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  1. Okay eventhough I get many critics and comment because I keep saying that yian likes eunbi, I'm happy that its seems to be true now. In yesterday episode I'm sure 100% he in love with her for real. Here the summary of this in love boy :P 

    When he exercise in the morning, he remember about eunbi while looking in his medal then start smilling :wub: he's deleted her message, because he doesnt wanna eunbi not to see him anymore




    When eunbyul (He thinks that she's eunbi) calling him to meet together. he can't stop smilling again lol



    Then he start to regret for pushing eunbi huh? and he start to missing her too~



    And the last expression~ he get caught lol his expression is priceless :D



    all screencaps made by me

    thank you writer-nim you make yibi shipper very happy. I know it would be happen, but I still feeling so happy. can't wait for today episode where yian start to searching for eunbi :wub: happy tuesday guys~


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  2. Ok I watching it with sub. YA is just so sweet :wub:

    When he was exercise in the morning he remember about eunbi and looking with smile to his medal (so he's bring it with him everywhere now? lol) then he's just about text her that he's start his rehabilitation but he deleted it because he remember that she said "if you don't want to see me, then hurry and start practicing". So he didn't want her to know that he already start rehabilitation because he doesnt wanna eunbi not to see him anymore? Aigoooo he's so cuteee <3

    seems like he's start his normal lives again. he start his rehabilitation, start exercise, because the last time his dad said that he's very depressing and keep staying in his home. I'm very happy for him :D

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    I don't know how many times i've try to explained... but in regard of the 10 year relationships between YiAn and EunByul, it is EunByul who take it for granted first, she's the one who betray this relationship! 

    Disappear suddenly, messes with everyone's feeling (mom, YiAn and even EunBi) and then come back home now and expect everything to stay the same? People are dynamic during the time she's gone (I bet it has been several months, almost end an semester now). And she should have realized by going away she has missed some crucial moments happen to her mom and YiAn. Of course YiAn cares about EUnByul that why it can be unforgivable for her act of disappearing and not even saying or giving hint to YiAn that she's fine. 

    The entire series has been about YiAn and EunBi's physical contact + moments. EunByul is the one who provide this opportunity to them. If the case of EunByul disappearance were in the middle of the series (and we get to see EunByul/YiAn real moments before she disappears) then I will acknowledge YiAn/EunByul feelings toward each other. They make EunByul disappear in first episode and come back near the end... i dont see how they'd be happily ever after.

    Amazing how people hating on YiAn now while thinking EunByul's action is justifiable... You sure you genuily want EunByulxYian together or you just want EunBixTK happen? It's about feelings... not like we can like anyone who's incredibly nice to us.. Sometimes you just don't have feeling for someone, that's why unrequited love exist, and so many drama and songs about this love. It's the most beautiful of all.

    ​I agree with everything you said dear. I'm sad because people start to hate yian now. and about yian's change his heart I think its understandable.

    @Blank050 I'm sorry I'm very very disagree when you say yian is player. which one of his behaviour that make you called him a player? just because he start to change his heart? So people can't change their heart even after the situation and condition is not same anyomore and very very different? Do you aspect everyone stiil treat you like the same after all what you've done ( it either good or bad) to them? After he know that she's dead, do you aspect him to still likes her? until when?  people must move on and continue their lives. And just  because you used to likes someone it doesnt mean that you can't change your heart to likes someone else (especially a person that you like is dead) isn't?

    Just because yian meet someone that understand him better and continue his live  make him a player now?lol I just can't understand why you said that. .



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  4. I rewatching today episode again. Sometimes I feel bad for eunbyul. When she face taewang and yi an, after know that she is eunbyul, they are ask the same question "where is lee eunbi?" even taewang seems very suprised and a little bit angry after know she's not eunbi.

    And the upcoming episode seems our two handsome men is ready to searching eunbi. for taewang, he's already seaching for her, and now yian is ready to join too. For preview I think yian-eubi start to missing each other. I don't see it clearly but it seems yian is thinking about her while looking to a medal that eunbi gave to him and the kid from love house notice that eunbi missing someone in seoul ( I hope it's yian lol :D who's else except him btw :P ) 

    gosssh I can't wait for tommorow episode <3

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  5. what 's wrong with YA? the writers mess up his character. When he knew Eby died, YA did not have any flashbacks about Eby and him ( and YA claimed that he and Eby had a long and close relationship). But now that Ebi left, he missed his moment with her. 

