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  1. just wondering... this is the most kissing scene amongst the other kdramas (I think)... so don't complaint the incomplete bed scene lah... I guess the "surprise birthday gift" for DM (according to ep 15 text preview) it's not a proposal ring but a scholarship to study aboard (I think)? Although I hope it was a proposal ring but though it would be quiet boring if I'm right...
  2. I'm waiting for the "toilet scene".... (if you know what I mean)
  3. Ryan's mom didn't abandon him, she left Ryan with the kids and tell Ryan to wait until she is back... (Ryan's mom tried to look for a job) but was in accident... then she couldnt find Ryan...
  4. Instead of a wedding, I want to see Ryan holding his baby while dM is painting in their nY apartment. I think that would be a perfect ending instead.
  5. Ryan is elearning to play card... try to understand the method wakakkkaaaa
  6. I'm watching TVN now ((finger crossed for stable connection))
  7. couldn't find my message regarding Ryan's bad memory ep 11 where there was a woman voice said "I'm not your mother". What I thought she must be DM's mom but she is not Ryan's mom. Probably she is helping Ryan's mother taking care of his son but lost contact because DM's father business was in trouble (remember DM said she need to take care of the family and not able to study aboard?).
  8. I have to be aware of my heart... too much sweet since ep 10.... good nite and see you all tomorrow~
  9. yeah... I heard that too when her mom explained that she was a fangirl not her daughter... wakakakakkkkaaaa
  10. RG complaints that their first date gift should be in the centre of the shelves! wakakakakkaa
  11. have a look (KJW 1983 and PMY 1986) --- CHINESE ASTROLOGY COMPATIBILITY show that they are a wonderful pair - match score is 90%! https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/zodiac/compatibility/pig-tiger.htm
  12. not sure if I could sleep tonight after watching so much kissing scenes and sweet moment (damn)....
  13. and how many hours in totally for kissing screen ... 24 hours???
  14. well... I'm alive... ((but keep watching the kissing scenes....))
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