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  1. This is video from his variety show with kangnam. As expected, when they are on the crowded people, all the girls only came to Joo Hyuk :lol: The other cast are surrounded by guys instead lol. The funniest part when a girl hit her body on car because she keep starring at Joo Hyuk lol

    @phichul :he's so cuteeee indeed! :wub: I hope the photoshot come out sooon!

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  2. The thread is so lively.  Welcome to all the newbies!

    @baby.hae  lol those comments!  I can see myself as #3 :sweatingbullets:  That article reminds me, Han Yi An should have had a freaking fanclub of girls after him.  :lol: Of course,  he'd  be loyal to only one girl.  He wasn't only super handsome, but a star athlete.   Most unrealistic thing about School was that nobody ever commented about his height/amazing looks/flawless proportions and never made a big deal about it.  



    yeah thats why NJH is the biggest victim of this drama lol. Han Yi An has a lot of potential to make him more liked if the writer give him more screentime. Remember when he got scolded by his senior? I am dissapointed it just ended like that. Song Joo is supposed to have crush on him right? but in drama, we didn't see any of that lol. When he was became model to help his father, why the writer not continue that story? His father did ever know or not? how they are manage to pay of the house rent? and when he was in injury, why the writers didn't tell his story, why he decided to do rehabilitation aside of because of eunbi? What is the meaning of swimming to him? What is his dream? But they are dragging to much on taewang story instead lol. Of course many viewer would like to taewang more because they are know him better while to yian we don't even know anything about him.  I dont understand what the writer are thinking. .

    seriously, if writer make a better character  and story to han yian, NJH would became bigger than this. I remember when he just start to this drama, his follower on instagram is 800k. and now after school ended, his follower is 1.400k!! Though his character is not that shine even get so many hate, he still manage to attract so many people. .imagine if they write his character better. .sigh

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  3. @phichul again you can read my mind very well lol. When I see those eyes, I want to him to act a baddass, strong and cold guy lol. Maybe for the genre, I want him to try action movie or dramas. He's perfect for it in my imagination because his eyes are so sharp and his body proportion is so good! :D

    Thanks for all people that make this thread alive! I hope you guys could posting in this thread more often! *hugs* :wub:

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  4. @phichul girllll how can you read my mind!!! lol I just wanna post NJH pic with that hair! lol seriouslyyy he's so damn hansome :wub:I keep repeating that scene just to starring at his handsome face lol

    When he was in high school he's so popular among girls. When he was on canteen, all girls in his school keep starring at him from their class through the window lol. I found this article, the comments are so funny lol

    Nam Joo Hyuk in your school

    Pann: What if there was a boy like this in your school?
    1. [+339, -2] Those scary sunbaes with thick makeup will hit on him... A loser like me will only have to stare ㅠ ㅠ
    2. [+196, -3] Hurray
    3. [+186, -15] I'll look at him from far away and think, "woah, he's so handsome"... I'll have all sorts of imaginations like dating him and dirty thoughts. I'll say to my friend, "he's handsome but he's not my type" because I don't want to hurt my pride. But my mouth will still get thirsty when I see him
    4. [+57, -0] He'll be in a relationship for the entire year
    5. [+51, -0] I'm a fan of Nam Joo Hyuk. Honestly, if there's really a kid like him, I won't even be able to talk to him
    6. [+48, -0] I'll act cool and chic when my friends are going crazy for him. But on the inside, I'll be thinking, "holy richard simmons, he's so handsome hah". I'll stalk him on Kakao Story and Facebook ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    7. [+43, -0] Those girls that drink and smoke with inappropriate clothes will stick to his sides and go, "Joohyuk-ah~♥" and richard simmons their way. I'll stand from afar away and think, "he's my ideal type"
    8. [+40, -0] Nam Joo Hyuk is like the standard of school uniforms. He's a good example of school uniforms
    9. [+36, -0] There was really a boy like him when I was in middle school. Honestly, Nam Joo Hyuk is handsomer than him but the oppa was no joke, either. He was handsome and looked like Lee Seunggi. He had such broad shoulders with amazing proportions. He had a low tone voice and good grades. I only looked at him from afar. I couldn't even dare to give him pepero ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those humans are only meant to be stared


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  5. he's still inexperience about the interview thing. he seems like very innoncent kid lol. It just his 2 year after his debut so its very understandable. Maybe he's still clueless about all the PR thing, because sometime in interview, you don't say a thing from your own mind but what people want to hear instead

    @phichull he's very adorable! he seems embarassed that make him cute! lol

    I think she's refer to this : http://kkuljaem.blogspot.com/2015/06/spoilers-high-society-hwajung-school_15.html

    9. [+78, -5] The biggest victims of this drama: Gong Tae Kwang, Go Eun Byul, Nam Joo Hyuk and, the viewers

    NJH deliver his character well,. It just han yian that have many lack in term of the writing even knetz called him a victim of this drama, though NJH already doing well with han yian, but the character itself is frustating to them and make them to hate han yian

    After see the response of knetz, I find it interesting. I believe people who said NJH acting is bad are not even watching the drama or they are just bias. In those articles, knetz mentioned about bad acting of lee yeon hee, uee, im jiyeon but no one mentioned NJH. You know knetz never bias when it comes from acting, they would say bad is bad though its their faves (kim tae he is a korean goddes, yet they always criticize her because of her bad acting). 