    For those who say that YA is a bland characters, i disagree. YA has so much emotional struggles that if a better actor play this role, there would be a different reaction from fans. Nam Joo Hyuk does not have enough experience or talent to portray the emotional complex of YA.

    ​I agree!! YiAN character has sooo few lines compare to TK and it's mostly emotions show on face. Nam Joo Hyuk is still a rookie, he tries his best, some of the expression turn out awesome and fitting but some are just weak. To be honest I love this subtle part the most about YiAn's character. People may hating on him. But he's my type of guy in reality.

    TK is nice, but at times the way he talks and act a bit agressive, typicial bad boy vibe, i know why girls love it, but personally I'm over the bad boy type age :))) 

    ​haha I agree with you. maybe I like yian more because he's more similar to my tipe :P and I think nam joo hyuk did a great job ( but honestly still under sung jae and so hyun) but I think he portray yian very well because his personality seems far away to yian lol If I see nam joo hyuk now I still think that he's han yian lol

    I guess we're minority here, because seems everyone here lovees taewang more haha. but It doesnt matter because personal preference every person is different


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  6. Text Preview Translation

    TG who missed EB went to orphanage and YA felt the absence of EB.

    ​I know it would be happen lol. like I said before yian will start to missing eunbi. Ah I can't wait for this 


    It's true maybe kang soo yong doesnt know what happen inside in their relationship. But it doesnt mean that she can't see it. In episode 12 she even know that taewang likes eunbi that's why she bothering him about eunbi's tranffering. I believe that she can see it too about eunbi-yian relationship, then assume that yian likes eunbi. that's why she ask that in front of eunbyul because she assume too that yian used to like eunbyul before

    I'm stiil see that yian likes eunbi more. I am not watch with subtitle yet but you can tell even after yian angry to eunbyul like that, she seems didn't regret it or bothering about it ( yeah its just eunbyul personality is like that, again I didn't mean that she's bad  or I hate her :P ) The way eunbyul treat him and eunbi is so different, you can tell where yian direction will going to. And yian seems so confused by soo yong question? lol. why he do it if he loves eunbyul more.

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  7. Kang soo yong asked that because she know it. I can watch it too because yian seems to likes eunbi. When he know that eunbi lied to him, he's not angry but stand up for eunbi and protect her instead. Kang soo yong watch all of this and assume that yian likes eunbi

    That's why she ask that in front of eunbyul. Because before that she know too that yian used to likes eunbyul (She watching the way yian treat eunbyul (eunbi) and she heard that they were childhoodfriend)

    That's why I call her smart lol

    edit : the preview looks like eunbi-yian missing each other lol. Yian is looking at his medal (from eunbi) huh? And the kids from love house seems notice that eunbi missing someone in seoul. gosssh can wait for tommorow <3

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    kang soo yong is so smart, she know it that yian will confused whether he likes eunbyul or eunbi. she's trying to ruin twin relatioship. she's so mean

    yian ah just say it that you likes eunbi. .lol

    edit : maybe yian will not answer since eunbyul there lol. he's get caught in front of eunbyul by kang soo yong. she can read what yian's mind because he seems to like eunbi too when eunbi was there. no wonder she got 100 she's so smart ( but in bad way lol)

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    I'm sorry guys its just my opinion. I'm not seen eunbyul as a bad character at all. I'm just trying to say that yian likes more to kind eunbyul (eunbi) (yian said it himself that he likes changed eunbyul more) but it doesnt mean that eunbyul is bad. It just his personal prefference

    and when I said eunbyul is rude etc, its not my own opinion but its based on people saying about her (taewang, yian, her friend mom) so I dont hate her even a little. I write it based from what in the drama

    And I'm not hard shipper or whatshover,  I didnt say that because of my shipping lol. in my pov after watch this drama, I see eunbyul as an independent girl that not like to pull any romantic way with yian. she's strong and badass, she doesnt like people to care too much about her. I dunno but I felt that she's just trying to be a friend with yian no more than that. maybe because she's doesnt wanna to break years of relationdhip with romantic feeling.

