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  1. Drooling at Rachel’s latest IG update It’d be interesting to watch her taking up the role of a sexy seductive lady Then she could be too hot to handle for her neighbor
  2. Love the thoughts and interesting interpretations put forward by @Karina Wong Kar Sinn, @LeftCoastOppa and @chickfactor. You’ve people voiced out what I loved and hated about the drama. I’ve watched and loved not many Kdramas (but most of PMY’s since I’m a huge fan ) but WTWIF will definitely leave an indelible impression on me. It’s simply beautiful in every way. What a gem to accompany us during lockdowns worldwide. I’m missing it badly. I’ve been rewatching it and some moments and details become more meaningful or poignant since the ending is already made known. And while I love every of ES’s blog posts, the final one leaves me imagining the bliss he enjoys after HW’s return. It will take some time for me to move on
  3. @chickfactor, thanks a million for that translation. It’s so beautiful! Yea, how lovely it’d be if only there’s an English version of the book. But then, this beautiful drama is already like an open book put in motion. It’s so charming that I could read, oops watch, it over and over again As a matter of fact, I’ve rewatched from Ep 1 until Ep 12 and I appreciate every detail and every moment more
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