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  1. i just watched the remix perf of MY LOVE and it was so so cool! I love it. I like the dance with glowing stick. It reminded me of her perf in New Xman Christmas special...hehehe. ChaeYeon is so cute in the pink outfit

    yes, i though that too :lol: And i like a lot the new outfit, although i dont like the shoes at all. thanks for the links! ^^

  2. First of all, the Louis Vuitoon thing is amazzziiiiing!!!! Aw, she has to be very flattered! i'm so proud of her, everyday more.

    The second, these coffee prince piiiics!!!!!! GY is waay tall! they're going to be like the older brother and the younger brother. xD

    i'm afraid every time i came here because it has a lot of news! and im like "what happened?! what happened!?" god, i'm so excited!

    thanks for all the news & pics guys!

  3. who is sick? i'm sick too :o i've got a cold because i ate few days ago a very frozen ice cream (it was a piece of ice instead of an ice cream).

    And everyday are coming out a lot of news about coffee prince, i cant wait for the photoshoot because i dont know if they're going to put eunhye ssi like a boy or like a girl!

    I cant wait ^^

    Get well all the sick people!

  4. oh my!!!!

    you know what is to be on dinner time and see that stunning body????!!!..... :o oh my goodness! seriously!!

    and I think the boy-thing is going to be very bad for us, if we love her as a girl, as a boy this thread is gonna turn crazy xD

    ps: thanks soy for telling your brother's name, it's a pretty one! I honestly love it ^^

  5. woo thanks everyone for the pics and the news! this thread is fast, when i come back there are 4 more pages xD

    mmm, then I've heard that Park Kyung Lim is getting married!!! Like everyone said before, I hope Yoon Eun-hye be an attending...and so Kim jong-kook. I just cant sopt imagine the two of them together again :rolleyes:

    btw soy

    i'm late, but congrats with your new sibling!!!!! do you the name already? I'm like a name-crazy (if you dont mind of course)

    bye! :P

  6. wwwwow!!!!!! she is gooooooorgeouuuus!!!!!!!! When I think she've reached the most beautifulness of her...she just imcrease herself!!!!!!!!!!

    She is absolutely stunning! omg, I want to say a few things about the pics.

    http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/293/14bf1.jpg --------> love the dress and her hair like that with the tiara!. veeery veeery pretty! I've got a skirt like that dress but in black >.< lol.

    http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/995/10fe0.jpg -----> her face! = <3 It's like she's having fun a lot! hahaha.

    http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u86/Jas...8/k-star/29.jpg ----> In this one, it's representing her improvement very clear. If you dont know her, you can say looking at this pic that she's a professional model....And knowing her you CAN say she's a professional model. Spectacular.

    http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/692/02ig5.jpg ----> and my favorite! I love her face, the clothes, the hair....but her face smiling like that is absolutely natural & beauty that she's completely perfect.

    thanks a lot for posting lovelyfan!

    kudos! ^^

    ps: just a random question, If I order the catalogue, I have to pay right? just curious.

  7. woooo!!!! she's in the "in love" theme!? *evil laugh* :rolleyes:

    ...so...thanks a lot for the piics! she's stunning like always.! It's great that finally she's happy again.

    ...ahhhhhh, i'm going crazy! I want to know who is the "in love" han namjah guy! xDDDDDDDD

    Edit: yes! I own the page! .....talking about loveeers......



    credit to me, that did the banners a long time ago xD

    :blush: :blush: :blush:

  8. And....I've made kind of a video tribute of chae yeon by mixing all my favorite songs of her (there are parts that i dont like), but, It's a nice tribute, and I hope you all like it. ^_^

    Chae Yeon - Tribute Remix

    i just saw the km live at Chae Yeon's cy. She sang live there right? I thought it sounded wonderful O_O she was able to dance really well and sing live really welll. Best performance of My Love IMO

    And ohh, i cant wait to see the new CY performance! She seems super happy this time! If anyone finds the download or the link online, just say it because i dont know why i cant see the perf on her cy. :(

    edit: yes! I could finally watch it on her cy. The My Love perf was awesome! not only she can dance, she could sing very good! And the most important, she seems to be having fun while the performance. :D

  9. this one say something about chaeyeon and yoon eunhye and that they'll be on Mnet '재용이의 더 순결한 19' which will air on April 11 at 11 am

    thanks for the info wwwa! I hope that is true! I would love to see yoon eun hye and chae yeon together again! :rolleyes:

  10. So she can't confess that she's a woman, and he continues thinking that the agonized Go Eun Chan is a man. Choi Han Kyul thinks he's experiencing feelings of homosexuality towards her, and gets heartsick laugh.gif . This side of him was drawn in a risky but fun way.

    The part when he discovers that Go Eun Chan is a woman is shown in an undemanding way, and the story doesn't concentrate on just these two people, but also on the other people who frequent Coffee Prince.

    I love it! that they're not only going to develop the lead love line, but the others people too! I'm gonna love this so much, and when the guy finds out that she's a woman? OMG, that is going to be so funny :D I cant wait


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