    I have that kind of relationship with my childhood friend, and I know that he tend to likes me (he said that himself) but after that we pretend not to know anything and continue our friendship. so I think eunbyul is trying to protect their relationship with no romantic feeling inside. thats why she act like nothing happened though she know that yian likes her and supporting him secretly.  its either she afraid it would affected to their frienship or from their childhood day she's just see him as friend no more than that. or she do that because of both. for my case since our oldays together I didn't see him as a man even for once lol. I'm happy when I was with him but it doesnt make my heart flutter. so again I not trying to pull my shipping even a little lol I have kind of relationship similar to that thats why I said it lol

    let's just wait until its airing and get the answer. happy monday  :D

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  10. Okay I wanna share about my opinion about who's yian likes more if it old eunbyl or new eunbyul.. I believe that yian likes is old eunbyul. Why? those are the moment for both old and new eunbyul when yian recall his memories and you would tell the different between them :

     old eunbyul ( eunbyul when she was kid)
    - The promise that they were made, If yian get gold medal he will give it to eunbyul. In this moment you can tell clearly that he used to likes her.
    - When yian with eunbi to make up memories when he was kid, in library and play in the field. this is a happy moment indeed
    - After his mother is dead, the one who confort him and gave him plaster is eunbyul

    new eunbyul
    - The moment that hurt yian a lot when he came to trip but eunbyul said she don't want to remember their memories and ask him to nothing to do with her anymore
    - When eunbyul said that what if he would do if she had a twin sister. In this scene, when yian start to play water to her she say no and run to hit him with angry
    - Yian gave her a doll, but she reject him and said that she hate with fur. When she was with eunbi, he recall this then gave her a doll instead

    What would you think about it? who's gonna yian likes more? I think it's will be old eunbyul. The different is so obvius, when eunbyul was kid she is a kind, innoncent, playfull and warm girl. but the new eunbyul is cool, rude and bad tempered 

    I became wondering, it doesn't matter whether if it eunbyul or eunbi, he will likes the person for her attitude or character. So when eunbi came, he will likes her more than new eunbi even he said it himself. Eunbi is kind, caring, innoncent, warm girl that resembles a lot to eunbyul when she was kid. We can see when he was with eunbi. 

    He's happy when eunbyul (eunbi) finnaly praise his swimming, He's happy when she start to be more kind, caring, friendly and not rude anymore, he's happy that she is not picky about anything anymore, he's happy that she start to more open hearted to him (she's even crying when he was angry), he's happy when she bacame more mature (not easily mad, walking him home, take his bag, take a bus to school, start to care about other more). That's why I think he likes old eunbyul and now eunbi because their attitude and character similar each other

    I agree about we just wait and see what eunbyul really feel about yian. but the question is, it does really the matter? I mean the old days when they were together, is that eunbyul already know that yian likes her? but she seemed not affected about it and seems that she doesn't wanna to reply him back. She act like nothing happened between them except childhood friend. IF eunbyul really likes yian for real, I don't think it wouldn't change anything either. It look like she would be keep the felling for herself. She even said on the trip that pushing yian's heart and she basicaly said that "we're just friend, please dont recall about our memories anymore, I dont want to our relationship is more than this" 

    edit : I'm sorry guys its just my opinion. I'm not seen eunbyul as a bad character at all. I'm just trying to say that yian likes more to kind eunbyul (eunbi) but it doesnt mean that eunbyul is bad. It just his personal prefference

    and when I said eunbyul is rude etc, its not my opinion but its based on people saying about her (taewang, yian, her friend mom) so I dont hate her even a little. I write it based what from the drama

    And I'm not hard shipper or whatshover, I just see eunbyul is an independent girl that not like to pull any romantic way with yian. she's strong and badass, she doesnt like people to care too much about her. I dunno but I felt that she's just trying to be a friend with yian no more than that. maybe because she's doesnt wanna to break years of relationship with romantic feeling.

    cheerrss guys its just my opinion. I didnt mean anything. I just want to write what inside of my head.

    let's just wait until its airing and get the answer. happy monday :D

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  11. Okay this is  my opinion about the romance of this drama

    About yian-eunbyul I don't think this couple will work. I mean they didn't share same feeling each other. It's just yian that loves her (when they were kid). Remember when eunbyul came to trip, she harsly said words that hurt yian a lot. 

    "I don't remember and I don't want to remember either"
    "I am sick of this. I not same eunbyul I was when I was a little girl , we've group up to much now and a lot has changed. There's nothing more you can do for me."

