion and push EunBi away, they also complains.... All the thing that happen the way it is now, is due to EunByul's decision to swap identity with EunBi. If anything, I find her responsible for all this mess, but she's also the only reason this whole drama exist. 

    Therefore, I think YiAn will still give the gold medal to EunByul because it is a promise he makes when they're 7 but it's totally with a different meaning. Because of EunBi, he realized he didn't know a lot about teenage EunByul (it takes him so long to figure out it's not EunByul, okay given the amnesia part is the main factor that mislead him and everyone around EunByul). After EunByul appear, it's crystal clear that they can't be together romantically. As long as there's no mutual feelings, you can't just appoint someone to be with someone because you like them to be. YiAn spends many episodes to contemplating about his feelings, it's a big thing for teenagers too.

    Here's a few shadowing/hints that I get from YiAnxEunBi
    1. EunBi and YiAn has exchanged their mutual gifts: The teddy bear and the gold medal pendant. And they look at these gifts fondly (TK and EunBi hasn't exchanged any gift, and gifts in korean drama usually hint a lot). What I find it irony, is that YiAn wants to give the medal to EunByul (as someone he likes before) but in the end, it's EunBi who give him the medal instead -> in some way it's a symbolic act of how EunBi returns YiAn's feeling and not EunByul.

    2. EunBi's bike chain came off and she yells: If i can't come to you, can you come to me? and then we get to see a slow motion YiAn running towards her.

    3. YiAn takes EunBi to the field where they play as kid and play with EunBi (as EunByul) -> he was trying to help EunByul to regain memories, and most of the fond memories was from when they're kids, the reality is he spending those fond memories with EunBi and not EUnByul (i can imagine EunByul would be more annoyed instead)

    4. YiAn unconsciously ran out of the meet and get into accident to be there for EunBi. I said unconsciously because it seems like YiAn also couldn't explain his reason to the coach. He's totally confuse and act on impulse lol.

    5. EunBi's mindset on before transferring school was to help YiAn get better. EunBi's mindset before going back to Seoul was to give YiAn the real gold medal. 

    ​I agree especially about eunbyul is a part that make this love triangle exist. The thing is the character of eunbyul that has been made to giving eunbi's new life, that is include to introduce her to yian and taewang. That is the part of her job in this drama.

    I just don't see her to come into the romance. Thats why the poster is just 3 of them, yian-eunbi-taewang and other poster is eunbi-eunbyul. Eunbyul maybe take a part in her twins relationship but not a romance. And her feeling is obvious too, in ep 14 he's just see yian as friend and I don't see it would be changed later. maybe I could be wrong, but I just don't see it, especially after yian already change his heart.

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  4. @melissala I agree with you. I'm feel sad sometimes because many people scold and hate yian just because he's little bit overprotective to eunbyul. But its so understandable since she's his only friend for 10 years.

    Its same case to taewang imo. While eunbi is his only friend, He's just do the same. He's following eunbi everywhere lol and sometimes he interfere between eunbi-yian relationship a bit too much. I'm not hate him, but sometimes people bias so much so they were hating only to yian though the case is almost same.

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  5. I kind of agree about yian eunbyul being match together, but rather than a lovers I love their interaction more as a friend who know each other for 10 years.

    Yian may have a feeling to eunbyul but she didn't. As you know, yian is only have his father and eunbyul. He is cold type boy that not sociable. He doesnt make any friend except eunbyul. So he may little protective toward eunbyul

    But eunbyul isnt like that. She has her mom, jung so in (when she was in elementary), shijin, sojin, now she has a twin sister and yian is just one of them. She can take care herself better than anyone and not that lonely like yian

    I like their interaction, they are know each other habit, they caring to each other too.but because yian only has her, he maybe became to caring too much to eunbyul. Thats why people always tell yian is possesive type but its bc he only has eunbyul besides his father.

    But eunbyul doesnt likes that. She can take herself well and doesnt like if people care to much about her. She have many friends too. Thats why I say they dont match as a lovers and eunbyul not thinking yian more than just friend bc I think eunbyul doesnt like a kind of boy tipe like yian lol. He sometimes caring and protective too much

    Who with me that I like eunbyul taewang better? lol the scenes where taewang mistaken eunbyul as eunbi then she hit on his head is so funny lol. I can't stop laughing.

