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  1. 5:38 - YEH: "umm... because i was originally a singer... there was always that prejudiced view... so in my previous projects so a lot of the times i acted with the thought in mind that i would work extra hard to get rid of that misunderstanding... but for this project i felt that these previous thoughts had subsided as i had felt such joy in shooting this drama... and i owe this joy to you for being so loving of me... thank you for your love!" *tears tears and more tears* (crying and typing takes up so much energy T.T)

    smr05 thanks thanks thanks thanks so much for the trans, i really like that part. She've worked so hard and now she's seen her reward, yoon eun hye keep it up!!!!! we lovee youu.

    oh, coffee prince *tears*

  2. I'm sure gong yoo was joking :D And i was thiking, if its true his going to the army, then he will not be able to attend the mbc awards? Because i've been freaking out lately about them together again winning the best couple, but, if he's in the army, he wont be attending right? :S >.<

    and by the way, yeh's doggie is named kkomaeng but was that means? sorry if its already posted, i've been looking around and i havent found it :l
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    OH MY GOD.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    *on the floor*

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  4. a storm eprformance!!!!! yaaaay!!!!!! I like a lot the cd, and i was dying for a performance.

    In general i like a lot the dance!!!!, but no so much the style...very dark xD Anyway, i hope we can see more storm's performance, and live please!!! can you imagine the "meow, meow" live? hahahaha.

    good for storm! I really hope they keep promoting the CD, because they hadnt gone to any music program.


  5. I've posted this on the CP thread too, but i think is very curious (i'm those of one man & one woman's fan)

    The thing is that i was watching the new NG's Jen uploaded on her youtube and on the final scene you can see that HaHa is Gong yoo's best friend. hahahaha omg, It's like HaHa knows everyone around YEH, and also because HaHa is Kim Jong Kook's best friend too.....It's all in the family!!!

    here is the link for the NG --- Coffee Prince Happy Time NG 08-12-'07

  6. omg.. :huh: :huh:

    Yoon eunhye, this thread, the ppl in this thread, the coffee prince drama, the ppl in cp thread is making me love YEH...

    farout i think i know how HK is feeling..

    im a girl liking a girl..

    ive never been obsessed over a female actress.. NEVER!

    just wondering is this normal? are you ppl all guys? i aint the only girl right?

    Of course is normal. A girl liking a girl is not a bad thing. I've been obssesed with female celebrities since i'm young and i'm still straight.

    If Yoon Eunhye is the first female actress you're obsessed with, that's easy, when someone knows our YEH he/she falls in love with her right away. It happened to me in Goong, i like her a lot, and I'm very strict with the actors, because they have to show me that what they're feeling is true, and YEH playing as Chaegyoung totally did that, when she was sad i was sad, when she was happy, I was totally happy. So then, i started searching about her...then i found Xman and all my obssesion grow up like the foam.

    The same thing is happening to me with Coffee Prince and with Eun Chan, so that means that I was not wrong with Eunhye, that she's a great actress and that I have this love-admiration for her that can only grow. It's kind of a platonic thing, it's love, but a fan's love. I dont want to marry her or anything, but she makes me happy with her work, and that's all i'm looking for, she's just perfect.

    So, it's totally normal, i hope that helps you, and dont feel bad, the 80% of this thread is a girl and we are completely in love with YEH.

    Welcome to the club! hahahaha. =)

    Btw, thanks a lot for all the articles! I'm glad YEH is having more support by the press. I cant stop thiking on the MBC awards this year....she can sing with Gong Yoo!!!!!! hahaha.

  7. Ok, like....ZOMG

    the clothes are absolutely gorgeous, she's stunning! :o I was waiting something like that, but....wow! she's super beautiful. love the clothes, the shoes, the hair, everything. And finally, she looks very happy, i dont, know, smiling and being herself again, i've really missed that. And she's great with LSG & GY! They're very friendly, i like that a loooot >.<

    fdnjkgvnzjknjvfnzjbdn, i cant stop smiling seeing the pics of her laughing!

    thanks a lot for all the pics, the videos and the teasers. :D

    ....oh, i'm so happy for her!!!!! :D

  8. OMG THE PIIIICS!!!!!! They're awesome!

    The one with her still on the long hair, the dress is goooorgeouus!!!! And the promo pics??? awwweeesome! the one i love the most is the one where they're on the couch. It's like the perfect pic! (and the one with yeh and gy in the coffee shop)

    great great great.

  9. thanks a lot motoko for your hard work! if you need help, just tell me! (counting the votes or whatever! :) )

    K - Drama/Movies:

    GOONG - 17 , i want something that reflects what its the kdrama about, and she's dressed like a princess, so, very Chaegyoung style.

    THE VINEYARD MAN - 4, im very loyal to de promo pics xD

    TEMP. PIC FOR COFFEE PRINCE - this one is hard, maybe should I wait for the promo pics? anyway, number 1 i think is fine.


    Variety shows:

    X-MAN - hard! but number 3 although i'm not pretty sure

    CFs/Photo Ads:

    DHC - 7


    GREEN TEA - 6

    SAMSUNG - 1

    MPLE - 8

    PHILIPS - 3

    VIKI - 4


    PRO SPECS - 2

    CK - 1

    TROFISH - 2



    KBS (for TVM) - 1

    MBC (for Goong) - 15


    BABYVOX - 14

    Self cam pictures - 2

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