    Is that you will say to someone that you love? Yian who came to trip in his training schedule just to met her, she didn't care even a little about it. If because of eunbyul's confusion at that time, but after that, she didn't even regret it. it's very different to eunbi after she hurt yian she regret it a lot and she's crying like a river.

    yian likes eunbyul? I don't think so. He maybe still think that he likes her, but the reality is not like that. Like I say before even eunbyul already said that they are different, they are not the same when they were child, but yian still in denial and belive that he likes eunbyul. After eunbi came he confused again, he still think that he likes eunbyul but why he likes eunbi more? He even couldn't hate her after all she did and give up his precious swimming to protect her. What would you think why yian doing that? again he didn't realized that and stiiiiiilll in denial mode

    for taekwang I already predict this. Since he's the first person to know that eunbi is already leave. But that's the drama work. I know a lot since I watch so many kdramas. Second lead usually like that, in you're beautiful first person to know that psh is female is jyh (second male) in coffe prince, etc etc etc. second male lead is already planned to protect female lead no matter what and became nice guy. in real life, that's why sometimes men wondering why always women fall to a bad guy over a nice guy lol

    I still don't think this couple (eunbi-taewang) will work either. They're not share same felling. more like one-sided love from taewang to eunbi. It's already so clear that she likes yian ( okay who's wouldn't believe this? ), she's even reject him and taewang even already know that she would reject him because she likes yian. 

    taewang : I know. I know what you're going to say. I know what I say won't make a difference. but still I like you

    eunbi : I'm sorry gong taewang

    the writer again gives us hint about it from taewang's word : I know what I say won't make a difference. I interpret like this : even after he confess it, after all he did to her,it won't make a difference

    after the confession, she even reject his hug. .Even if yian know that eunbi is gone later than taewang, I'm sure eunbi still choose yian. That's the different between lovers and friendship. sad but yeah this is reality (of kdrama lol)

    I'm soooo sorry if I offended anyone :3 mianheeee. I just wanna share my opinion. And no one know what happen next ( included me) so we will just wait and see :3

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  12. Okay no eunbi yian on the preview?. I'm dying to know what yian's reaction about eunbyul show up again but eunbi have to disapear like she said before. Confused scenes part 2? lol. But I wanna see asap how he will react, I agree with someone that said here before that text message to eunbi its not a farewell but the beginning. After eunbi break the ice and wall between them, do that all she can to cheer up again, to make him through that difficult time and finally he's just start to accept her heart but she's disappeared instead. poor boy :tears:

    I wonder where eunbi would go. Like I said before, no more place for eunbi if eunbyul is back. Love house? I don't think so. The bullied scandal in her school in taeyong already spread eveywhere. It would be weird if she show up again after all people claimed that she's dead. Eunbyul now back to home, back to her school and back to her life again. what about eunbi then? Maybe she thinks because all people accept her as eunbyul because eunbyul is dead, there is no point she hang in there anymore. So she decided herself to leave. What two handsome men would do? I will wait for this :D

    And again, the first person to know that she's not eunbi /eunbyul is taewang lol. I feel bad for him tbh. He's doing all that he could to protect eunbi but she's not replying him back. At least if she can't get girl in the end,  I hope he can make reconciliation with his family and get a happy ending. This cute boy need more care and recognition. Btw, He's more handsome with black hair lol. I know this since his old days with btob, his black hair is my favourite!

    Kang soo yong. .she stiil think that the girl is eunbi? kind hearted eunbi? lol she's gonna in trouble. taewang even said that no one in school dare to bothering her because of her bad tempered. I gonna love this lol. I know it would be interesting  :D  who would be more bitchy? who woud be the winner? eunbyul or kang soo yong? ( I will root for eunbyul lol)  :phew:

    I hope monday came fasteeeer~

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  13. Okay this is gonna be a long post bc I wanna share some of my thought about yian's feeling.

    I believe his feeling now is full of confusion. Imagine if you're on yian's shoes. Someone that you know for a long time suddenly being replace by a strangers and pretend to be her. She know the truth but didn't tell you and you're being lied. The worst part that you start to develop a feeling toward her. 

    What you gonna do? You must be very angry, feel betrayed, feel like stupid person, right? That's yian feeling about eunbi after he know the truth. but what about the reality?I noticed in ep 9-12. he's confused whether he should not to care anymore or not. .but he's just can't lie about his feeling. .here is the proof :

    Episode 9 : 

    • This is the first episode after yian know the truth. After he met eunbi mom, he went to a lake that used to be a place to date before. He recall about a moment when mom say that she will move and transfer eunbi to another school. He think it but confused what he gonna do, if he move for real. .
    • He pretend not to care when eunbi is sick but ended up checking her secretly
    • Kang soo yong think after yian know about eunbi being eunbyul he would be angry and hate her. That's why she came to meet him. But unfortunately it didn't happen. Yian even stand up for eunbi and call soo yong pitiful (lol I love this part :D
    • And this is more important moment when he run away for important swimming competition just to protect eunbi for kang so yong. .he's so cool but at the same time I'm very sad for him. why you did that yian-ah. .