    I wondering if they will  make a cute couple. They will bickering, arguing and hitting each other lol that would be epic! :D

    I hope with the remaining 2 ep. the writer will more focused to friendship. I would like to yian and taewang became bromance since both dont have any male friend

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  6. I can imagine YiAn talked to TK something like, "Please take care of EunBi a lot. Make her happy" because he witness the kiss and he may think that those two are an item. haha noble idiocy? Either that, or TK will tell YiAn to be a man this time, because TK is the only one who sense those two feelings. Nevertheless, I'm happy for more TK/YiAn friendship development.

    But by EunBi's action to leave Seoul, i think TK may get rejected again..

    BTW, I always have strong feeling that EunBi will decide to leave in the end. She doesn't want to butt in between Mom and EunByul, and EunBi and EunByul are too different (the doll bear got evicted from their room, haha). We will see how EunBi decide a place for herself. It's all up to EunBi now at this point.

    ​All them misunderstandings!  YA telling TK to take care of Eun Bi.  Eun Bi glad that Eun Byul is taking care of YA.  

    Can't mom get two rooms? It would be a shame for her to leave. 

    ​It just 2 episode left but it would have any other misuderstanding again? lol I hope the writer wouldn't thinking like that

    I think in these 2 remaining episode, it would be better to writer to explaining and clean up all of these  misuderstanding than make any other misuderstanding again

    We still have so may problem that stiil unsolved. About kang soo yong and her father, taewang's father and his family, teacher, how twins ended up separate each other, love triangle, where eunbi will going etc. 

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  7. Okay this is gona be a long post, but this is my opinion after watch ep 14

    These thing that I'm sure is : Eunbyul-yian just a friend no more, eunbyul just see him as friend so do yian. Yian likes Eunbi. Eunbi likes Yian. Taewang likes eunbi. I'm will bring the proof to

    Eunbyul-yian just a friend

    Where kang soo yong trying to bait yian and eunbyul about who is that he likes better. Eunbyul is not bothering with it at all. And where eunbyul ask to yian what he think about her, yian says he think he know everything when they are younger, but he is not sure now



    Yian likes Eunbi

    He's jealous when eunbyul said taewang went to searching eunbi. Yian who is very hate to taewang but he throw his pride just to ask about eunbi's condition


    Then we saw taewang surprise face. This boy know everything about eunbi feeling and now he know about yian feeling too. Poor boy he seems so sad


    He thinking about her everytime. Even bring her medal everywhere


    When eunbi said that he recover faster bc of her unnie, yian is not pleased and maybe wanna said "it not because of eunbyul but YOU"



    Eunbi likes Yian

    The person that she miss the most is Yian. Just because of friendship huh? so why she doesnt miss taewang, eunbyul, her mom, shijin, sojin or kang soo yong (lol) then?


    About taewang likes eunbi. What more proof do you need? lol This one is so obvious, no need proof anymore lol

    about the preview, maybe just maybe, taewang will give up on eunbi. I mean he's the person who know better than anyone about both yian and eunbi feeling. What he could do anymore if both eunbi and yian already likes each other? He doesnt have any other choice except to give up. just my opinion :3




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  8. @melissala : yes he is. his height is 188 if I'm not mistaken. When he stand besides kim so hyun, I don't know because their height difference, they look good together and I find it cuuute :D

    Did anyone notice that nam jo hyuk shoulder became bigger now? Looks like he's start to working up and his body became more muscular and shaped now. When yian will start to swimming again? I want to watch nam joo hyuk body asap~ lol

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  9. I know this would happen. In the past 2-3 episode, taewang popularity is no joke lol. Even now he has +13k upvote, that is just crazy!!