    I think is not difficult to see a person whether they are bad acting or not because if they are bad, it make you felt frustated because you can't concentrate to the drama. He's the lead actor and has a lot screentime, if his acting is bad, why even knetz ( who's very sharp about how the actor acting) not said anything. Personally, I can concentrate very well to this drama because all those young cast seriously so good in acting. I could feel that NJH deliver HYA well, I could feel his emotion when he was sad, angry or happy. For the rookie who just doing one drama before, I could say that he's good. 

    I am not worried about his acting because I think he's very passionate to act and will work hard to it. I am looking forward to his next project and hoping that he could choose a better character than this 


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  6. He is adorable, and has an amazing physique. :w00t: He definitely stole my heart in WAY and I will be keeping an eye on him in the future. Maybe he'll be the next Lee Jong Suk/Kim Woo Bin. Name dropping them since they're also models turned actors and quite popular now, and I also like them as well. :phew:

    I watched the first episode of Surplus Princess months ago, but I'm not sure if I wish to continue it, even for NJH. ;P I did watch his kissing scene from the drama though, and it's so cute the way he really pouts his lips. :lol:

    I hope so too! Many model turned actor already became A-list top actor! Jo In Sung, Cha Seung Won, Song Seung Hun, Kang Dong Won, So Ji Sub, Joo Ji Hoon is all model turned actor. Not to mention the trend Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk! I hope NJH continue to grow as a good actor, because I know that he's a hardworking person and it would make him to always learning and doing his best

    yes, I wanna watch Surplus Princess too for NJH but he's supporting character and make a few apperance, so I ended to skip so much part then didn't understannd what this drama is about. .lol, his character is so cute btw lol

    he already done a kiss scene in SP. here is the clip :


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  7. All these hate is no joke, They hating on NJH now. His instagram is fulled with hating comment. . .

    I mean what actor did to get all this hate? All this mess is purely made from the writers mistake but they are hating only on the character (even now for the actor)

    I feel bad for NJH tbh. .he get hate for nothing. If yian really get eunbi in the end, I didn't know anymore what people would do to this boy soon. .I hope he didn't take all the comments seriously that might hurt him a lot

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  8. Some ppl questions why eunbi look confuse when yihan hug him? The answer is because eunbi love him so much, she cant handle her heart beat, faster than she imagine.  Hahahahahahahahahahaa.. Omoooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

    Too sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️.. Saranghaeeee han yi han. Omooooo omooo..

    she didn't look confuse for me. She didn't even reject him. When she hugged by taewang she reject him first before she  finally accept him. when yian did that, she didn't even move (to reject him) lol.

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  9. Like I said before the way eunbi-taewang would end up together as couple is only if they changed the script. I think is very obvious since the begining who would eund up with who. I said it like hundred times already lol the main character of this drama, the plot, how their relationship develop. .

    I hope people dont started to bashing anyone. 

    For yian, I think he is an easy target to hate because taebi ship didnt work. When people hate him because he still feel confused and now he made it clear about his feeling, he's still wrong and get hate, he even start to be caring and be friend with taewang he still wrong too. so what people aspect him to do? Maybe he would not get hate if he give up on eunbi. .

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  10. TQ for all the spoilers and bts pics. While I understand everyone is excited about the drama, I'd like to remind everyone to abide by the rules and not to slow down the traffic/streaming here by posting pics, gifs and videos that are not related to the drama, eventhough it may be about one of the cast of the drama. Since this drama is highly popular, there are more people posting here and it really unnecessarily slow down things especially if we are using mobile. Thanks and looking forward to Monday!

    Thanks for warning us about that! I hope everyone know the rules and not posting vid or anything that not related to the drama

    can't wait for tommorow eps btw  :D

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    lol guys they are just BTS pictures. KSH posted that picture of her and joohyuk because they're still filming today (yikes, they are really on a tight schedule!). Both ships are still in equal possibilities as end game.

    btw here some BTS pictures 

    credit: weibo






    aww they seem pretty close in real life:)

    and KSH's signature





    I am sorry guys I can't help it. I am so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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  12. @kaqueski : no matter what Yi An did, I think people stiil would hate him lol. If shipping war it not end yet, though what he did is a good thing, they still would be hate him. I feel bad for him tho. Yeah I agree, sungjae-ah you should take care of your wife first lol. Don't break her heart with you going to eunbi instead lol :P

    @nikitaaaaa_stv : I agree. we should considering what in eunbi heart too! Its obvious that yian is all that her want. She always thinking of him, crying for him, do whatever her could do for him. I hope the writer understand this and not making a rush ending for sake of therating :3

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  13. @baby.hae : ikr, i like everything about YA *sweet, nice, bright, hark-working* but the only thing i hate about that boy is he too shy, there are not even one time he said his mind. He was stand there looking and looking and looking and looking than turn around and walking away :(( YA ah! You will have to live alone for life if you keep going like that.