    Episode 10

    • After he pushing eunbi away in hospital, the scenes always shown on yian's regretfull face. .when a second time he pushed her away, he even wait her in the side of door. 

    Episode 11

    • When eunbi came to his house he avoid her and even said she's someone that nothing to do with him. Eunbi wait him at downstairs but he didn't show up. guess what? he's secretly waiting and watching her from the rooftop
    • Eunbi came again and now he's forced by his father to walking her home. he's refuse at first but later he's agree. When they finally walking together (father isn't with them) eunbi said she's can walking home alone, but yian refuses instead

    Episode 12

    • I feel that the note is from eunbi. remember when they met near swimming pool? yian is leave first and eunbi stiil in there. When he's back he find that note. maybe at that time is late night, he wonder why she's not home yet that's why after he find that note he's feel worried. He even came to school again to searching for her
    • After that he walking her home and comfort her. nah this is the interesting part.

              taewang : you don't like her. isn't that right? why can't you answer me?  you don't like her, right?

              When taekwang said that yian is just in a silent. why is so hard to him to answer? he can't say that he don't like her?

    • When taekwang ask eunbi to go at rooftop, yian just watching them together. dunno why I love this part haha
    • Eunbi and yian meet at school and yian ask about her transferring if it's true. when eunbi answer and ask him, isn't he wish her to go. he can't answer again.

    It's remind me of eunbi when she starting to likes yian. she told taewang that she want to say the truth but don't want to get caught. she said that the part of hers don't wanna tell the truth to yian. It's same on yian case that he want to hate her so bad but the part of him don't want to do that. Eunbi finally tell the truth because she don't wanna hurt yian even more. I wish yian can discover his true feeling asap and not get cinfused anymore. I think the writers give us hint about it. remember when their last date eunbi told yian

    eunbi : what I really want is for you to find out what you truly want. that's all

    Maybe after eunbyul came, he's more confused. but It also will be a turning point to realize what he truly want. .it's either he denies his feeling to eunbi and keep likes eunbyul or he finally aware what his real feeling.

    I'm sorry guys for my long post lol I just can't help it :sweatingbullets:. I hate monday back then but now I start to waiting for monday and it became my favourite day lol


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  14. Sorry if I'm off topic but Sung Jae isn't lonely anymore guys. .he has wife now~ lol his wife is red valvet's joy. She's very pretty and resembles a lot to kim yoo jung. even it's just a variety show (we got married), I am just happy for him :D  He's a trend now in korea, I hope that his career will doing well in the future!!

    I hope that rating will go up next week since dramas from mon-tue SBS' Heard It Through the Grapevine dan Tvn's Let's Eat 2 has ended yesterday. Especially Heard It Through the Grapevine that named as best drama (baeksang art award) and have highest rating in mon-tue drama. It will be a good chance to our drama since normally a plot episode will mark in low rating. I hope the rating will break at 10% :D


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  15. I think in the next episode we will see confused yi an after eunbyul is back. His heart will be contradict about eunbyul and eunbi because they have same face and his feeling toward the them

    But I think he will miss eunbi more. .I mean he get new experience and more moment together when he was with eunbi. Remember eunbyul never did morning exercises because he love to sleep, but after eunbi came they are always do exercises together every morning. When eunbi didn't came to do morning exercises, yian searching for her even ask her to do morning exercises again because he feel lonely if he do it alone

    not to mention that eunbyul never ride with bus to school. After eunbi came, they are riding bus together every day to school. that's why they are had 'bus date scene'. In episode 8  she even walking him home and take his bag, she always praise his swimming (when eunbyul never did it), not picky about anything anymore and more important she's the only one person that make him to cheer up again after his injury when his father can't do that.

    Eunbyul is a independent girl. When people tend care to much about her she will find them annoying. When yi an came to trip just for meeting and caring about her, she pushing him instead. If she had a problem, she's never tell anyone even to her mom and yi an. I think eunbi  is more suitable fot yian and eunbyul is more suitable for taewang lol

    And after eunbyul's dead, I think yian start to relieve her heart toward eunbyul. He assume that she's already dead, he even came to eunbyul grave to ensure it. So maybe he think that he will throw out his feeling and move on to continue his live.  Then, eunbi came to filling his heart. . .

