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  1. Holly and Michael are unbelievable! They get each others jokes...amazing!!

    Jim is totally killin it in all the directions, "the future mother of my children" !!!!!!!!

    And Roy? wow, i was very surprised to see him, i didnt watch the promos...and wow, the whole "i thought you were a friend" hurt.

    It was a good episode. I'm loving this season, except for the fact that jim and pam are not together yet. argh.

  2. I've just watched the MV, and i'm just a lurker a round here but...

    ....dude, that was mad hot O_O. omgosh, GD, what have you done to me! xD

    sharing! TOP's sneakers, kewl.

    ps; roni75 and edsilon, I see that you are both fans of BB, but it's disrespectful for others to talk in a language they don't may understand. Be polite please, or at least put a traduction of your post. Gracias. =)



    That interview is the funniest thing i've read in a long time. my favorite is "....I'd play it because I probably won't be employed after this....." pooor Rob hahaha, he's so funny....and he's dreaming about Kristen quite a bit uhh???!!! :D




    Hey! we get slowly news about the girls, but i was watching again some vids on YT and i found these clips from a Showcase they did on february (02-20-08)

    -+ INTRO; all members solo ; You have to watch this! The first 4 girls dance (super good) and then Jungmin (obv) sings, here's the order of appereance;

    -Rani (dance)

    -Yerin (dance)

    -Junghee (awesome dance, she can pull off the poppin')

    -Dayoung (omg, omg, you have to see this smexy dance, because it is so not Stormish! and she's not wearing too much clothes....xD)

    -Jungmin (sings Listen of Beyonce)

    -+Stormy Kitty performance live (again, but they do it great)

    -+Take a Chance performance live (finally! a new one)

    -+Dance Medley (i think it was the few songs they practiced for the Showvival, i can only recognize the Michael Jackson one & the Fin.K.L one)

    credits & thanks a lot to lovesub @ youtube. he/she has a lot of videos of Storm; you should check it out.

    There is also a Storm fan-message here But i dont know what are they talking about. Anyone??? :ph34r:

    [the girls are in order from left to right "Dayoung, Rani, Yerin(talking), Jungmin(hiding), Junghee(freeze)" ]





    Thanks for the overseas-release info! I've been thinkin of that quite a lot, :lol:

    I live abroad too [europe] but, i'm such a weird person; I truly want to watch the movie on a cinema, with the mood and all...but I dont really like the idea of getting people to know Twilight as something big, you know what I mean? I'm like...hey! I was here before all the crazyness!

    It's stupid, but in my country is not all that known and I just want the fandom for myself ....hahahahaa. I know it's crazy, but I just imagine seeing Robert on the stupid magazines saying "what's eating Edward Cullen"....so childish it would kill me xD


  6. I'm like all of you. very very excited about the D-1 video. the song is already catchy.

    I hope they do good on the new album, :)

    I forgot to write what i was going to say! xD That i'm also verye excited that Jisun colaborates with them once again.

    Her voice is an awesome mix with tablo's & mithra's.

    that's all now. :P






    ^ yes, he does.




    I mean, i didnt like Rob before because i was going to be harsh with any other guy, and i got his cast as a joke, i laugh saying "omg, this is going to suck, haha" but man, maybe the movie sucks, but Rob is the best Edward ever xDDDDDDDDDD




    yes, he dazzles everyone xD




    ps: it's great to see how long this thread grows *dances over*







    ^ yeah, me neither. Just that the other day i was watching the drama In-soon is pretty and realize that Jung min sings the lead-song. Very pretty by the way.




    I want to hear some news, just to know if they're going to have future projects as Storm...>.<







    You are worth exactly $2,330,600 hmm....nice, i'm not cheap at all! hahah.




    it's an aprox quantity, because i just made up mentally my SAT & HS GPA [because i have a different parameter-score....the same with the shoes size, weight, height...etc etc]


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