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  1. after watching the episodes with subs, i agree with most of you here. We waited for 14 episodes for SeJu, the master to return. We insisted to hold onto our faith in SJJ's magic. But, alas! I guess, Se Ju, the character, was 'oversold'. His return helped nothing except to inform about the instant dungeon. And instead of using the precious remaining 2 episodes to 'showcase' how Se Ju's cool coding "kung fu", they were wasted on 'repeated flashback' and the JW's ex-wives. Who needs extra airing time for these exes????? seriously, anybody here? I know SJJ is trying to be different. But an ending like this is somehow unacceptable. I want my hours back! I felt cheated. However, I am grateful for the entire acting crew especially the leads. They worked really hard to bring out the characters. Special thanks to the editing team too. They did an 'excellent' job by 'randomly' cutting and pasting. Perhaps, due to the writer's instructions. The technical part of the game/AR technology related needed to be fine tuned. I am not an expert but the drama appeared to be lacking in prior 'literature research on AR technology". As this is 2019, many already have some knowledge on this area unlike MATRIX, which came way earlier where a large majority of people were still unaware of online games,
  2. I watched because of hyun bin. Many did not because of this W writer. They said no point watching. Now, I understand. At least, I have a bunch of people like you guys, that were also "STUPID" enough to stay until the end. And unbashful to admit, I even held my hopes high that HJ and Jin Wo will get married and have three adorable kids. Foolish me. Never gonna follow another drama from this writer, again. Thank you. I tried. And had enough.
  3. Just her. I got to know ye jin from secret garden. In that drama, she was casted as a "consolation" prize to the second lead who didn't get Ha ji won. I went, "urghhh. How come the consolation prize is so grand????? And some SG fans were even upset that second lead didn't get HJW. What!!!!!! He got ye jin". I was impressed with the cameo actress that shone like firefly. Hence, I did some researches. From then on, I followed her.
  4. I wish YJ and HB can act together too. Our beauty needs a matured man to compliment her. Looking at their negotiations promotion videos, from an AHJUMMA'S perspective like me, it is quite obvious HB is enchanted, "bewitched", "captured" and "heart-shaken" by our beauty. He stared a little too much at her. LOL. plus only a guy who is very interested in a girl will allow her to take all sorts of silly selfies. #justsaying. Very happy to see this because our beauty needs someone to take care of her offscreen. And he seems and appears so willing and dependable.
  5. Another week to go. I will trust the writer for the last time. (LOL) My take, someone recorded yura's conversation in the police toilet. Or shall I rephrase, my hopes. So every loose end will be tied up pretty and neat. I thought, in one of HB's interview, when he was asked, he said if in real life, he can probably reach level 10. But jin woo can reach level 110. (unfortunately, now I cannot locate the interview link.) I hope, I heard wrongly, I sincerely do not want to see him running about in game mode in the remaining 2 episodes to level up again. I wish, we can see lovy, flirty scenes between our newly-dated-couple for the remaining precious 2 episodes.
  6. I was just wondering, is there any Spanish fans here? PSH's Spanish sounds believable to me. BTW, I am not well versed in Spanish. Just impressed at her effort. Thus, I disagree if some said she is wasted here. Her 'skills' is of another level.
  7. @katakwasabi thank you for your Live recap. (Sorry my thanks came late.) I love your sense of humour eg "the ramyun taste good", "the chair that came along with Emma?".
  8. I just love how hyun bin said his cheeky, flirty lines to PSH with his handsome-poker-ly manner, "isn't it too fast? We just started for 4 hours." my mind got all dirty. Why let him sleep on the sofa? They are adults. Adults not saints!
  9. Hmmm..I beg to differ. Since a long time ago, now, I have this second lead syndrome again. PBG is great but I also like Director Cha to be with her ex-hubby. He did so many things secretly for her. Awwww....... moreover, he is not bad looking, intelligent, rich and most importantly adore Director Cha and always aspire to protect her. Secretly.
  10. Greetings. It has been a long time since I last logged in. This drama has hit me hard. Got hit again. So many thoughts but so confused to write. I really hate to see Sec Seo being "killed off" like that in this drama. Really wanted to throw in the towel and call it a day but Hyun bin was so magnificent. I was thinking the lack of skinships, perhaps due to Hyun BIn or PSH's request. They are just so good together off-screen. Perhaps not wanting baseless rumours about them. Professionals, they said.
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