    So I believe yian's heart have a bigger chance to likes eunbi more than eunbyul now


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  16. Okay this is off topic, But can we talk about kang soo yong? Her screen time more more little now lol. especially in this episode she didn't even interact with eunbi at all. I am happy that I didn't skip many part in this episode, because I always did everytime she appear lol

    I hope when eunbyul back, she will kick her richard simmons asap lol. Judging from eunbyul personality, I guess she will trembling, scared af and she can't do anything to fight her back. I would be very happy to see that :D kang soo yong just wait and see~ :phew:

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  17. I thought at first that the YA EB date was a closure one....like a goodbye date "fighting and recover soon, I am about to transfer and get out of your life so you don't feel burdened looking at me". yA's text was so heartwarming for EB and she was just thankful that he acknowledged her as Lee Eun Bi. But the test will be next week when Eun Byul comes back... yi an may look at EByul and think about EB instead.... ruh roh. 

    ​nah I think so to. Since they have very different personality. He get no more care from kind and caring eunbi but a bitchy eunbyul instead lol

    moreover isn't eunbyul already pushing him on ep 2? she said that they are different now, she doesn't wanna remember about their chilhold and he has nothing to do with her anymore. isn't clear that yian would like eunbi more since she's more caring toward him and they have a mutual feeling each other.

    As someone in this forum said before that yian is likes eunbyul when she was child, not grow up eunbyul. The promise they make, when he 'make up' memories in the field with eunbi, bus scene and most all those scene that he recall about eunbyul is when they are child. When people grow up, there are many chance that their personality would be changing. I think eunbyul is like that too. Eunbyul not that she used to be when she was child, she even said it herself. Judging from the twins personality, I believe that yian like eunbi more now than eunbyul, he even said it himself too.

    I think he likes a child eunbyul before and likes eunbi now, plus maybe he already accepted that eunbyul is dead. So yi an start to open her her toward eunbi. that's why after bus scene we never see yi an recall about eunbyul anymore. he has eunbi now :P  yian even give up his swimming because of eunbi. when his father ask why he do that, he said he did it without thinking. He didn't even realized his own feeling that he's caring to eunbi. maybe after eunbyul back he started to miss eunbi and finally realized his feeling.

    And for taewang-eunbi reationship I have no idea lol. but I think it would be weird when she already rejected him then suddenly eunbi  heart will changing to likes him.

    If the writers planned eubi-taewang before, they should not to make very clear that eunbi will ended relationship with taewang ( in romantic way) with that rejected scenes. Maybe the writers wanna show that to viewes that no more hope for eunbi-taewang couple so we can focus on other problem. (I'm sorry to eunbi-taewang shipper, just my opinion)

    we don't know what happen next, so we will just wait to see the answer~

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  18. Thank you for the raw link :D 

    I still believe it would be yian eunbi lol. yian maybe realized about his feeling toward eunbi later. didn't he say before that he like eunbi more?

    And furthermore it would be unfair when all this time we watched eunbi-yian, how their interaction, how their relationship development from episode 2 to episode 12, then suddenly he ended up with eunbyul lol. I believe the writers aware about that too

    if we look up to their main poster as I said before (yian hold eunbi's hand while taewang walk behind)  it's not eunbyul but eunbi because we see taewang there (remember takwang has NO relationship with eunbyul). 

    So it's still have a chance that eunbi would ended up with yian  :P  Yian will hold eunbi's hand till the end.  I am still optimistic about that~


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  19. Thanks for the raw link guys, done watching it  :D

    I'm honestly have no idea about today's episode lol

    but I feel bad for eunbi on today's episode. she have to face many problem. Her displacement, soo yong, so In and yi an. Especially on the last minute, she had no idea about so in yet she have to threatened and locked like that. .poor girl :(

    And the person who came to her definetely not yi an because the pant is different, not taewang either because he is on his house at that time. I bet that is a person who knows about so in.  teacher? taewang's dad? or her friend who meet her(eunbyul) on trip? I forgot her name

    Until when eunbyul have to hide herself? I think it's time to her to clean up all this problem from her own mouth. This is already ep 11 but the mystery is dragged too long now. I hope eunbyul will appear quickly so she could solved her own problem . It's not cool because she have to put her sister who have same face to take all the blame and she run away instead

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