    I'm not optimistic like before now LOL because back than, I belive that eunbi is just wanna be friend with taewang even reject him 2 times and he llikes yian, and yian start to likes eunbi too but It seems that the writer would change to eunbi-taewang, if we watch the demand of the viewers (13k vote, its no joke :3)

    I have this situation before. in MHIYD its suppose to be yeh-ldg but the viewers want to yeh-jyh instead. Because they dont want to ruin lee dong gun come back drama after few years and dont wanna to viewer angry, because viewer ship 2nd lead then they make an open ending lol

    the writer maybe in dilema right now lol they are maybe will change script now because the majority of viewers wanna eunbi-taewang. an because they dont wanna to be cursed later bcause viewer would be angry if they are just teases them lol

    I still in yibi ship though, but I wouldnt surprise if they change to eunbi-taewaang. we will wait next week~ 

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  10. yeaah about nice guy and bad guy in drmaland (or reality lol) is it mean that who's more nice. In kdrama 2nd lead is always like hero, protect female lead no matter what and supeeer nice. while 1st lead is not always there, not that nice, plus he will be bothering by 2nd female lead. sometimes in reality women not interesed to men that supper nice (2nd lead lol)

    @star2010 yeah but many drama sometimes will going to their first plan/script. though the viewers want to make 2nd lead couple with main lead. I remember about hana yori series that hanazawa rui has more popularity but the writer still goes to main couple. so we will waiting what the direction of this couple will going lol

    I hear your voice's lead is lee jong suk though? about the poster its like their want to hold hand but seems a bit far away lol and eventhough they are not that close but they are starring each other. .

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  11. @misappear : I dont think so. I think eunbi is the main lead here because : 

    1. she's appeared since ep 1. eunbyul just show up in begining and end of this series. so not eunbyul who is main lead

    2. in the interview kim so hyun introduced her as lee eunbi

    3. The posters and teaser is yian-eunbi-taewang. its eunbi bc eunbyul have NO relatioship with taekwang

    4.our 2 handsome men is fighting for eunbi not eunbyul


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  12. I think because of viewers reaction and sungjae popularity, the writer might change a bit about their script

    I mean its so obvious that the main lead of this drama is yian-eunbi, and since the begining its their relationship that develop and have a scenes more than taewang since he's 2nd lead but in the last 2-3 episode suddenly we see more taewang scene (even more than yian now lol)

    I believe the writer read viewer reaction and comment then makes change because its not that dificult cuz they  are doing live shooting

    since we dont know what writer would do, there are some possibilities that might happen

    1. The writer changes script, then he make  all person get couple. if all get couple so it would be yian eunbyul and taewang eunbi

    2. Because of sungjae popularity, writers just make his scene increased for a sake of viewers to continue watching. in other word, he just teases us lol

    3. The writer just go with their first plan and not bothered about anything, so he goes to yian-eunbi (like school2015 main poster and since yian-eunbi is main lead)

    4. The writer will play safe and give us open endiing lol

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  13. @whiteangel25 no dear! I'm stiil optimistic about yibi too, because they are share same feeling indeed! In opening today episode, they are even missing each other~

    Hope after know that, yian would realized that he MUST show up his feeling more just like taewang. I undestand him, since he's so confused back then, but now he already decided that the one he likes is eunbi

    He just need to confess and reveal his feeling toward her. Because I feel that the triagle is just starting now. We seen before that it just taewang that show up his feeling toward her, but yian is not yet.

    So if our two handsome men already show up their feeling, It will fair for eunbi who will she choose ( I hope its yian, you likes him right? :P lol)

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  14. @jolin_chan : I think is eunbi, because the person that he likes now is eunbi. In this episode, he miss eunbi, he jealous after know taewang go after eunbi, he even ask him how eunbi there, he bring eunbi's medal everywhere. . 

    It imposible if yian going there because of eunbyul but the one he watch is taewang-eunbi, what the relation then? its obvious writer make love triangel with that scene between yian-eunbi-taewang

    Yian is confused again huh? Why writer makes yian always in situation like that. Please give him happiness too~

    this boy have a suffered a lot too :tears:

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  15. @AramintaJouana : nah the problem is yian already changed his heart to eunbi. He just wanna reveal his feeling today. he already decided (after looking at 2 medal, he choose eunbi's medal). so the love triangle that work now I think. its either yian-eunbi or taewang-eunbi

    The writer you are so smart indeed, he playing with our heart goshhhhhh

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