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  1. Lol I thought I'm the only one who doesnt like RN being alive, because everyone on SNS seems celebrating it. 


    How can I explain it, RN death is necessary for the whole plot, like finally we finally see SJ and EB slowly get their karma thanks to her 'death', YH revenge and her character development, SSR and logan move, etc, but suddenly she came back alive? Huh? I am OK with the SSR alive possibilities since the writer already hinted that she had twin and she is THE main char, but on Rona case it doesn't make sense because she badly injured (on the head!!). Just like @chococarmelasaid, RN isn't SSR, she isn't the heroine. I mean if they want to move the plot using RN as victim, they could just make RN coma, everyone still get punished instead of faking her death, its getting boring now because they already use it (3 times!!). 

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  2. Hello guys, first time posting here! Just want to drop some of my random thoughts


    - until now, I dont believe that SSR already dead, she is the heroine after all, besides she is too smart to die like that! Even after logan back, and YH went to berserk mode, it wont be enough without SSR to bringing the evils down! I believe its her twin sister whos dead, and she is now pretending to be her twin.


    - Rona is dead. I feel like she had the same fate as SA, she replace SA as the victim of bullying, she got bullied then dead. Bullying is big issue in korea, when someone get severe bullied, either the victims get killed by the bully or the victims killed themselves. It sad truth. Rona doesn't deserve it, so is SA. Unless the bully received its karma, I dont think it wouldnt stop, thats why after SA death, Rona is the next victim. I'm glad EB starting to get her karma, I hope there is no more victim. Besides, its probably YH karma after she killed SA (I still believe she really did it, YH is not innocent character here, Rona is her everything after all she can do anything for rona).

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  3. 11 hours ago, M Co said:

    Too bad, he is just a fictional character created by an writer. 




    Girl you actually answered it by yourself lol. You wrote longggggg paragraph about how perfect JP is and get pissed when someone doesn't agree with you, but in the end it just fictional character lol, yes too bad JP isn't real :lol:

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  4. 3 hours ago, enzek said:

    Lastly, I want mentioned I don't have any problem with anyone that falls for Han Ji Pyeong or shipping him with Seo Dal Mi in this drama. Even you don't like Nam Do San in this drama, it is still fine. That all is just a differences in personal preference.

    But it is sad when I read so many peoples insulting/bashing/mocking Nam Do San as crybaby, weak, loser and all the insults just because he show he is also a human being that has feeling/emotion.


    We are already near the end of 2020not still stuck in 1920 so stop shaming any guy just because he cries. SO RIDICULUOUS! 


    I wish to spread the awareness among us. A guy is a human too, just like you and me, so yes, they can cry if they want to. 



    p/s: I think this edit is funny:lol:

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    credit to owner



    I agree. I've seen so many comments insulting DS who easily moved tears. We are in 2020, it's so sad that we still have the stereotype that men shouldn't cry. Men or women, we are same human being, it's normal to have emotions, We should normalized that men can cry too. Imagine just because you are born as men, you cant let of your tears eventhough you're really sad. That would be really painful because you will getting better after you let your tears out, it can relieve stress. 


    There are so many people pointed DS weakness or his behaviour but it's ironic they also normalize JP behaviour and see nothing wrong with him, He act like he own DM, and trying to ruined DS and DM relationship. This is not exclusively to JP behaviour, but I never like 2nd male / female lead who always try to ruin the main couple relationship, as if they have right to do it. The plot of four-triangle love is so common in old dramas, this shouldn't be popular again in 2020, it's just lazy writing. I dont get why second lead have so many supports, I swear in real life, their behaviour is annoying as hell, they would look so pathetic and creepy. 

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  5. About who's being end the game couple, It's obvious it would be dodal, simply because DM loves DS. Even after 3 years without DS, nothing happen between DM and JP, she is still waiting for DS, it would be weird AF If in the upcoming 2 last eps, suddenly DM in love with JP then they become a couple???? That would be a joke tbh sorry. Also everyone needs to remember the male lead is NJH, he already get a lot of hate for nothing, and if he would get shifted too. .no kidding NJH should sue PHR if thats really happen (DM-JP)


    The triangle love is being dragged because there's nothing much to fill the eps, you can clearly see their scene get repeated a lot, it is common in kdrama (thats why I WISH kdrama wouldn't always be 16 eps, every drama have different story/plot/writer but somehow they are all ended at eps 16. That's why they have a lot of repetitive scenes and a lot of filler story / eps) 

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  6. Sorry but I laughed so hard :lol: @M Co

    Thanks for made my day!! 


