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  1. Didnt see a thread for her but if there is one then feel free to delete this. JUNG YOO MI'S PROFILE -Born: January 18, 1983 (four years younger than Eric) -Height: 168cm -Management company: SIDUS HQ -Movies: some movie that i don't know how to translate (2003), 'Wisdom Tooth' (2005), 'Bittersweet Life' (2005), 'Birth of a Family' (2006), 'Shim's Family' (2006) -Awards: 25th Korean Movie Critic Awards, Best Female Newcomer (2005), 42nd Baeksang Art/Film Awards, Best Female Newcomer (2005), 27th Blue Dragon Movie Awards (2006) She gets to be in a drama with eric. What a lucky lady >.<
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