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  1. Male lead of this drama?

    It's Han Yi Ahn guys. Gong Tae Kwang is just second lead. for the poster alone, you can tell who is the main lead. Yi Ahn is holding Eun Bi hand, while Tae Wang walk behind. In press conference and Interview YSJ always introduce himself after KSH and NJH.

    for female is Lee Eun bi. In interview, KSH introduced herself as Lee Eunbi. Go eunbyul is just appear at episode 1 and little at eps 10, so it's not her who female lead

    Wikipedia can be edited by anyone lol. I know maybe many people shipping eunbi-taekwang but please don't spread any wrong information 

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  2. guys don't you think that square romance in this drama reminds me of old kdrama days ( or commonly romance plot kdramas lol)?

    begining : male lead >> second female lead

    then       : second male lead >> female lead >><<male lead << second female lead

    like full house, goong, coffe prince, sassy girl chunyang etc etc

    male lead always like second female lead in begining (usually as his first love), then he accidently meet with female lead and they ended up to like each other. when second male lead meet female lead later, then he like her, but to female lead, she just think him as friend (friendzoned)

    so if this drama like that to. .it will be like this

    taewang >> eunbi >><<yian << eunbyul


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  3. after watching today's episode this is my thought :

    I didn't know much about eunbyul but I hate her now. . .She's make everyone else live more difficult. Eunbi especially. I know she's the one who save her live, but she's deliberate put on scarf on eunbi so she can running for her problem and blame all to eunbi. And after make eunbi to pretending as her, now she's back? lol seriously. . .she's indeed playing around with her sister lives. .

    Because of this exchange, she must face with soo yong again and involved with jung soo in death case. not to mention eunbi relationship with yian now. .she's crying over again, makes my heert broken.

    Yi an, this poor guy, not even knowing anything but now ended up the most suffering one. he gave up on swimming and being lied. when he need someone after all his injury, he's haven't any person who can comfort him and trusted.

    what's the point she's appear again? I hate this writer-nim. .

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  4. i still ship yian eunbi. from the first ep we have all scene is about yian eunbi. not yian eunbyul. i still believe that eunbi likes yian and yi an likes new eunbyul more(eunbi)

    don't you guys think that all the action will have own sequences? eunbyul is immature for switch with her sister to avoid her problem. when eunbi whos know nothing have to take blame for her sister action.

    yian will not that easy to forgive her. 

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  5. Okay this is my thought after watching ep 9

    I love the fact that eunbyul's mom didn't see eunbi as eunbyul again. I think she finally realized that her action was wrong. After she know about eunbi past, why she did that (suicide) and how hard pretending to be someone. She will understand now and will love eunbi as her own daughter.

    So do yi an. That scene which he seeing children from love house and crying eunbi, he realized that it's not that she wanted to lie in first place, and how hard to her seeing people considered her already dead. The bus scene, I assume that he finally accept that eunbyul is dead ( same with the moment when his mother was dead, the plester is a simbol to comfort him)

    So yoong. . . this girl is just pitiful. She opened secret to yi an so he could hate her but it doesn't work. Now her own secret has been revealed so she want to reveal eunbi too. btw who is the person that revealed it? I think a person that hate sooyong. maybe a girl that be buliied by her in the middle school? a girl that be defended by eunbi ( who's class president at that time)

    when I was read about yia an's character description that he is an athlete, I know it would happen lol. When most drama writer write about athlete, it must be relate to injury, pain and dream.

    honestly, I wanna writee long posst about this drama, how much I loved it, But my english is not that good lol. so I ended up here.

    I'm so happy guys, in naver article the top comment already +10000 !! this drama is very popular!!!

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  6. ​To be honest, if Eunbyul is back, the Eunbi suicide story will be treated as a fake/faux one. For the sake of the story and character development, Eunbyul dead is necessary. I like how Eunbi is connecting with her sister through the memories of those surround her, and for the characters dealing with loss of love one and the angst, it's much more compelling like this.

    I won't be surprised if they pull a makjang and Eunbyul is alive, but I don't think it'd be a good idea for the whole story direction at all... like, what's the point of solving teh mystery until now if Eunbyul show up. You know what I mean? It's like to reset the whole premise thing.

