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    Rosalie can't be Nikki Reed. She is supose to be BLONDE!!!!!!!.....and beautiful! Nikki is hot, but not has that classic beauty....




    i'm starting to be confused a lot.




    ps: and i love the alice & victoria casting.







    So, they're saying that Cam Gigandet is gonna play either Carlisle/Jasper/Emmet

    Gigandet, who appeared on Fox's "The O.C.," stars in Summit Entertainment's debut film "Never Back Down," which opens March 14. He also just booked a lead role in "Twilight," Summit's vampire romance based on the popular Stephanie Meyer books.




    I think he may be Carlisle, and he is way more hot than Edward xD




    ^ I've got it from a LJ without source (ontd_twilight), so i dont know if it's real or not.




    And about the Eric casting...i kind of like the like, and I love Angela's choice! :D







    from the Kris interview

    “He’s so good and he’s so soulful and he’s just not a liar — you can feel pain from him,” Stewart cooed."




    if he doesnt want to die, he sure has to be not a liar.




    but i'm glad that Kris has a good connection with RPattz, i want to see chemistry, sparkles! xD




    And about the movie-cast, i've read that about a week or so they're releasing the final list! *drumroll*



    woaah!! Tiffany speaking Spanish!!

    that's so cuteeeee *__* hahaha




    and her pronunciation isn't bad! haha




    thanks for the videoo *______*







    OMG Isa!!!! hahaha. Her pronunciation is quite good!




    that was way cuuuuute! I can't stop watching it! (i dont know what is that woman in the middle of the vid...)




    ahhhh cute tiff.




    (I've never been active in this thread, i'm a sooyoung&taeyeon luver btw) :lol:


  5. mishybear thaaaaanks so much for the trans, i will love you forever.

    I'm so so so so happy Eunhye won, i was reading the post this morning and everyone was so pissed off because she didnt get anything, and just when i was going to close the window full of sadness and very angry someone posts that she got the award and ....oh, it just relieved me so much!

    It's exactly what she said, it's wrong to be arrogant wanting her to win the award so much to an extreme that you get angry if she doesnt, but, when i knew that she made it i was so happy for her even if she never knows i exist that i dont care anymore. It's what i wanted, what she wanted and now she's full of energy and pride with the award.

    i'm not a full believer but, Thank god she won.


    ps: i miss you all in this thread, i've become a lurker, so watch out! xD



    it's official Edward is going to be Robert right?

    I'm not happy, i'm very very very disapointed......bfjds<bgnsnfgjsnbdz......he's not edward! (i just know that will be my answer to all the edward's in the world)

    i just have to watch the movie to really say something, but this is not going to end good for me tonight....i'm having a heart attack. xDDDDDDDDDD


  7. Yoon Eun Hye has been nominated for the grand acting award??? That's awesome ! :o:wub: (I'm lost in this thread, i've became a loorker...and now are a lot of newbies! let's get it on with the YEH Love people!)

    I hope she'll be nominated on more categories, the list isnt already closed right? I mean the couple award and best drama....(coffee prince! coffee prince!)...etc etc

    that's all, my short and stupid entry of the month xD

  8. sentimental_me about the news that u posted is it confirm already?..if it is,then good for the cast coz they will have the chance to be known also in Africa :D YEH will gonna have African fans also..weee!! soo cool :D AFRICAN GOONGERS :lol:

    i couldnt stop myself but posting. omg, the "african goongers" made me laugh so hard...xDDDD dont ask me why. it's just funny.

    I hope eunhye will be known worldwide, she deserves it :P

    And i've realize that she've travelled to australia too many times, she sure like the place :P



    I've made a special entry on my personal journal about yeh, her birthday and more stuff ^____^

    You can see it h e r e & please leave a comment if you want (even if you dont have an acount, its just for the love of yeh <3)

    Thanks for all the pics, and banners and everything all the warriors have been posting, all it's very very nice.

  10. ommggg!!! i really enjoyed the episode, it's true that Dwight wasnt Dwight, but I think that maybe is because they want to put the attention on jim & pam (yeaaaaaaah :D) and they ignored him a little, or i just want to think that.

    And I wanted a Kelly more angry, like on the webisodes, but i hope they show that later on the show.

    but, awww, the scene when jim and pam are saying that they are together and they say "it's going great" with the big smiles,.....omg omg omg, it was awesome.


  11. it seems october is the yeh's month, wooa, all the amazing photoshops she've been doing....I hope she keeps all that work for the future!!

    edit: omg i've owned the 900th pagee!!!!! :o yaay me!!!!

    I have nothing to contribute with...except for the header of my livejournal that i made yesterday. The one i'm using now: (http://yled.livejournal.com/ )

    and others



    dont use this ones please, i dont know if im gonna use it on the future, and it has even my web on it...so...



    Yay!!!!! 900th pageeees!!!! congrats everyone! ^^

  12. that are the pics for cosmopolitan? :o Man, i mean, i want that magazine :o She's awweeeesomeeee!!! I think i haven seen any other photoshoot where she's more hot! woaa, It's perfect, and she's prettier...i dont know how, but she does look more pretty.

    Seriously, If someone can buy me that magazine (i of course will give the money back) just PM me, or if anyone knows of some place to buy it....omfg, i want that magazine xD

  13. I am hoping Mizuki will end up with someone...either Sano or Nakatsu...preferably SANO!!!

    But I have a feeling NO ONE will end up with anymore...

    Because typical Japanese drama...no one ends up with anyone.

    For example; Lunch Queen, Nobuta no Produce & Kurosagi!!!

    Hopefully this is not the case for this drama.

    you freak me out. I HOPE and pray that in hana kimi that is not going to happen..... I'm scared with the next episode because

    now nakatsu knows that mizuki is a girl....but he thinks sano doesnt know...but does sano knows that nakatsu knows??? aaaaghhh, why mizuki dont tell sano please, i'm dying

    and i really want a final FINAL, like Sano & Mizuki together happily, they like each other, why would they kill us like that? ¬¬

    now i seem like a crazy person, that's why i dont comment on the threads xD

  14. I've voted for gong yoo & yoon eun hye :D Not just because of the porwerful of the characters, also because the actors seems to be pretty close too (as friends), and I'm glad for that too. ^________^

    But the relation between Eunchan & hankyul is beyond words....it's perfect, and they show it! It's unusual as other dramas, they actually show the love!!!!!!! :D

    the other couples could be lee min ki & dal ja (they were cute too) and jjh & yeh (but this was more painful than cute xD)

    always yeh!

    ps: i would love to see a Lee minki + yoon eunhye....or...hyun bien + yoon eunhye? xD

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