    Anyway @peachfuzz the argument of 'DS is trash, he punched JP!!!!!' is so classic of JP worshiper, I can't count how many of them say that, looks like they have same template lol


    Tbh that scene is soooo common in drama or any movies. I get it was wrong of DS, but it's not like JP doesnt punch back either, both of them get bruises and have fair punch lol. This is the first time I've seen that people have so much complain of 2 people fighting in drama. Imagine if they watching action drama or movies then, They would have a mental breakdown :lol:

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  7. 1 hour ago, M Co said:

    Kim Seon Ho carried the whole drama by himself. Without him (Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk couldn't bring that much viewers other than their loyal fans). 



    Lol what? 


    Sorry to burst your bubble but Nam joo hyuk and Suzy are wayyy more popular than Kim seon ho. Start up rating is stable since eps 1, I'm sure because people waiting for the main cast and the writer, because they dont know the story yet and the main cast are Nam joo hyuk and suzy, yes it is enough to bring the viewers thats way they get casted. They also bring international viewers through netflix, because suzy is former popular idol and nam joo hyuk is popular actor (both of them have over 13million instagram followers). I'm sure it wouldn't be the same if the lead was kim seon ho, because he isn't popular actor and most of international fan don't even know him. 


    As the drama going I doubt it's kim seon ho / JP who carried it, in fact that the rating peak (the highest rating) are mostly for DODAL aka main couple, yes viewers want to watch them instead of JP-DM




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  8. Sorry but I know a lot of people loves JP, it's okay if yall want to him to be happy, but again I dont understand why yall need to drag DS again, and the main couple DS and DM?? It's just childish to me. 


    It's all set since the cast revelead that the main couple is DS and DM, and DS is the lead, while JP is only 2nd lead. The story is revolve around DS and DM, not JP. Deal with it. If people want to other way around, then stop watching because it wont be happen even if you wait for 100 years


    I dont know why people keep watching but only to complain, I know everyone have opinion but I don't know why need to ruined fun of the others by draging and trashing other characters. I'm sure we are already old enough to know what we should say or not

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  9. 3 hours ago, aisling said:

    As NJH fan I’m very proud of his performance. Can’t believe he improved so much since he started his acting career. 

    He played a nerdy Nam Do Sam with low esteem really well and now after a time jump I can see subtle changes in his behaviour. He seems to know what he wants from life now. He’s more confident and mature. Please let him be this way, don’t undo his growth with some pitiful outburst writer-nim. Also it doesn’t hurt that Nam Joo Hyuk rocks those tightly hugging clothes so well LOL. He had to tone down his sexiness for earlier episodes but he was extra handsome in this episode. 

    I know the writer wanted to make a strong second lead but in my opinion she kind of ruined it all. This is coming from Nam Joo Hyuk fan - I’m not remotely invested in DS/DL relationship as I probably should. But I do love SamSan Tech dynamic and I’m staying to see the whole gang together again. This drama should have focused on a personal growth of each character instead of wasting time on a love triangle where majority of viewers end up being frustrated because their bias won’t get a girl.


    I agree. I'm so surprised when watching him, He improved SO much, I just cant believe this is the same NJH that I've seen in school 2015 lol. I like that he try a different character here, because Dosan have so many flaws and dynamics, from a boy who have nothing then pretend to be someone, then become succesfull, he played it so well, and we can see the changes of him in each development. 


    Yeah honestly the triangle loveline and constant shipping war ANYWHERE totally ruined the romance part for me, and after the time jump, the loveline is still stay the same (????), I can see the writer milking this so much until the end. We are already in eps 13 for god sake. . .don't tell me that they will resolve the loveline in LAST eps, sigh

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  10. 7 hours ago, Nymeria289 said:

    I will reiterate, Do San in real world would go to jail. I am not sure what part of Battery and assault charges is hard to understand. That's what he has done, Battery. Yes, its a drama so it won't happen. Its not that he should go to jail. But in real world, security in front of sandbox would call police, both guys would be booked. If there's CCTV, then Ji Pyeong, had he chosen could have pressed charges. Its not hateful to point out the obvious. If Ji Pyeong had thrown in the first punch, all of this would apply to him. And yes, he is volatile. Dal Mi is his blind spot and he has responded with aggression twice now whenever he has felt perceived injustice being inflicted on her. He can end up with Dal Mi. But I sure hope, he gets to grow out of this immature phase first and finds a center to ground him that doesn't involve Dal Mi. This 3 years gap could be a good thing to smooth out his edges. And no, I don't want Dal Mi to end up with Ji Pyeong. She doesn't love him. I am praying Ji Pyeong gets over this one sided love affair and finds something or somebody else. I am not a big fan of people pining for people who are not romantically interested in them in an unhealthy manner.


    I'm sorry but why you need to bring Dosan would get jailed because of his punch? I'm not justify his action but man, that scene is sooooooo common in kdramas, or any dramas, or any movies, TBH I never ever see someone when two male leads fighting or punching each other, would mention that the male lead had to go to jail lol, for real


    Tbh the hate that Dosan getting is sooo ridiculous, it's not healthy anymore.


    It's obvious kdrama watchers are not ready to someone like Dosan, I guess the writers should take a note to write character like JP or any typical male lead rich, handsome, success, chaebol or whataver. It would be easier. No wonder all the typical rich male lead are crazy popular

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  11. Honestly I'm confused about the shipping war, like people fighting all over internet and arguing who's better man for DM, but can people just respect what DM wants? How can people never care about what DM feels? Its all about two boys fighting for one girl, but the girl itself is not a reward or property, she has feeling and of course we must count what she wants too. Personally I never fan of 2nd lead syndrome in drama, because mostly it's only one sided, I can't see it as romantic if the other party doesnt feel the same way


    I like this drama because the topic of 'start up' (I also graduated from computer degree), some of my friend who aren't into kdrama are watching this too, but honestly they also find the love triangle is too overboard, I wish the writer would tone it down, and make it enjoyable for everyone. Sad that a lot of people starting to drop this drama because their ship isnt sailing. . 

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  12. I love nam joo hyuk but idk right now I'm so into 2nd lead, it's only eps 1!! (its so weird, I've been kdrama fan for so long but never remember him. .Stupid me!!) He is just super handsome and neat, the backstory of his character itself is very interesting. I've never into 2nd lead syndrome because I know my heart would be broken in the end. I hope the writer give us nam joo hyuk more stories and enough screentime because I dont want to go through school 2015 flashback again!

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  13. Hi guys, first time posting here. My first reaction after watching this drama, wow!! I didn't expect this drama would become a horor / thriller genre. Everyone says this drama is goblin 2.0, but nah I dont think so. I legit feel gosebumps in some scenes. But I do agree with some people here that this drama reminds me a lot to other stories, it's nothing new, like mix of them. But I still enjoyed it anyway


    @Artheusa I agree. I love the female lead, but the writer is going overboard with her. The scene that is feels weird for me when LY tells her that he saved her life when she was kid. But she doesnt have any reaction only ask about her parents. . .then I realized that LY saved her so many times but she never say thank you, or feel gratefull, she injected him instead right after he saved her life. .?


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  14. Thanks for the update guyss!! Glad our thread is still active :wub:


    The drama is indeed popular!! This is why we shouldnt trust rating these days, I'm really glad we never give a fck about EY rating lol (people on other thread usually post about the rating after the eps end, and when it goes down or the rating is low everyone was sad. .)


    God bless all the actors and staffs who worked hard for this drama. Most of actors in EY are rookies but they did good, I hope we can see them more in the future, I can see they will get more popular after this drama


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  15. I have not seen the finale yet (and eps 15) because I want to see how the finale would turn out first lol. I dont want to waste my time to see our otp non happy ending, I just wont accept it ^_^


    I am glad that we got happy ending, though it's still a bittersweet

    I will patiently wait till subbed eps come out.