    I somehow think the writers did change their mind and the whole loveline story, because well, the rating is important :( but still they are going to play with our heart 'till the last ep. that's so cruel.


    ​This type of boy is my ideal type in real life. I love everything about him lol. No matter what other people said about him, I seriously in love with Han Yi An to death (nam joo hyuk too lol) :D

    He's shy type that not easy to show his true feeling. Thats why he's got buried by taewang because we don't ever know what is in his mind. I very happy he's finally realized his feeling and ready to show it to eunbi! :wub:

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  14. @JW_Cold : I am still wish that too. Kim so hyun is so tall despite her age (99er). We will support YIBI no matter what dear lol. I still hope that writer not make change, so our ship will end smooth but I am not that sure.

    I am happy though that finally yian will MAKE A MOVE. yaay this boy is indeed in love :wub: I hope we can see more lovely scenes for eunbi-yian in the next episode!

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  15. I've been trying to keep my hopes down from the very first episode, so why am I seeing EBixTK and FLOWERS, flowers everywhere?? If they are going to definitely crush what remains of my shipper heart in such a beautiful scenario I'll just sue them, I will.

    @Shajoona WHAT? What did you see??

    ​i saw him sitting there alone in his room ..thinking about what YA said..( i didn't hear what he said though ..!!) then he called EunBi ..and i think they will meet in the garden ..what if he went to ask her about how she feels about YA that's why she was blushing ..i swear i'm gonna kill the writers..they can't do this to me..

    TaeKwang ah ~ don't give up on your love 

    ​That's what I'm afraid of in my previous post about another interpretation of the blushing scene. Oh nooo, please don't happen that way. I really want EB blushing because of TK. So our ship gonna sink in episode 15 :tears:

    ​Though I am yibi I have to say this. In their date, I don't think they would be talk about other person.

    Gossh I am sometimes is so realistic, I want to believe that too (she blush because of yian) but I can't :crazy:

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  16. After watch the spoiler and their conversation (eunbi-taewang date) I'm not sure anymore about yibi would end the game ( I still ship them though). 

    I'm sure for the sake of viewer, they would make eunbi-taewang couple no matter what. Even if that means they should change the scipt and it agaist they own story since begining. No matter I try to explain what conclusion that would be end of this series by look at the story since begining, it would be yian-eunbi. Like I said before, in last 2 episode, I know the writers would be change the scipt, because the majority of viewer want eunbi-taewang together,

    My prediction :

    I predict if it normal script it would be like this. Now Yian is ready to likes eunbi and not confused anymore he try to confess to her. If we watch in ep 14 that she's still missed him, It not dificult to say that they would be end of the game.

    But If we look at  the spoiler and their conversation (eunbi-taewang date), the new script woould be like this, After yian start to likes her for real, she changed her her instead (It funny though, to make eunbi-taewang happen the writer make eunbi heart change in 1 episode lol) then she start to likes taewang too and they would became couple

    I ship yibi but I am not that delusional. If we take a look to what majority of viewer want, the spoiler (eunbi-taewang date, they hold hand in the bridge) I bet they are shoot that scenes in the last episode, so it would be eunbi- taewang for real

    My fellow Yibi shipper, let's prepare our heart to this :tears: I still ship them till the end though, but my hopes it not that high now, so I am not that hurt if my prediction are true lol



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  17. Okay, This is my opinion about whether eunbi likes yian or not.

    She's indeed likes yian. Even in the earlier episode, she's says goodbye to him with a tears. Remember when yian said he likes current eunbyul more? she's smilling~

    She's different in taewang case (always smilling) because she said she doesnt thinking about anything when she was with him. When you're with someone who is friend to you, you just dont thinking about anything anymore. Because she has crush in yian, she's always thinking too much. And of course because she afraid if yian would know her lie then would make him to hate her. She confeses it when yian in hospital and even before she said it to taewang. Because yian is the person that so precious to her at that time, she's very afraid that he would be gone away to her, hate her, or reject her but for taewang she didnt afraid of anything

    If she didnt like him, why the only person that she missed is yian not other person? She's always crying for him even for a small thing. One of the reason why she move to taeyong before because she want to help yian, She said, she would do anything to help her even it means that she would dissapear. She's even reject taewang two times. If she's likes him, she wouldn't reject him isn't? what do you think she do all these thing?

    I wonder, yian maybe meet with the twins to clear up these things. About medal thing and about his feeling. I hope that because we already on episode 15.

    @riribl : Yes, It think so. maybe he took all the medal. That why I hope he would clear up all medal thing to twins in tomorrow episode. we will see

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