    About the little girl in Love house, Rajin. I think she may not know that Eunbi is dead (maybe the head mom hid it from her? Becuase she's too young and Eunbi was the closest to her.) although she's the first one that discover Eunbi's suicide note... 

    ​I agree. like you said eunbyul dead is necessary for the sake of story. I mean, who are you synopsis itself tell that this drama is about a girl who lost her memories and how she face mystery of her school and resolve them. What's the point eunbyul alive then if she will resolve the mystery instead?

    If she's alive, then there is no one place for eunbi anymore. People from  love house, school and neighborhood assume that eunbi is already dead. The news about her suicide already spread everywhere. The remaining place for eunbi is just being eunbyul. That's why writer make eunbyul dead. I know maybe people assumed that eunbyul somewhere alive because eunbi-taewang ship is very strong lol.


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  7. ​i'm  100% agree ! but then what about taekwang-ie :(((( i want the writer to just , like , made up someone from taekwang's past to be with him in the end thennn ! please dont let him go back to that lonely life ! he certainly needs some close frienddss ! oOH and what about making the guy with the spike earring ( the one with death grudge w/ taekwang ) be close to taekwang & the can become like bffs .... -____- wow sorry too delusional over here haha 

    kwon gi tae? LOL I love their interaction :P

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  8. Like I said before, I think the writer would make eunbi-yian couple from beginning. When you saw eunbyul-yian, they are more like just a old friend form childhood. it's just yian that like her. Eunbyul just thinking him as a friend. When she tell story about her twin sister, she said she wish that they are wiil hanging out together ( like a friend) and when she had problem before, she didn't tell anyone. Yian isnt exception.

    Eunbi-yian is just different. when eunbi became eunbyul, she didn't know anyone, even before she's been friend with taewang. it's yian who always there for her. Yian that treated like a friend by eunbyul, feel more comfortable with eunbi. She always kind, warm-hearted and caring toward him is sooo different from eunbyul. that's why he tell her that he more often like the changed eunbyul. so for the next episode maybe yian is still in denial to eunbi. but after time passes, he will understand and realize that they are have a mutual feeling each other.

    It's just my opinion, dont kill me guys :P



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  9. that's why I never ship second male lead, my weak heart can't take it. .lol. I watched sooo many kdramas, and mostly female lead will end up with male lead or maybe like mirae choice that have an open ending because viewers wanted female lead to end up with second main lead lol  

    I think the writer itself want to pair up eunbi-yi an since beginning, I could read her/him mind especially after watching the scenes between them, eunbi-taekwang and eunbi-yian. There is a something special with their interaction (eunbi-yian) and their scene is more well made compared to eunbi-taekwang scenes.

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  10. @thunderman1

    I am interested why eunbyul and eunbi live separated eventhough they are twins. .

    for your list above here is my opinion :

    1. I think eunbyul is dead. A man that eubi called before say that he found the corpse on accident location.

    2. Someone that know so in was bullied by eunbyul and ended up dead. we saw that the classmate is not even know, or say anything about so in, maybe her mom? or her family I guess

    3. I dunno about this lol

    4. maybe, the teacher is hiding the fact that so in is dead because she was bullied. like I said all the classmate never mention anything about so in, when eun  byul ask about so In, one student just saying that she is dead. thats why I think the teacher received threatened message just like eunbyul. I think tae kwang dad know this too. . .


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  11. I agree with you guys @riribl @emme85 @skinnerbox 

    There are many possibilities that tae kwang will more close to eunbi since he's the only one to know eunbi identity. But yeah it is kdrama after all lol, I haven't see yet that main lead would ended up with second main lead in kdramas. .so to protect my weak heart I will ship yian-eunbi more. .lol. but I can't lie that I am so excited everytime I see interaction between eunbi-tae kwang  :D

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  12. yes yi an is main lead but the story seems told us that tae kwang is the main lead instead. .he is the very first person to know eun bi identity and first person that fall in love with eunbi. But if we saw the poster, pc, etc the main lead for female is eunbi ( in the interview so hyun introduce her as eunbi and in the poster, eunbi is wearing eunbyul mom's scarf) and yi ahn is main lead for male.

    So, maybe in the end of series yi an would ended up with eunbi? and eunbi seems to like yi an more than tae kwang ( she tear up when she said goodbye, she flustered when yi an surprises her at book store )

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