    I cant believe it ended already. I will miss this drama so much, and of course this thread with yall here :tears:


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  16. @nrllee


    About baekyung removing her mask, it's true that dan oh might not instantly death because of it, but honestly, she is in serious condition and her life depend on the help of the oxygen mask, if we try to put the real life situation here, it's normal to assume that she might death because he removing the oxygen mask, eventhough the effect might occurred later not instantly death, but in her state it's not okay to removing it at all. It's still inhumane to do something like that I dont understand his action at all


    As for the actor, because I'm completely neutral here (I didnt know any of extraordinary actors before watching at all), lee jae wook is good but I dont think he add more than the character has written for him to make him less evil instead I feel like he appear to be more unbearable and harsh but it could be because the writer written his character that way, a lot of people said his character is less evil in manhwa, but of course thats just my opinion. As for Baekyung he is just a self centered guy to me, immature and egoistic. I dont think he is more interesting than other characters


    Okay I dont want to argue again, we just have different opinion thats all

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  17. Honestly it doesnt matter whether baekyung put Dan Oh mask back or not, but it's a fact that he tried to kill Dan Oh dan removed her oxygen mask, I dont think we should excuse his action again 'But but he put it back again!!! He didnt kill her!!' I mean Dan Oh is in critical condition for god sake, the fact he dare to remove her oxygen mask and try to take her life for nothing but himself says a lot about him. I dont know why people still excuse his action again this time.


    I dont know, this is the first time that I see a lot of people take more sympaty to evil villain like baekyung while our leads are suffering and crying non stop, a lot of people excuses baekyung action more than our lead. .The villain tried to kill the female lead, yet some people still try to excuse his action. .I saw a lot in my SNS. I guess one of the reasons because lee jae wook is more popular than rowoon and hyeyoon? But thats outside of drama, shouldnt bring that to the drama character. Well I hope in the next drama he shouldnt play another villain again because I'm sorry, looks like some fans cant take it positively. Sorry for a little bit rant

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  18. @celebrianna @Jillia



    sorry for late reply! I actually haven't watch the full eps yet but I watched some clips on my sns, I think Baekyung killed Dan Oh because he want Dan Oh to forget Haru because if character dies in the shadow, he/she will lose memories or become unaware again , so he can keep Dan Oh for himself and prevent Dan Oh to change the stage again. Thats why in the next screen Dan Oh couldnt remember Haru, I assume Dan Oh already dead in the shadow and she reborn again because she is still alive in the stage






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  19. Reading yall reaction and spoiler I'm glad I didnt stream today lol



    I knew baekyung is the culprit of Dan Oh death in TC, there is no way Haru would do something like that to Dan Oh. So we get the whole new level of selfiness of baekyung, he tried to kill Dan Oh in shadow so she won't remember Haru, and could own Dan Oh for himself? Just wow


    I really missed Haru and Dan Oh lovely scenes (+Do Hwa), the last eps isnt my fav, so many Baekyung scenes and Haru Dan Oh sad story. I hope 2 last eps wont disappoint us, the writer of this drama better not ruin the story and wrapped it up nicely or he/she is just same as secret/TC writer (that would be tragic and ironic lol)

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  20. Honestly the discusion about baekyung as second male lead, usually in romance drama the second male lead likes female lead eventhough she doesnt like him back (one sided love), but as I watched the drama until now, I dont think baekyung even likes danoh in the first place?


    Up till now it's only his ego, he doesnt want to lose his main character title, he is jealous of Haru somehow and he doesnt want to be left alone. .NOT because he even likes Dan Oh and trully want her to be happy, he doesnt even care about Dan Oh feeling at all.


    Why there are so many justification of baekyung action? even some fans worship him and shipping him with danoh. .Because he is handsome? the actor who play baekyung is lee jae wook? Or we are so used watching jerk male lead so instead of calling out his shitty action, we would worship him and believe he would change later. In this drama baekyung is definitely unlikeable and imo his character is close to villain rather than second male lead (he doesnt even like the female lead), I find it really weird a lot of fans rooting for him and try to excuse all of his bad actions.

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    So baekyung was even worse in trumpet creeper, he did exactly like his father in secret, he tried to approaching Dan Oh for his own benefit and he was also jerk the way he treat Haru

    I feel sad about Haru the most. He was typical second male lead in trumpet creeper. .he was subordinate of Baekyung, and looks like he already liked Dan Oh but he couldnt do anything about it, he also need to see her liking baekyung eventhough baekyung only take advantage of her





    Haru is only subordinate of Baekyung, he killed that man under baekyung command, sad he couldnt do anything about it. I agree Haru might do the worse since baekyung was even worst in trumpet creeper and I'm sure he would do more evil commands later




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